A Few Ways To Use A Condom In A Survival Scenario

a few ways to use a condom in a survival scenario

Your ability to improvise is crucial as a survival skill. The outcome of sudden survival scenarios is often determined by your resourcefulness in utilizing available items to fulfill your needs. Like any other survival skill, practice is key to achieving perfection.

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How To Make A Long-Term Financial Security Plan

how to make a long term financial security plan

I hope this article leaves you with a stronger sense of self-reliance, which is crucial in times of crisis. When emergencies arise, you can only rely on yourself and your immediate family, as there’s no guarantee that the millions of caring individuals in the world will be able to assist you.

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Turkey Hunting 101

turkey hunting 101

Turkey hunting is a challenging and exciting pursuit that requires skill, patience, and a deep understanding of the birds’ behavior and habitat. Whether you’re a seasoned hunter or a beginner, there are many tips and techniques that can help you be more successful in the field. In this article, we’ll cover the basics of turkey hunting.

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How To Make Perfect Whole Wheat Bread

how to make perfect whole wheat bread

Many people find the idea of making bread daunting, fearing fallen loaves, doughy centers, or bread that stubbornly refuses to rise. Others who have been making bread for a while may struggle with achieving a consistent texture or avoiding a hole in the middle of their loaves.

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Small Scale Hogs Production For Food Independence And Extra Income

small scale hogs production for food independence and an extra income

When envisioning a self-sufficient lifestyle, the inclusion of raising hogs is a common theme. Whether picturing the mountain dwellers of the West or the hill folk of Appalachia, smoked bacon, home-cured hams, homegrown corn, and utilizing leftover scraps all contribute to this image.

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Living Off The Land Lessons From The Pioneers

living off the land lessons from the pioneers

The notion of “living off the land” often evokes a romanticized ideal of simplicity and independence. However, the reality of this lifestyle required specific tools and resources for survival, such as a long-barreled flintlock rifle, gunpowder, lead and bullet molds, a hunting knife, an axe, awls for stitching moccasins, and iron cooking pots.

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Raising roosters for meat

raising roosters for meat

If you find yourself with a surplus of cockerels that you don’t want to keep, don’t lose hope. With proper care, these birds can be transformed into a valuable source of homegrown food.

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How To Build A More Resilient Homestead – Tips for resilience

how to build a more resilient homestead

The future is unpredictable, and we cannot forecast natural disasters such as storms, earthquakes, droughts, or terrorist attacks. Climate change is causing increasingly noticeable effects, and interest in resilience is increasing rapidly, especially in coastal areas that are most vulnerable to sea level rise and storm surges. Homesteaders who value self-sufficiency and independence are making their homes and land more resilient.

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How To Grow And Maintain A Drought-Resistant Garden

how to grow and maintain a drought resistant garden

If you look at a map of North America, you’ll notice that there are many areas with low average rainfall, mostly in the western and southern states (as well as in many other parts of the world).

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A Few Ways To Practice Climate Farming

a few ways to practice climate farming

If you are no stranger to gardening and homesteading, you already know that climate farming is a cutting-edge growing practice that uniquely combines permaculture, proven tenets of regenerative agriculture, and syntropic agroforestry.

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Making Oil From Seeds and Nuts

making oil from seeds and nuts

Plant-based oils, produced from seeds, nuts, and occasionally fruits, have been a staple of the human diet since 6000 BCE. Just like your ancestors, you can implement a small-scale seed and nut oil production at home.

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Things To Know Before You Put Any Money Down For A Country Property

things to know before you put any money down for a country property

Many city dwellers and suburbanites fantasize about packing up their belongings and moving to the countryside, where they can find a small farm or a cabin in the woods to call their own and enjoy the peace and quiet.

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3 Best Ways To Finance A Startup Business

3 best ways to finance a startup business

In these difficult times, everyone is trying to make a living while working harder than before. Some will decide to start their own business after getting tired of working for someone else. If you are one of these people, than this article could provide some insights on what you need to do to finance your business.

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