7 Items For Your Bugout Bag You Never Knew Existed

7 Items For Your Bugout Bag You Never Knew Existed“Of packing of many bags there is no end.” I think Ecclesiastes said that. His quote may have been a bit different, but the king was getting at the same idea. The bugout bag is an evolution. You must not look at your bugout bag as a stagnant entity. If you do, it will provide you with stagnant results.

As consumers, we are in a hurricane of products. Each year companies are pressured to put out more gear and better gear. They have stakeholders to please, so they must sell that gear, too.

If you are doing your homework you will find great new gear for your bugout bag each year. There will always be those staples that just get the job done. Still, it’s important that you take advantage of the advances in technology.

I am offering you 7 items for your bugout bag that you may never have known existed. Some are latest and greatest, and some are just solid options for any bugout bag. I know you will find value in this article. Just take my advice, keep improving your bag.

Combat One

Water is heavy and one of the most important things to carry and conserve. The Combat One waterless hygiene system is essential for any bugout bag. I carry these products in my bugout bags, hunting bags, and fishing bags.

Combat One’s Tactical Bath offers you a way to clean your whole body without using a drop of water. There are eight durable towels that use a powerful antibacterial formula. For those of you who have strained under the weight of a heavy bag this should be music to your ears.

Not only will this solution help you through your bugout, but it will also help conserve water at the bugout location.

Prepper Survival Navigation by Glen Martin

Listen, there are so many books out there on survival and land navigation. Once I received my copy of preppers survival navigation it was very clear that I had the bugout bag informational resource.

Sure, the content is great and along with learning some serious land navigation techniques you also get some remarkable stories from the author as well. There are other great info bits in the book as well.

  • Firecraft
  • Shelter Building
  • Finding and Sanitizing Water

The reason I recommend this book is because of its convenient size. This book slips right into your bag and takes up no space at all. It’s a small and concise tool that will help you through your bugout and beyond.

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Nano Pocket Drone

Is this a toy? Yes. It’s also a great investment in your bugout bag. This Nano drone is very basic. Still, it has a camera that can provide you with lifesaving intel about where you are headed on your path. If you are trying to navigate buildings or dense cover, you will be able to look ahead without it costing you everything.

Is this the most effective drone on the market? No. It is one of the smallest and cheapest. It’s a $20 investment that gives you eyes in the sky.

It’s also cool for kids to have around on the trail as well.

Access Keys

Though they come in many forms and go by many names, fireman’s keys or access keys, can get you in and out of places in a hurry. I prefer a model made by Yakamozal that is a 11 in 1 tool. This thing takes up no space in your bag but gives you access and the ability to escape some nasty places.

  • Train Doors and Windows
  • Subway
  • Elevator Access
  • Electrical Cabinet
  • Marine Access
  • Gas Shutoff
  • Water Shutoff

Anysharp Knife Sharpener

One of the things I rarely see in a bugout bag is a knife sharpener. The good bushcraft knife makes it in, but the knife sharpener is rarely in there. There are many ways you can go with this. I like the lightweight knife sharpener by Anysharp.

AnySharp works on virtually any knife, including expensive hardened steel knives, chef’s knives and even serrated blades (like serrated bread knives and hunting knives), making it unlike any knife sharpener, sharpening steel or sharpening stone you’ve ever used.

I think this little option carries well and will offer you a much needed aid to keep your blade sharp during the bugout.

Goal Zero Torch

While you will want to carry a full function, high lumen, flashlight it will not do everything the Goals Zero Torch does. I think there is room for both in your bugout bag.

The torch is a powerful light that offers several lighting options. It is powered by solar and hand crank power. This unit is also a power source for USB chargeable devices.

Though I am not always a fan of the one size fits all gear that’s out there, this is an exception because of what it the power and light it offers

Oakley’s Packable Backpack

This is such a simple addition to your bugout. This is also one of those rare products from Oakley that doesn’t come with the back-breaking price tag. For just $35 you will be able to pack away an entire 18L ripstop nylon backpack in your bugout bag.

This is a great option if you are going to be scavenging resources or if you have someone in your group that could help lighten the load. It is also an incredible option if you find that your own BOB has become damaged. This can happen. If you don’t have a bag you will be forced to forfeit essential gear.

Article written by James L. Walton for Prepper’s Will.

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