8 Successful Tips For Camping With Kids

8 Successful Tips For Camping With KidsIf you fancy going on a summer holiday this year but do have the money to pay out for an expensive trip, then why not a camping break. Pitching up in a tent is a great way to have fun and holiday as a family. If you have small children or youngsters in tow, then they will love being in the outdoors for a change.

Exploring your surroundings and experiencing a night in a tent is an exciting summer break for every member of your family. So how do you prepare for such a trip? Well here is a short guide on how to plan and organize for that perfect camping trip with the kids besides buying that best large family tent.

1. Make them feel part of the planning

When planning a camping trip, engaging your kids by consulting them on what they would like to do during the camping trip will really improve their morale. If you ask them about activities that they want to do, they will psychologically say that they will be personally taken into consideration on the journey, and it is important to them that they enjoy it.

Involving your children in the planning of activities is also a way to indirectly tell them that they are responsible enough to be consulted during the planning process and therefore have to act responsibly and appropriately throughout the journey.

Try to incorporate the suggestions of your children throughout the camping trip. Make sure each kid get his share as the boss of an activity. When you enjoy your first few campouts with you, parents, there is no reason why they will avoid or give you a hard time the next time you go camping. When you prepare your next camping trip, I recommend checking coolstuffforcamping.com. You will find lots of cool stuff that both you and your kids will enjoy.

2. Clothing

Make sure you pack all kinds of clothing when off camping. IF you are going to be pitching up, then you can never be too sure on what the weather is going to do. Pack for both hot and sunny conditions as well as cold and rain.

You will not be put off by the bad weather if you have prepared for all weather conditions. T-shirts, rain macs, umbrellas, sun cream, and hats are all good items to start with.

3. Food

If you are heading to a campsite where you can purchase hot food already then you will not need to worry about this. But if you are in the middle of nowhere with no source of food then make sure to pack plenty. The same goes for the camping cookware and you better pack everything you need. It will not b the time to experiment with survival cooking when your kids are hungry.

Breakfast, dinner and tea need to be catered for so taking stuff that can be packed into a bag or container and can be heated up later. Eating al fresco will be fun for the kids if they have never tried this before. Add some more fun with some cute lunch boxes and kids water bottles for the little ones.

4. Tents

Make sure to buy a big enough tent for you all. If you have never camped before then shop around a purchase a style that will fit enough people planned to sleep within it. There are plenty of tents on the market these days; even kids can buy their own fun and colorful styles.

Also, make sure to buy sleeping bags, camping high chairs, and bed ware for your family. Remember those pillows and comforters for the youngsters too. If your kids are young, perhaps cuddy toys also a good choice.

5. Check out on their safety

Safety measures are one of the most important things to keep in mind when camping with children. It is inevitable that during camping certain mishaps occur especially in the wild.

Inform your children about the basics of first aid. Your children are never too young to learn how to save lives. Point out the possible dangers of the camping trip, how to avoid them or what to do when these hazards occur. Study your campsite. Tell your children what to do when they are lost. Inform them of the sings and instructions provided by the great outdoors.

Pack medicines for children with special health needs such as asthma, allergies or diabetes. Make sure you have additional doses worth three more days. Include medications for rash, fever, diarrhea and some aspirin. A parent can never be too careful when it comes to their children and the wild nature, where they may be exposed to unpredictable weather conditions, among other things.

6. Maintain proper hygiene

Keeping the campsite clean is very essential to make your trip more enjoyable and also to teach the kids the need to be clean always. Have many garbage bags along with you. You can use benches or a makeshift stand to dry towels.

Use trash bags or shopping bags to keep dirty laundry away. You can keep clean clothes in one bag that is meant for a specific day and later pick the dirty clothes after a long day in the same bag.

7. Let them be crafty

This is an excellent entertainment when camping with children, and the greatest fun when you do it with a group. Invite your little one’s camping friends and do things like face painting or plaster casts of their faces. Use the things that you find in the camp and make a picture with leaves, paint stones, build a small house made of twigs and bark, make jewelry from flowers and leaves.

8. Entertainment / Kids activity

Check out the fun activities that are provided by the park for children. There are some great activities offered by many children’s camping areas to help them learn more about outdoor safety, wildlife and vegetarian. Bring a bike along with you; also bring some cards, etc. let your kids bring along some of their favorite toys as well.

During this family escapade, parents get to catch up with their children’s progress. With the fast-paced economy that people live in today, a lot happens during the week that escapes the attention of the parents. During such camping trips, try and identify your child’s talent through the activities that they want to engage in. With adequate plans in place, you and your family can enjoy a fantastic time together.

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