Top Mistakes to Avoid When Using a Gas Grill

According to several gas grill reviews, the months between March and September, especially on the weekends, are outdoor grilling season in most places around the world. On lawns, balconies, patios, parks, driveways, and beaches, we are just firing up the barbeques and grilling everything ranging from tofu, eggplant, and zucchini to shrimp, steaks, and burgers. Some also throw in a fruit or two, like olive oil-brushed slabs of watermelon, which is a model symbol of summer.

There is always something primal, irresistible, and instinctive about cooking food over a fire in an open environment, while your friends and family are waiting to gorge down the cuisine. Grilling is relaxing and fun. However, some complications can arise even with something so simple.

Here are the top mistakes that you need to avoid while using a gas grill.

Not Cleaning The Grill

You should always clean your barbeque before you use it. You need to clean it as soon as the griller has cooled down from the last use. The leftover charred food will affect the overall taste and flavor of anything that you cook now and leave behind a lot of unwanted residues. Additionally, blackened gunk is not suitable for your health, as well. You can use different grill cleaning equipment and solutions to take care of this problem. Be sure to clean the gas grill regulator as well.

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Not Oiling The Griller Enough

Cooking some firm proteins like steaks will not present any problem if cooked on an unoiled griller. However, if you are cooking edibles like fruits, vegetables, or fish, you need to rub them with a light coating of vegetable oil before placing them on the griller. This way, the eatables will not stick to the griller and create a mess.

Not Checking The Propane Level Beforehand

Always be sure to check whether you have a sufficient supply of fuel before you start cooking. There is nothing more embarrassing or annoying about having to bring those chicken breasts or burgers indoors to your kitchen to finish them on the stove when people are expecting something with an outside-y flavor. You can use propane tanks that are fitted with in-built meters. Or you can make someone sit on the sliding device that moves as the tank comes to a finish.

Lighting The Coal With Lighter Fluid

Most brands of charcoal lighting fuel claim to burn off cleanly as soon as they flare out. While they might do so, why do you wish to infuse your food with a chemical flavor and aroma? The best way to light any charcoal is in a charcoal chimney. All you need to do is first stuff paper in the bottom and then fill the top with wood or coals. Once done, you need to light the newspaper, and the flames will ignite the coal or wood.

Not Preheating The Grill

This mistake is applicable to all types of grillers. You should always preheat your griller and get it to the hottest temperature possible before you start barbequing your food. If you do not preheat it, the food might not have the flavor or aroma that you were looking for. You need to know on what temperature to cook the steak on a gas grill.

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Spreading The Heat Too Evenly

Your gas griller should have at least two different levels of heat – one scorching for searing hardy foods like meat and a bit cooler part for vegetables and fish. Most of these devices are fitted with two burners. You can set one to medium and the other to low.  Be sure to keep the coal spreading so that the heat does not build up on one side. Make use of gas grill covers spread the heat evenly.

Grilling The Wrong Types Of Foods

Yes, you have a fantastic option of grilling almost anything, even things that were unimaginable like pizza, peaches, potatoes, Brussel sprouts, etc. However, some standard items should be avoided at all costs. For instance, fibrous vegetables like celery or okra, leafy or watery vegetables like spinach or cucumber, tough meat cuts like veal shanks or short ribs, and flaky fish.

Cooking food on your grilling device is both an enjoyable and exciting experience. If you manage to avoid these common mistakes, your edibles will turn out to be aromatic and delicious. For the best experience, go for a portable gas grill.

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