Man Tracking Tips

man tracking tips

How is man tracking different from tracking animals? Animals have set characteristics and do not conceal their spoor, but a man who doesn’t want to be found is capable of concealing spoor. Man tracking is often referred to as combat tracking or tactical tracking.

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Tracking And Hunting Small Game

tracking and hunting small game

In a world overwhelmed by technology, some ancient techniques may appear time-wasting and useless to some. Tracking and hunting small game may be one such technique, but it would be foolish to ignore the benefits of mastering such a skill.

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Simple Steps For Tracking With Dust

simple steps for tracking with dust

Tracking with dust and other natural substances and using environmentally friendly substances to enhance sign, have been in existence since our ancestors used them for hunting prey. Indeed, recorded examples, ancient sketches, and cave paintings show tracking methods using powders and dust as far back as prehistoric times.

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