How to Survive a Bed Bug Infestation

How to Survive a Bed Bug InfestationAre you suffering from a bed bug infestation? If so then you are in the right place. Bed bugs don’t live on their hosts the way that ticks and fleas do but tend to feed on them only. They prefer feeding on humans as compared to any other animals.

Your pets can also be hosts for bed bugs as well as being responsible for bringing them into your home. Most if not all things that are made up of stuffing can carry and harbor insects such as your pet’s bedding, stuffed toys, furniture, etc.

Here are some quick facts about bed bugs that you should know:

  • Bed bugs can’t fly, but they can move very quickly on most surfaces such as the ceiling, walls,
  • Female bed bugs lay anywhere between 100 to 500 eggs in their lifetime
  • Immature bed bugs shed their skin 5 times before reaching maturity and need a meal of blood before each shedding.
  • They may be a painful nuisance, but they don’t transmit any diseases.
  • These bugs have a lifespan which generally ranges from 6 months to a year. Adult bed bugs and can survive for more than a year without feeding if the room’s temperature is not too hot
  • These tiny parasites that live in your mattresses and feed on you when you’re asleep have become such a nuisance that people decided to investigate the severity of the problem as well as the most effective methods of killing them.

How to Identify the 6 Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation

  1. If you’ve noticed any signs of itchy bite lines on your skin that are similar to mosquito bites but you don’t have any mosquitoes around then you probably have bed bugs
  2. Look in areas that offer dark isolation and protection to the bed bugs and examine all the rooms next to the room where you discovered the infestation
  3. Check in all places as bed bugs tend to live in groups
  4. Bed bugs leave reddish rust brown spots on mattresses and give off a distinct smell that you can identify them with
  5. The bed bug’s flat body shape allows them to easily hide in any cracks and crevices so make sure to check everywhere
  6. Blood stains on your sheets or pillowcases

 6 Ways to Treat a Bug Infestation

This requires a thorough cleaning of your premises which means that you should to strip everything down to the absolute bare essentials to prepare the infested room for cleaning.

  1. Wash and clean your sheets, clothing, and curtains and dry them on the highest dryer setting
  2. Vacuum your bed and its surrounding area properly and immediately dispose of the vacuum cleaner bag afterward
  3. Spray and scrub all the hard surfaces in the infested area which includes your bed frame
  4. Get rid of any clutter around your bed keep on decluttering that area on a regular basis afterward
  5. Fill up and repair any cracks with plaster and glue. This will help you get rid of all spaces for bed bugs to hide
  6. You can also opt to steam the bed bugs out of your house, and it is also one of the most effective non-toxic methods which destroy their eggs, but the chances are that you’ll probably have to hire a professional to do the job with a heavy duty steamer.

Once you’ve gotten rid of as many bed bugs as possible from your bed, then it is advisable that you get some traps that are specially designed for bed bugs to prevent them from re-infiltrating your home again. Buying and installing interceptors which are simple devices that have proven to be effective at preventing the bugs from re-infiltrating any treated areas. Interceptors look similar to plastic bowls surrounded by a tiny moat-like structure.

They are designed to fit under the bedposts to trap the invading bed bugs. You can do this most effectively by moving your bed away from the wall so the invading bed bugs have to climb the bedposts as they can’t fly, after which you can trap them in the small moat.

Cleaning up the infested areas in your home can be a bit difficult. Treating your living spaces and bedrooms with insecticide can be harmful so make sure to use these products safely in your bedrooms. But it is usually easiest and cheapest if you simply hire an experienced pest management professional for a proper bedbug extermination.

And if you are looking for home remedies to get rid of bed bugs, make sure you read this article.

This article was written by Raymond Webb for Prepper’s Will.

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When people find their homes and offices infested with pests, it is not uncommon for them to panic. Raymond Web has taken upon him the task to educate people on pest prevention and control strategies helping them keep their surroundings healthy, safe and pest-free.

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  1. Being a person who has been living in 3 different infested appartments with at least two different types of bugs and who spent countless sleepless hours at night feeling them crawling on your body and then – even more hours trying to get rid of them during the day – i strongly recomend only professional approach to this problem by using the services of some agency. It will cost you prolly not much ( i paid like 50 USD for my one room apartment being blasted with some steam like stuff called “Cold Fog” which hanged in the air for like an hour, then you wind your room and thats it) but most likely eliminates the infestation with the first attempt, even if literally everything covered with bugs.


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