How To Make Dandelion and Burdock Wine

how to make dandelion and burdock wine

Walking along any country lane at different times of the year reveals a pleasing assortment of wildflowers, even in early spring. Many varieties of these flowering plants can contribute a delicate bouquet to many wines.

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The Basics Of Making Fruit Wine – Step By Step Guide

the basics of making fruit wine – step by step guide

The pleasure of wine is doubled when you make it yourself for a few cents a bottle, using your own fruits and without unnecessary additives.

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How To Use Wine As Medicine

how to use wine as medicine

At last, we have found the elixir of health and longevity! Because of its antioxidant content, our ancestors used wine as medicine. This tasty alcoholic beverage was proven to have considerable preventative qualities regarding cardiovascular diseases, reduced harmful LDL cholesterol in the blood, and prevention of ischemic cardiac disease. As a precaution, it suffices to drink one glass a day.

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