What You Should Know About Guerilla Gardening

what you should know about guerilla gardening

Guerilla gardening is the art of discovering overlooked patches of land and transforming them into pockets of beauty with the magic of plants. It’s about rolling up your sleeves and using whatever space you can find, whether it’s a forgotten corner of a public park or a neglected plot of private land, to cultivate flowers or food for the whole community. While it might bend a few rules and sometimes even tiptoe into the realm of illegality, the rewards often outweigh the risks.

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Tips For Apartment Preppers – For The Good Folks Living In Apartments

tips for apartment preppers

Transitioning from prepping in a spacious 4-bedroom suburban house to navigating the world of apartment prepping in a cozy 2-bedroom unit was a strategic move aimed at alleviating our family’s medical debt burden. Surprisingly, the shift from ample living space to a more confined environment proved smoother than anticipated, thanks to meticulous planning.

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The Psychology Of Survival In A Group

the psychology of survival in a group

It’s rush hour in New York. The Blue Line of the Metro Rail has just left the station when something unexpected happens. Initially, you and your fellow commuters attribute the vibrations to a bumpy stretch of track, possibly due to construction. People grip their belongings a bit tighter, thinking it’s a minor issue.

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Biological Weapons Of Mass Destruction – Are They Still A Threat?

biological weapons of mass destruction are they still a threat

For years, the persistent narrative has warned us about the lingering presence of weapons of mass destruction since the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991. The specter of bio-weapons, such as anthrax and smallpox, has haunted the corridors of governmental concern despite the absence of any recent mass-casualty attacks associated with biological weapons in the United States.

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What You Should Know When Using Vehicles For Cover

what you should know when using vehicles for cover

For over a century, automobiles have played a significant role in gunfights, marking a tumultuous era where the symphony of the Roaring ’20s intertwined with the staccato rhythm of Tommy Guns and the ominous hum of black sedans.

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How To Implement A Layered Home Security Strategy

how to implement a layered home security strategy

Layered security is a strategy that combines various security components in order to protect people, property, assets, and other assets. The military refers to this as a defense in depth.

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Family Disaster Planning Measures

family disaster planning measures

Thousands of people are threatened each year by both natural and man-made disasters. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), 68 percent of American adults, including those who live in disaster-prone areas, have no emergency plan in place.

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Concealed Carry Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make

concealed carry mistakes you shouldn't make

Our country is currently in an unpleasant state of uncertainty and confusion. As a result, tens of thousands of worried citizens are arming themselves with hidden firearms. However, a lot of folks are making concealed carry mistakes that they will end up regretting one day.

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CERT Helps You Be Part Of The Solution When Disasters Occur

cert helps you be part of the solution when disasters occur

It seems that in the last two decades or so, natural and man-made disasters have become a more visible reality of everyday life. A major disaster can happen at any time, and it’s our own responsibility to become prepared.

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Tips For Prepping In The City

tips for prepping in the city

Preppers living in the city have a hard time getting their affairs in order, and they have to struggle much more compared to the rest of us. It is true that prepping in the city is complicated, but it’s not impossible. Let’s look at what you can do if you live in the city and you want to be prepared for the uncertain future.

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How To Own Land Without Breaking The Bank

how to own land without breaking the bank

Most people believe land ownership is out of reach, so we make it that way. I know I did. Despite wanting my own little piece of the earth to hunt, plant trees on, and just enjoy any way I pleased, I never thought it would happen.

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Family Safety 101: Why a Home Security System Isn’t Enough

family safety 101 why a home security system isnt enough

Every family’s priority is keeping themselves and their belongings safe. Sound safety practices begin with a safe and secure home, which is why you often hear about the importance of using a home security system.

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Escaping Out Of A City – Does Urban Camouflage Really Work?

urban camouflage really work

When it comes to facing a SHTF scenario, finding yourself stuck somewhere in an extended metropolitan area could be one of the most dangerous places ever. In fact, the cons may easily exceed the pros: crowding, looting, violence, just to name a few.

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