Osteoporosis – How To Deal With Fragile Bones

Osteoporosis is a condition affecting bone tissue characterized by the depletion of bone mass, deterioration in bone quality, and heightened susceptibility to fractures. A prevalent ailment in contemporary society, it afflicts a considerable global population.

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What To Do When Disaster Strikes On Vacation

what to do when disaster strikes on vacation

It’s the time of the year when a lot of Americans will go on vacation, looking forward to enjoying a few hassle-free days. However, as preppers, we must know that we need to always be ready to face the unexpected. So keep your eyes open during your vacation days and stay safe by following these suggestions.

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How To Support A Loved One With Depression

child abuse at home

Depression is a very complex disorder. No one understands what causes it; it can happen for various reasons. Some individuals may experience depression with the onset of a severe medical condition, while others might suffer from it due to life changes, like the loss of a family member or a move to a new workplace or home.

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The 5 Best Online Therapy Programs of 2020

The 5 Best Online Therapy Programs Of 2020

Seeing that we are going through rough times with the pandemic and all that is happening in our country, I often wondered how people are dealing with everyday stress. To my surprise, a lot of folks out there (including a few I personally know) are opting for online therapy.

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How to Invest in Yourself and Benefit Your Family

Invest in yoru future

Becoming a parent changes things for all of us. We stop worrying about what we want and what we need and start spending more of our energy, thinking about how we can make life better for our children.

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How to Control Blood Pressure On a Family Trip

How to control blood pressure on a family trip

If you are planning a family trip and if you are a blood pressure patient, then we will recommend you to simply plan your trip accordingly and follow some important tips so that you don’t fall prey to any deadly accident.

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Mountain Cur – The Best Dog Breed For Preppers

Mountain Cur

Being a prepper alone can be a lonely thing to do. However, it doesn’t need to be. Dogs have been “a mans’ best friend” for a long time. And for excellent reasons, too. Well, you can consider the Mountain Cur, “a preppers best friend.”

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A Few Tips For Taking Toddlers Into The Wilderness

A Few Tips For Taking Toddlers Into The WildernessWhat would happen if you have to take your children, 5 years of age and under, to your mountain retreat in a survival situation? Car camping with toddlers can be a challenge—What about backpacking with babies and young children? How would we carry them and all the necessary equipment? These questions went through our minds in our family’s early years.

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8 Successful Tips For Camping With Kids

8 Successful Tips For Camping With KidsIf you fancy going on a summer holiday this year but do have the money to pay out for an expensive trip, then why not a camping break. Pitching up in a tent is a great way to have fun and holiday as a family. If you have small children or youngsters in tow, then they will love being in the outdoors for a change.

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5 Tips for Surviving Until the End of the School Year

5 Tips for Surviving Until the End of the School YearWhen the school year begins, all the late night parties and weekends at the beach come to an end. Obviously, most students are not excited about the beginning of the school year. Although you might feel that you want to come back to the summer, school is necessary for a secure future. School can also be as exciting as that vacation you just had although the final semester does not feel as pleasant. You will get to meet new teachers and see your old friends, and, also, would have new classes to attend.

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How to Get an Xbox Emulator

How to Get an Xbox Emulator You may wonder, “ what does gaming have to do with prepping?”. Since most of us have kids, nephews or grand kids, keeping them busy and happy will become a problem during a SHTF scenario. No matter what activities you plan for them, they will always be attracted by the digital stuff. After all that’s the world they were born into and they are much more tech-savvy then us.  After installing an Xbox emulator for my nephews I decided to share my experience. You never know when you might need this knowledge.

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Could VR Help Prepare Us For Survival Scenarios?

Could VR Help Prepare Us For Survival Scenarios?Virtual reality has been the trendiest topic in tech for a few years running now, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down in 2018. CES, always the biggest tech conference of the year, has already come and gone and many of the headlines made related to virtual reality. It’s something that’s going to keep evolving this year and for years to come, and in a way that means we probably don’t really understand VR’s potential and impact just yet.

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Essential Survival Skills That Kids Should Know ASAP

Essential Survival Skills That Kids Should Know ASAPHow safe are our kids today? Isn’t it a very valid question? It’s quite natural that we, as parents become so protective and in this blind love, we end up doing everything for them. We are proud of the fact that our kids are 100 % dependent on us. But is that fair?

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