A Few Ways To Use A Condom In A Survival Scenario

Your ability to improvise is crucial as a survival skill. The outcome of sudden survival scenarios is often determined by your resourcefulness in utilizing available items to fulfill your needs. Like any other survival skill, practice is key to achieving perfection.

Including the practice of survival improvisation in your regular preparedness training is essential. It’s a straightforward process – select an item or product not specifically designed for survival and engage in brainstorming sessions to generate as many survival applications as possible. When brainstorming, consider various survival categories such as shelter, water, fire, food, first aid, and self-defense. It’s acceptable if you don’t have solutions for every category.

Let’s consider an improbable and arbitrary example: the condom. You’d be surprised by the multitude of ways a condom can assist in meeting fundamental human survival requirements. Unorthodox? Sometimes unconventional solutions are the most effective.


When it comes to survival fire, utilizing a condom can offer a clever solution. One of the most apparent ways to use a condom in this context is to safeguard dry fire tinder. While the weather might be favorable at the moment, there’s no guarantee it will remain that way.

In damp and rainy conditions, finding dry fire tinder can prove extremely challenging. However, with a condom, protecting your dry fire tinder becomes a simple task. All you need to do is fill the condom with your best tinder and store it away for future use. It’s a straightforward and effective method that requires no specialized knowledge.

In fact, a single condom can even preserve an entire bracket fungus, which happens to contain a considerable amount of natural tinder. This means that by utilizing a condom, you can safeguard a valuable resource that can be crucial for starting and maintaining a fire in adverse weather conditions. With this additional piece of information, it becomes evident that condoms have the potential to serve as versatile tools for survival, providing practical solutions for various challenges that may arise.

Waterproof Fire Starter

In addition to using condoms as fire tinder, they can also be used as protective covers for other fire-starting materials, such as cotton balls soaked in petroleum jelly. By placing the fire starter inside a condom, you create a waterproof container that can be easily ignited when needed, providing a reliable source of fire even in damp conditions.

Thumb loops

Thumb loops can greatly assist in the challenging process of fire-by-friction, specifically with the hand drill method. Among primitive fire-starting techniques, the hand drill is known to be one of the most difficult. Without proper practice, achieving the ideal balance of pressure and spindle speed becomes quite challenging, making it difficult to generate sufficient heat for ember creation.

To address this challenge, thumb loops prove to be beneficial. By incorporating thumb loops, users can apply additional pressure on the spindle while also maintaining consistent hand rotation in a fixed position. Creating thumb loops involves notching the top of the spindle and securely tying each end of the condom to your thumbs.

By utilizing thumb loops, you enhance your ability to effectively perform the hand drill method for fire starting. This small adjustment allows for better control and increased pressure, enabling you to generate the necessary friction and heat to create an ember. With this practical addition, your chances of successfully starting a fire using the hand drill technique are significantly improved.


condom with water

Including condoms in a survival kit is a practice that has been around for quite some time. They have proven to be valuable additions due to their versatility and compactness. One notable use is their remarkable ability to serve as water containers.

When handled properly, condoms can hold up to two liters of water. It’s quite surprising how the latex material can stretch to accommodate larger volumes than one would expect.

However, it’s important to acknowledge that while condoms excel in elasticity, they do have limitations in terms of durability. The thin walls of latex make them vulnerable to sharp objects and punctures. To overcome this challenge, there are strategies for carrying water with a condom that provide added stability and protection.

One effective method involves removing a sock and filling the condom inside it. The sock not only provides stability but also acts as a safeguard, reducing the condom’s vulnerability. Alternatively, one can wrap the condom in a t-shirt or fill it inside a backpack or helmet. Stretching the condom slightly beforehand, similar to preparing to blow up a balloon, can also facilitate the process.

To ensure easy access to the water, it’s advisable to tie the mouth of the condom around a stick that is approximately the diameter of your thumb. This way, untying it becomes relatively straightforward. Simply knotting it without the stick can make it challenging to open again when needed. Since you may need to reuse the condom multiple times, it’s important not to rush the process and handle it with care.

Burning rubber

In addition to its water-holding capabilities and overall versatility, the condom itself serves as exceptional fire tinder. When exposed to an open flame, such as a match or a cigarette lighter, a latex condom ignites nearly instantly and burns vigorously for several minutes. This extended burning time provides you with ample opportunity to build and establish your fire.

Especially in challenging fire-starting conditions where dry tinder is scarce due to dampness, the ability to ignite latex can become the decisive advantage you need to successfully initiate a survival fire. By incorporating burning latex into your fire-starting strategy, you gain a valuable tool that increases your chances of overcoming adverse circumstances.


BHHSBMar19v2In situations where you lack matches or a ferro rod, a condom filled with clear water can be transformed and utilized as a magnifying tool. By shaping and manipulating the condom, you can concentrate and focus the sun’s rays through it. These intensified sun rays can then be directed towards dry fire tinder, such as punky wood or cattail down, to initiate smoldering.

Once you have successfully created an ember through the magnifying effect of the condom, the next step is to transfer the ember into a tinder bundle. Carefully place the ember into the bundle and proceed to blow on it gently, encouraging the flame to ignite. By employing this technique, you can effectively utilize the condom’s properties to harness the sun’s energy and initiate the fire-starting process.

