Harvesting And Using Wild Asparagus

harvesting and using wild asparagus

Picking wild asparagus is often the first step a person takes toward learning to forage wild food. Although not technically a “wild” plant, more of an escapee from gardens via seeds and birds, asparagus grows very wild in most places across the U.S. and Canada.

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Wild Edibles Foraging For Quick Meals

wild edibles foraging for quick meals

You can’t walk through a field, forest, swamp, or even your own backyard without passing by (or stepping) on wild edible plants. There are various types of wild edibles all around us, and the trick for a meal on the go is to know what to look for.

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How To Get Natural Aspirin From The Woods

how to get natural aspirin from the woods

Imagine you are out alone in the wilderness, spending some pleasant time and enjoying nature. You have your gear, consisting of a tent or a tarp, survival kit, fire kit, first aid kit, cutting tools, navigation devices, sleeping gear. You have plenty of food too.

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How To Make Coffee Substitutes

how to make coffee substitutes

Life around a campfire is surely one of the most cheerful and happy traits of spending time in the Great Outdoors. So vivid, so peaceful, and yet, it fills you with so much energy.

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12 Sugar And Gums Plants You Can Find In The Wilderness

12 Sugar And Gums Plants You Can Find In The Wilderness

Back in the old days, the native people of North America used various plants to obtain the needed sugar for their diets. With the arrival of the first settlers, a few of the plants the American Indians used become very popular, and they stay so throughout the years, now being sold commercially.

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Survival Foraging and Community Gardens

Survival foraging in public parks

When survival foraging is on my “TO DO” list for the week, I often referred to, what I call a rule of fair foraging, “Reap where you did not sow, but only if it would otherwise go unused unless you take it?” And it’s amazing how much goes unused . . . especially in community gardens.

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