The Lykov Family – A Survival Story From The Siberian Wilderness

the lykov family a survival story from the siberian wilderness

During the initial years of the 1930s, an increasingly paranoid and authoritative leader, Joseph Stalin, initiated a sweeping removal of dissent within the confines of the Soviet Union. His primary targets were individuals affiliated with the Communist Party who dared to scrutinize his treatment of peasants, downplayed the emphasis on industrialization, and advocated for greater internal democracy.

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Are You Mentally Fit To Survive Brain Fog?

are you mentally fit to survive brain fog

Every passing day brings with it the potential for adversity, manifesting in various forms that impact our lives. Financial setbacks, emotional upheavals, or physical challenges—all are facets of the disasters that constantly loom over us.

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Eating Slugs And Snails For Survival

eating slugs and snails for survival

In a survival situation, insects are far more beneficial to harvest than trying to catch meat. But there is one type of bush tucker slithering around in the undergrowth that you may be a bit more adventurous at tackling, and that’s slugs and snails.

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Busting The Myth Of Dealing With Frostbite

busting the myth of dealing with frostbite

In the wilderness, the biting winds and the subfreezing temperatures are always a recipe for disaster. The wintery scenery is beautiful, but it can also become a dangerous trap for the ill-prepared adventurer. If you find yourself suffering from the onset of frostbite is better to follow the proper procedures to keep yourself warm and ignore the myths.

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What Will Likely Cause The Extinction Of Humans?

what will likely cause the extinction of humans

In all the known history of our planet, there have been five mass extinction events. Will there be a sixth one that could lead to the extinction of humans? Let’s look at possible events that will most likely destroy the human race and perhaps, get a better understanding of the emergency preparedness mentality.

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The Incredible Survival Story of Lt. Hiroo Onoda

The incredible survival story of Hiroo Onoda

Because of their top-secret nature, Second Lieutenant Hiroo Onoda’s orders were given verbally. “You will proceed to Lubang Island (in the Philippines), where you will lead the Lubang Garrison in guerilla warfare.”

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