This method serves as an alternative fire-starting approach, particularly when conventional tools are unavailable. By understanding the practical applications of a condom filled with water, you can leverage its capabilities to concentrate sunlight and create an ember that can be further nurtured into a flame, ensuring your ability to start a fire even in challenging circumstances.

Signal Mirror

In emergency situations, a condom filled with water and tied off can serve as a makeshift signal mirror. The reflective surface of the condom can be used to attract attention by directing sunlight or other light sources toward potential rescuers or search parties.


Condoms can be surprisingly effective when repurposed as slingshots. It’s important not to underestimate the hunting potential of a simple slingshot, especially when it comes to small game. Personally, I have successfully taken down frogs, birds, rabbits, and squirrels using a slingshot, and I consider it a valuable tool to have in a survival situation.

To transform a condom into a makeshift slingshot, I made a few modifications. Instead of using a traditional pouch, I carved notched mini-darts that can be securely attached to a piece of string connecting the two sections of the condom bands. This alteration resulted in a highly powerful and accurate improvised slingshot designed specifically for small game hunting.

By adapting a condom into a slingshot, you gain a compact and versatile tool capable of providing sustenance through hunting in survival scenarios. It’s remarkable how such a simple item can be transformed into an effective hunting implement, proving once again the importance of resourcefulness and improvisation in challenging environments.


A condom bobber can be a surprisingly effective tool for fishing in makeshift circumstances. Instead of simply tying off an air bubble in the condom, I’ve discovered that it works even better when filled with cattail fluff. Cattail down has natural buoyancy and water-resistant properties, making it an ideal filling for the bobber. To create this fishing set, you can utilize natural bark cordage, a bone gorge, and a condom bobber.

By incorporating a condom as a bobber, you have a versatile and readily available fishing accessory. The addition of cattail fluff as a filling not only enhances buoyancy but also ensures that the bobber remains visible and functional in the water. This innovative use of materials highlights the ingenuity that can be applied to fishing techniques in survival situations.

Please note that while a condom bobber can be a useful makeshift solution, it’s important to prioritize safety and adhere to local fishing regulations. Proper fishing equipment and techniques are always recommended for optimal results and conservation efforts.

Cordage Substitute

Condoms can be stretched and used as a temporary cordage substitute for various purposes, such as tying shelter components, securing gear, or creating traps. While they may not be as strong or durable as traditional cordage, they can provide a quick solution in situations where cordage is unavailable.

First aid

Source: https://www.instructables.com/Ten-Unusual-Uses-for-a-Condom-That-Can-Save-Your-L/

In situations where first aid is necessary, a condom can serve as a makeshift rubber glove. In the worst-case scenario, when proper medical gloves are unavailable, utilizing a condom can provide a protective barrier between your hands and a wound. This not only prevents contamination from your hands but also safeguards you from potential exposure to the wound if you’re tending to someone else.

By repurposing a condom as a crude rubber glove, you can maintain a hygienic environment while addressing first aid concerns. This resourceful use of a condom emphasizes the importance of improvisation and utilizing available materials to ensure safety and proper care in emergency situations.

In addition to serving as a crude rubber glove, condoms can be utilized in various other ways for first aid purposes. Here are some additional applications:

Waterproof Bandage: When traditional bandages or adhesive tapes are not available, a condom can be stretched and secured over a wound to create a waterproof barrier. This helps protect the wound from external contaminants and keeps it clean and dry.

Improvised Tourniquet: In situations where severe bleeding occurs, a condom can be used as an improvised tourniquet. By tying it tightly above the wound, it can help restrict blood flow and minimize bleeding until proper medical assistance is available.

Blister Protection: When blisters form on the feet or hands during strenuous activities, a condom can be used as a protective layer. By cutting off the tip and rolling it onto the affected area, it can reduce friction and provide temporary relief.

Emergency Water Container: While not directly related to first aid, a condom can be repurposed as an emergency water container. If there is a need to clean wounds or irrigate them, a condom can be filled with water and used as a gentle irrigation device.

Finger Splint: In the case of a finger injury, a condom can be filled with a small amount of water or air to create a temporary finger splint. This helps stabilize the injured finger and provides support until professional medical assistance is available.

It is essential to note that while condoms can provide temporary solutions in certain first aid situations, they do not substitute proper medical supplies. Seeking professional medical help as soon as possible remains crucial for comprehensive and appropriate care.

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Protecting Equipment

Condoms can be used to protect sensitive equipment, such as compasses, flashlights, or cell phones, from moisture, dust, or dirt. Simply covering these items with a condom can create a temporary waterproof barrier, helping to preserve their functionality in wet or dirty environments.


This article has highlighted the diverse survival uses of condoms in emergency scenarios. From serving as makeshift gloves for first aid to functioning as fire tinder, water containers, slingshots, and more, condoms demonstrate their versatility and adaptability in challenging situations. It is important to prioritize safety and adhere to local regulations when using condoms or any improvised tools.

While condoms can provide temporary solutions, they should not replace proper equipment or medical care. Overall, embracing resourcefulness and thinking creatively can enhance resilience and improve chances of survival in emergencies.

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