Use These Places To Hide Your Food Storage

use these places to hide your food storage

If a long-term disaster disrupts supply chains and food becomes scarce, looters might go from house to house, taking people’s supplies. Even if that doesn’t occur, the government might seize your food under Executive Order 13603, which permits officials to take supplies during a national emergency. To prepare for these scenarios, you should find good hiding spots for your food.

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The Most Valuable Skills That Will Be In High Demand After The Collapse

the most valuable skills that will be in high demand after the collapse

In the wake of the industrial revolution and the continuous march of technological advancement, our society has undoubtedly flourished. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that amidst this progress, there lies a vulnerability: many of the conveniences we enjoy today may vanish in the event of an economic or civil collapse.

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Lessons I’ve Learned From A Recent Blizzard

lessons i've learned from a recent blizzard

The weather forecasts warned of possible ice ahead. As it was raining and getting colder on that Friday afternoon, my husband and I decided to head to the nearby Wal-Mart to grab some extra supplies and dry ice for our freezers in case of a power outage.

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Raising Your Own Beef For Self-Sufficiency

raising your own beef for self sufficiency

For many individuals managing a homestead, the role of raising livestock is pivotal for the local household economy. The selection of livestock for your property depends on factors such as your region’s climate, homestead size, accessible food sources, the potential market (if you decide to sell some animals), and your personal preferences.

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Population Density Facts And How It Can Get You Killed

population density facts and how it can get you killed

In a changing world where the future is more uncertain than ever, the importance of emergency preparedness gains a lot of traction and it’s hardly being viewed anymore as something trivial or optional.

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The Dangers Of Isolation When You’re Bugging-In Alone

the dangers of isolation when you’re bugging in alone

Preppers are individuals who understand the importance of being ready for the possibility of going through periods of isolation, whether it’s a personal choice or a situation that forces them to be alone and separated from others.

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How To Build A Basement Safe Room

how to build a basement safe room

In today’s uncertain climate, where home invasions, public unrest, and job-related travel pose significant risks, ensuring the safety of your family has become more crucial than ever. To address these concerns and find a practical solution, I made the decision to construct a basement safe room—a sanctuary that would provide an extra layer of security and peace of mind.

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How To Conserve Garden Soil Moisture During The Summer Months

how to conserve garden soil moisture during the summer months

This past winter marked a record-breaking drought spanning two decades, causing significant challenges for farmers in meeting deadlines and meeting the required standards for crop size, yield, and quality. The situation worsened as the dry spell extended into spring, particularly affecting the southern regions, where rainfall plummeted to a mere fifth of the usual average.

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Should You Include A Small Caliber Hand Gun In Your Survival Kit?

should you include a small caliber hand gun in your survival kit

When it comes to determining the ideal firearm for a compact bug-out situation, it is crucial to delve into an essential question: “In the face of impending chaos, which is the most reliable and effective low-caliber gun that I am prepared to entrust my life and the lives of my dear ones to?”

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How To Organize Your Community After The Apocalypse

how to organize your community after the apocalypse

Imagine a scenario where the comforts of our modern society are stripped away, leaving us to fend for ourselves. The collapse of law enforcement, emergency services, utilities, food supply chains, communications, clean water, sewage systems, and sanitation is a harsh reality. It’s not difficult to envision a devastating event capable of crippling our entire support network.

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Survival Foods of the Native Americans

survival foods of the native americans

Native Americans have lived on the land that is now known as the United States for thousands of years, and their survival has been dependent on their ability to find food in their environment.

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The Ever-Increasing Need For Water And Water Storage

the ever increasing need for water and water storage

Water is so vital to life that most people will die in three days or less if they do not have it. The human body contains between 50 and 75 percent water, depending on age and gender. Despite this, many of us take water for granted.

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Top 10 Essential Off-Grid Tools To Have On Hand

top 10 essential off grid tools to have on hand

We live in a power-driven environment, and energy sources, especially electricity, govern our daily lives. We cannot go a single day without being affected by electricity. It powers our homes and all of the electronics we use on a daily basis, and it pushes our industry forward.

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