CERT Helps You Be Part Of The Solution When Disasters Occur

cert helps you be part of the solution when disasters occur

It seems that in the last two decades or so, natural and man-made disasters have become a more visible reality of everyday life. A major disaster can happen at any time, and it’s our own responsibility to become prepared.

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How To Take Advantage Of Farmers Markets To Be Better Prepared

how to take advantage of farmers markets to be better prepared

Nowadays, you can find one or more certified farmers markets in nearly every town nationwide. Farmers markets are gaining a lot of popularity across the country, and you should reap the benefits of these local markets if you want to be prepared now and for the future.

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What To Do When Disaster Strikes On Vacation

what to do when disaster strikes on vacation

It’s the time of the year when a lot of Americans will go on vacation, looking forward to enjoying a few hassle-free days. However, as preppers, we must know that we need to always be ready to face the unexpected. So keep your eyes open during your vacation days and stay safe by following these suggestions.

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How To Avoid GPS Pitfalls

how to avoid gps pitfalls

You go on a camping trip in a remote patch of the Maryland woods. You get lost. You walk around. You walk around some more, looking to get out of the brambles.

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How The Year 2020 Changed The Way Preppers Are Seen

how the year 2020 changed the way preppers are seen

From the first time I’ve heard about survivalists and preppers, I’ve always felt there is a stigma associated with emergency preparedness. In fact, preppers and survivalists have been called paranoid, doomers, and downright crazy. Have those perceptions changed lately, and am I the only one seeing a change in how the general public now sees us?

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Tips For The Ice Angler To Get That Much Needed Panfish

tips for the ice angler to get that much needed panfish

The kind of water that is easy to overlook. Easy to drive by and assume that the diminutive size or depth isn’t worth the effort. From Nebraska to Illinois and far beyond, the same story seems worth repeating. Some of ice fishing’s best opportunities for panfish can sometimes be some very unassuming water.

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How To Stay Warm During Emergencies

how to stay warm during emergencies

Disruptions in services during a disaster can be deadly to those who are not prepared for them. If the disaster occurs in winter, staying warm is likely the most urgent non-medical problem we may face.

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How to Stay Focused During a Hunt

how to stay focused during a hunt

Well-prepared hunters must be ready to stay on the field from dawn until dusk, which requires a high degree of physical preparedness and mental readiness. Even if nothing happens for over 95% of the day, you must be ready to take an accurate shot for the potential 5% of opportunity.

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Fishing for Preppers When SHTF

fishing for preppers when shtf

Fishing has been a popular method of acquiring protein as far back as time can tell. Because of this, there are many different ways to catch fish and plenty of species of fish for you to target.

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Tips For Surviving Deadly Dust Storms

tips for surviving deadly dust storms

The surreal dust storms experienced by the inhabitants of the Southwest resemble images seen in apocalyptic movies. With walls of rolling dust rising as high as 10,000 feet, these surreal dust storms are real and hit the region several times every year, rerouting aircraft and turning daylight to dusk.

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Crisis Preparedness For Kids

crisis preparedness for kids

Every parent wants their children to grow up in a safe environment, but reality forces us to think about dealing with the uglier side of society. It also means we have to decide how best to protect those we love. This involves more than making sure your home is safe and secured. You also have to teach your family how to protect themselves.

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How To Store and Manage Your Survival Supplies

how to store and manage your survival supplies

A pile of oddly shaped boxes looms out of the darkened corner of your basement, and a frantic wave of nervous anxiety mixes with a rush of adrenalin flooding into your stomach. You had only minutes to spare 10 minutes ago, and now, you’re rummaging through totes full of gear that will do you no good once you’re dead.

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Things You Should Know Before Farming On A Large Lot

things you should know before farming on a large lot

A lot that is half an acre up to five acres and beyond gives you room to do most anything you should want to do, using only a modicum of restraint. You may have room for a little pasture, or even a small woodlot or a large pond.

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