3 Excellent Weapons for Survival

3 Excellent Weapons for SurvivalEven without a natural disaster or SHTF event, deadly situations arise unexpectedly. Confirmation of this is available via the home invasions, rapes, muggings, and other violent crimes flooding police scanners weekly. The right weapons for survival on hand can catch an opponent off guard and give you and your family members time to get away unharmed.

We’ve all heard stories of wilderness trips gone horribly wrong. Whether lost in the desert, stranded at sea, or trapped on a snowy mountaintop full of wild animals, you’ll want to have the right weapons on hand to defend yourself against whatever types of predator, human, or animal, might come along. If you do find yourself in a situation where food is scarce, you may have to rely on your ability to hunt wild animals to feed your family. Having the right weapons as well as tools to butcher and cook your prey could prevent your family from starving.

Dealing with the aftermath, shock, and chaos of a SHTF or massive Natural Disaster (Tornado, Flood, Tsunami, Earthquake, etc.), can be traumatic even when you are prepared. For people who aren’t prepared, known as “the zombies” or “golden horde”, the impact of a disaster situation is even more traumatic. People unprepared to feed their families or who fear for their lives, do desperate things. Even basically “good” people resort to stealing supplies from neighbors, rioting, and other violent acts to meet their basic needs. When faced with these desperate people, you will have no choice but to resort to weapons for protection.

How to Choose Excellent Weapons for Survival

You can’t just pick any weapon nor can anyone recommend specific weapons for you because the situations you might face are different from what others may face. Each person also has different skills and levels of experience when it comes to weapons. You also need to consider the impact of the weapon you choose and the availability of ammunition, especially following a SHTF event.

Skill and Experience Level

An individual with years of weapons experience may choose to rely on something that wouldn’t work at all for a person with little experience. When choosing your weapons for survival, it’s going to be critical that you take your own skill and experience level into consideration. Make a commitment to take a class or get an instructor and then practice until you acquire the skill and experience needed if you haven’t yet mastered your weapon of choice.

Ammunition and Take Down Power

Consider choosing at least one weapon that either doesn’t require ammunition or uses an ammunition that is always available. The last thing you want in a survival situation is to be out of ammunition! Another thing to consider prior to buying your weapons for survival is the take down power or impact of the weapon. Not all weapons are intended to be lethal. Non-lethal weapons are intended to weaken, stun, or distract your opponent long enough for you to get away from the immediate area.

Weight and Ease of Use

When choosing weapons for survival, always consider the weight of the weapon as well as its ease of use. Having a heavy-duty firearm that is too heavy for you to use for an extended period or one that has a kick that knocks you backwards isn’t going to be reliable during a SHTF or survival situation.

Types of Weapons for Survival

  1. Firearm

No prepper should ever find themselves in a dangerous situation without a good firearm. But firearms can be dangerous and ineffective if you aren’t trained. Whether you choose to carry a one of these budget AR-15 rifles, a pistol, or a shotgun, make sure you’re trained in not only how to use it but how to clean and repair it.

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  1. Bladed Weapon

A knife, machete, hatchet, or even a spear are bladed weapons to consider as weapons for survival. Bladed weapons are typically better for close combat. You may not want to let an attacker get close enough to use a knife but if they do get close a knife can serve the purpose. Bladed weapons can also be used for multiple survival tasks including cooking and butchering, shelter building, and fire making.

  1. Less Than Lethal Weapons

 Defense weapons that are not lethal are useful for everyday carry in areas or times when carrying a firearm or other lethal weapon is restricted by law or unpractical. They include weapons such as tactical pens, tactical flashlights, a baseball bat, sap cap, pepper spray, stun gun, etc.

Preppers are a diverse breed of people and one thing you can count on among them is a difference of opinion, especially over which firearm is best. But one thing that ALL preppers can agree on is that when you find yourself trapped in a dangerous situation, you don’t want to be caught without reliable weapons. Use the guidelines above and choose from the categories we’ve presented. Increase your odds by learning to master your weapons for survival before you need to rely on them to save your life.

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