Top 13 First Aid Skills Every Prepper And Survivalist Should Learn – Part I

top 13 first aid skills every prepper and survivalist should learn

As the healthcare system in the United States teeters on the edge of collapse, the landscape of medical assistance grows increasingly uncertain. With a surge in hospital closures and a dwindling number of medical professionals, the accessibility and quality of healthcare have taken a sharp downturn. Appointments are delayed, consultations are rushed, and the overall standard of care is compromised.

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The Future Of AI And The Demise Of Humans

the future of ai and the demise of humans

The duality of Artificial Intelligence (AI) resembles a finely forged blade, possessing both perilous edges and boundless potential. As we venture further into an era driven by artificial intelligence, it behooves us to ponder the myriad risks entailed, recognizing the intricate balance between its virtues and perils.

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The Most Valuable Skills That Will Be In High Demand After The Collapse

the most valuable skills that will be in high demand after the collapse

In the wake of the industrial revolution and the continuous march of technological advancement, our society has undoubtedly flourished. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that amidst this progress, there lies a vulnerability: many of the conveniences we enjoy today may vanish in the event of an economic or civil collapse.

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Oregon Trail Preparedness Facts

oregon trail preparedness facts

In 1834, amidst seemingly unremarkable moments in American history, notable events marked their presence. Pennsylvania witnessed the completion of the first railroad tunnel, while President Jackson faced Senate censure for his actions regarding federal bank deposits.

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Caring For Wounds In The Field

caring for wounds in the field

The picturesque secluded lake offers an abundant source of fresh fish. As you engage in cleaning your catch, a brief lapse in concentration results in the knife inadvertently slipping, causing a deep gash on your leg.

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How To Survive A Kidnapping Situation

how to survive a kidnapping situation

Experiencing abduction or detainment at the hands of criminals or terrorists is an inherently perilous and terrifying ordeal. Preparing for such a situation proves challenging by conventional standards, as the element of unpredictability looms large. When faced with a gunpoint scenario, be it during a robbery or orchestrated by political extremists, accessing your survival kit becomes an impractical feat.

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The Lykov Family – A Survival Story From The Siberian Wilderness

the lykov family a survival story from the siberian wilderness

During the initial years of the 1930s, an increasingly paranoid and authoritative leader, Joseph Stalin, initiated a sweeping removal of dissent within the confines of the Soviet Union. His primary targets were individuals affiliated with the Communist Party who dared to scrutinize his treatment of peasants, downplayed the emphasis on industrialization, and advocated for greater internal democracy.

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How To Stay Safe During A Lighting Storm

how to stay safe during a lighting storm

On a clear Tuesday morning, after a heavy thunderstorm the previous night, I unlocked the office door. As I stepped inside, there was a distinct smell in the air that took a moment to identify—it was ozone. I hastened my steps towards the computer room in the back, where most of our small software firm’s employees worked.

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The Psychology Of Survival In A Group

the psychology of survival in a group

It’s rush hour in New York. The Blue Line of the Metro Rail has just left the station when something unexpected happens. Initially, you and your fellow commuters attribute the vibrations to a bumpy stretch of track, possibly due to construction. People grip their belongings a bit tighter, thinking it’s a minor issue.

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Busting 7 Winter Myths To Ensure Proper Survival

busting 7 winter myths to ensure proper survival

If you’ve ever found yourself pondering the veracity of the age-old anecdotes and advice circulating around the topic of winter survival, you’re in the right spot. It’s crucial to arm yourself with knowledge well before facing a real-life survival scenario in the chilly months.

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Population Density Facts And How It Can Get You Killed

population density facts and how it can get you killed

In a changing world where the future is more uncertain than ever, the importance of emergency preparedness gains a lot of traction and it’s hardly being viewed anymore as something trivial or optional.

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Biological Weapons Of Mass Destruction – Are They Still A Threat?

biological weapons of mass destruction are they still a threat

For years, the persistent narrative has warned us about the lingering presence of weapons of mass destruction since the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991. The specter of bio-weapons, such as anthrax and smallpox, has haunted the corridors of governmental concern despite the absence of any recent mass-casualty attacks associated with biological weapons in the United States.

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Are You Mentally Fit To Survive Brain Fog?

are you mentally fit to survive brain fog

Every passing day brings with it the potential for adversity, manifesting in various forms that impact our lives. Financial setbacks, emotional upheavals, or physical challenges—all are facets of the disasters that constantly loom over us.

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