6 Important Tips on How to Start Prepping

6 Important Tips on How to Start PreppingPrepping is one of the most mainstream activities that people are often engaged in. Prepping is not just about surviving for the day, but rather to have a plan to survive long-term. Most people would think that you just wake up one day and start prepping. That is not how it works and you have to come up with a plan to do things right. We get to look at some of the important tips you need to consider before you can start prepping.

1. Research more about prepping

Prepping can be fun and great only if you get to research more about it. You do not want to end up with surprises when it comes to the real situation. Researching can easily involve using a movie, reading various books, or checking out some websites that talk about prepping. Studying to become a prepper helps you to put things in a clear perspective and discover your limits.

By doing a simple Google search on prepping, you should have access to various materials that can help you learn more about prepping. You should easily get to enjoy prepping when you know that you have all the necessary information there is about the niche.

2. Have drills for your emergency plans

Now that you have done some research and understands what prepping is all about, there is the need to come up with an overall plan. This is the emergency plan that you would use whenever the situation you are preparing for arises. Most of the time, this type of plans would be updated with time as you get to learn more about prepping. Starting to work on it earlier is recommended even tough you don’t have all the pieces of the puzzle.

Your emergency preparedness list or survival plan might have several things to consider, but you can always swap out a few things if you find something better. Let’s say you are looking to make cowboy coffee while exploring the great outdoors, but you don’t have enough ingredients. There is even a better solution and you can simply use Persimmons seeds to make coffee. These seeds were often roasted, grounded and used as coffee extender by the early pioneers.

3. Time to start saving

Prepping is all about how well you can survive when all your comforts are taken away. Well, you might as well get used to saving money as part of your prepping plans. You do not have to spend all the money you earn within a month on survival gear or other supplies. Come up with a plan of saving for your needs and learn to spend the little extra slowly and steadily. You only need to buy the survival stuff you need and you should control your impulse buying habits. The moment you get to lower your bills or pay your debt, you should have enough money for prepping.

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4. Make sure to store enough water

When people hear about prepping, most of the time their mind gets stuck on food alone. While having tools such as machetes for cutting wood and preparing the food may seem important, you shouldn’t forget about your basic needs. Most people forget about water and they fail to consider that when it comes to the reality of the situation, water is going to be more important than food. You have to come up with a plan of storing clean water for yourself and your family. This means that even if the main supply is cut off, you are assured of having a water reserve to sustain yourself.

5. Stock up more of non-perishable foods

It is common to find people only buying the food they would eat for the day or week, and that is pretty much it. As a prepper you should be able to do better and think long-term. You have to stock up more non-perishable foods in your house. You can have dried oats, rice, powdered milk, and much more. The best part is that you can buy such foods in big quantities since most of the time they are inexpensive.

You still have to make sure you check out the expiration dates on the different foods you are stockpiling. It would be better if you get to stock more foods that do not expire within a short period of time. Throw out those that have already expired if you haven’t manage to use them to create more space for non-perishable food items. Always rotate your stock to avoid wasting food.

6. Know where you are going for prepping

You might be looking to teach yourself a few things about prepping and that is the reason you would need to look for a place to practice said prepping skills. You have to understand the challenges  of your region and selected location, but also what resources you will need to succeed. Camping is a great way of trying out the prepping skills you have learned over time. Make sure you have the essentials for the trip such as a tent or other shelter system, food, water, stoves, and all other resources you may need. For those that do not have a portable generator, having a battery charger for your devices could come in handy.


As you can see, there is nothing to worry about when it comes to prepping. The simple things that you do can get you through a prepping event. This means that you always have to be ready to enjoy some time out of your comfort zone and see how it all works out.

Article written by Warren Kuhn for Prepper’s Will.

Author Bio

Warren Kuhn is an outdoor and camping enthusiast, always out to seek for the thrill and adrenaline that only nature gives. He even took up survival training to prepare himself for the worst-case scenarios while outdoors. With his background, you can learn a lot from him so you can get the most out of your camping trip at TheCampingTrips.

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