How to survive a hostage situation

how to survive a hostage situation

In our modern era, we find ourselves living amidst a persistent and escalating wave of criminal activity. While instances of hostage-taking and kidnapping haven’t seen a dramatic upsurge as other crimes in our country, such situations do occur, and unfortunately, the general public has no idea how to act or respond when faced with such scenarios.

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Dog Food As Survival Food?

dog food as survival food

For the majority of individuals, the mere notion of willingly consuming dog food elicits a strong sense of revulsion. Despite our pets’ endearing qualities such as cuteness, charm, playfulness, and their status as cherished members of our families (sometimes even surpassing certain humans), dogs can possess rather repulsive habits.

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A Few Ways To Use A Condom In A Survival Scenario

a few ways to use a condom in a survival scenario

Your ability to improvise is crucial as a survival skill. The outcome of sudden survival scenarios is often determined by your resourcefulness in utilizing available items to fulfill your needs. Like any other survival skill, practice is key to achieving perfection.

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How To Respond To An Active Killer Scenario – What’s wrong with Run, Hide, Fight?

how to respond to an active killer scenario – what’s wrong with run, hide, fight

Let’s take a moment to examine the title of this article before proceeding any further. The conventional approach to active killer incidents is the oft-repeated slogan, “Run, Hide, Fight.” However, I deliberately chose a different title because I refuse to accept yet another ineffective strategy that has not prevented a single such incident.

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Hunting And Eating Reptiles For Survival

hunting and eating reptiles for survival

Perhaps you find yourself drawn to the idea of embracing your survivalist instincts, envisioning a life immersed in nature and self-sufficiency when society inevitably crumbles. Alternatively, you might simply be an ardent outdoors enthusiast who thrives in the wilderness long before any doomsday scenario unfolds.

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Trauma Scenarios And How To Handle Them

trauma scenarios and how to handle them

The power outage has persisted for 40 days, transforming what initially seemed like a temporary blackout into a grave situation. Both the fire and police departments are overwhelmed, and the 911 system has been inoperative for weeks.

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Edible Desert Plants You Can Safely Use When There’s No Food

edible desert plants you can safely use when there's no food

The United States of America is home to some of the most diverse and fascinating landscapes on the planet, and the deserts are no exception. These arid regions cover vast swathes of land across the country, with some major areas being particularly renowned for their unique flora.

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A Few Ways To Determine Your Direction Without A Compass

a few ways to determine your direction without a compass

Around AD 1100, the Chinese came up with a revolutionary tool to help people navigate the unknown terrain: the practical compass. Prior to that, humanity relied on various other methods to determine the four cardinal directions, without the aid of a compass.

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How To Secure Your Home Against Home Invasions

how to secure your home against home invasions

Spiky plants and a well-lit entryway won’t provide sufficient protection in the event of a home invasion. Criminals with large quantities of drugs or money are just as afraid of home invaders as they are of the police, and they often take significant precautions to safeguard their stash locations.

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Proven and Practical Skills Learned From The Homelessness Community

proven and practical skills learned from the homelessness community

Ascending the cold, slanted cement slab has become tiresome, but this is now home. The crawl space beneath the underpass is the best option available until you can get back on solid ground. After pushing aside the tent flap and stealing a quick glance at the dry riverbed 60 feet away, you wonder how you ended up here before crawling into your tent for the night.

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The Science Of Earthquakes And How To Prepare For The Big One

the science of earthquakes and how to prepare for the big one

Earthquakes are unpredictable, and their effects can be severe. Unlike other natural disasters, there is no accurate way to predict when and where they will occur. Even if you don’t live in an area prone to earthquakes, you could still be affected.

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How To Increase Awareness Of Your Surroundings

how to increase awareness of your surroundings

The story of Christopher McCandless, whose journey to self-discovery in the Alaskan wilderness was documented in the book and movie “Into the Wild,” has been extensively written about and explored. Therefore, it is unnecessary for this narrative to focus on an anonymous individual. After embarking on his idealistic journey, McCandless was discovered weeks later in the Alaskan bush, having perished from starvation.

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A Few Strategies For Unarmed Self-Defense

a few strategies for unarmed self defense

Unarmed self-defense is the ability to protect oneself from physical harm without the use of weapons. It is an important skill to have, as one never knows when they may be in a situation where they need to defend themselves. In this article, we will discuss the basics of unarmed self-defense, including techniques and strategies to use in a self-defense situation.

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