A Few “Survival” Beverages That Are a Must For Your Pantry

a few survival beverages that are a must for your pantry

There is a wealth of information available on food storage, offering various recommendations for the types of foods to stock up on in preparation for unforeseen circumstances. However, the discussion around “survival beverages” is notably lacking.

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How To Grow And Maintain A Drought-Resistant Garden

how to grow and maintain a drought resistant garden

If you look at a map of North America, you’ll notice that there are many areas with low average rainfall, mostly in the western and southern states (as well as in many other parts of the world).

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The Ever-Increasing Need For Water And Water Storage

the ever increasing need for water and water storage

Water is so vital to life that most people will die in three days or less if they do not have it. The human body contains between 50 and 75 percent water, depending on age and gender. Despite this, many of us take water for granted.

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How To Dig A Well To Secure Your Water Supply

how to dig a well to secure your water supply

We here in the United States have no idea how fortunate we are. Most people do not consider how easy it is to go to the kitchen faucet and obtain a glass of pure water, and this is something that we take for granted.

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Obtaining Water From Plants In The Wilderness

obtaining water from plants in the wilderness

Because water is the most important requirement for sustaining life and normal bodily function, it is important that we identify the varying resources from which it can be obtained.

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A Few Wild Beverages Everyone Should Try

a few wild beverages everyone should try

Wild teas and, more generally, wild beverages serve a number of purposes. First, if you are boiling water to make it safe to drink from pathogenic organisms, waiting for your water to cool down – particularly in summer – to have a cool drink can take too long for you to stay well hydrated.

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Using A Cistern To Have Water Available For The Long Term

using cisterns to have water available for the long term

Water is your number one priority before and after the brown stuff hits the fan. In whatever situation you might find yourself, and even if you have access to a source of water, you will need to figure out how to store that water for the long term. Here’s why cisterns are the ideal solution to secure a large water supply.

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5 Major Benefits of Using a Water Filtration System in your Home

5 major benefits of using a water filtration system in your home

Water is an essential resource to run every household successfully. And although up-to-date water supply systems promise to guarantee that the water you drink, clean with, and cook is safe, adding a filtration system to your household is the perfect way to ensure that you fully protect your family.

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Survival Hydration – Surviving With A Minimum Amount Of Water

survival hydration surviving with a minimum amount of water

Water is ever-present on our planet in both liquid and solid forms, and without it, life would not be possible. Since humans are composed mostly of water, this is one resource we just can’t do without, and we need it daily to live comfortably.

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Ten Tips For Water Efficiency In The Garden

ten tips for water efficiency in the garden

Plants need water; that is a fact. However, to make the most of this, often limited, resource, it pays to use it economically by understanding plants’ needs and using techniques to help limit water loss from both plants and soil.

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Decontamination and Sterilization of Water

Decontamination and Sterilization of Water

We usually take water for granted. While water is almost never scarce in most areas, uncontaminated water might become very scarce following a wide-spread disaster like a nuclear war or economic collapse during which all pollution control endeavors were abandoned.

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The Lost Art Of Digging or Drilling A Water Well

The Lost Art Of Digging or Drilling A Water WellHaving a supply of water in your home saves a lot of troubles. With the average person using tens or even hundreds of gallons of water a day, the prospect of having to carry water from a nearby spring, river, or lake is almost impossible to imagine without making a major change in lifestyle. Digging or drilling a water well is the best option you have, although it has nearly become a lost art.

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Survival Myths – Drinking Urine When You Are Out Of Water

Survival Myths - Drinking Urine When You Are Out Of WaterIf you are stranded in the wild or in an environment that lacks water you have to make do with what you’ve got in order to survive. Some people will do everything to survive, including drinking urine to quench their thirst. Let’s see where this myth comes from and if drinking urine is safe or not.

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