A Few Strategies For Unarmed Self-Defense

a few strategies for unarmed self defense

Unarmed self-defense is the ability to protect oneself from physical harm without the use of weapons. It is an important skill to have, as one never knows when they may be in a situation where they need to defend themselves. In this article, we will discuss the basics of unarmed self-defense, including techniques and strategies to use in a self-defense situation.

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Learning The Differences Between The Cover And Concealment Concepts

learning the differences between the cover and concealment concepts

Fighters in combat, law enforcement officers on patrol, and people defending their homes have all been injured or killed because they either didn’t understand the basic concepts of “cover” and “concealment,” didn’t apply them correctly, or didn’t understand the difference between the two.

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How To Keep A Positive Attitude In A Survival Scenario

how to keep a positive attitude in a survival scenario

One of the most lethal factors in a survival situation is not the situation itself but what is going on in your head. Your psychological state can have a significant impact on whether or not you survive. Negative thoughts can often outweigh rational ones, leading you to engage in otherwise irrational behavior. It’s a never-ending downward spiral.

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Pocket Defense Options Worth Having

pocket defense options worth having

A firearm is usually your best option if you find yourself in a critical situation and need to defend yourself against an attack. However, carrying a firearm is not always an option, and it’s worth looking into other pocket defense options.

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Must-Have Skills For The Outdoors

must have skills for the outdoors

The best outdoor equipment in the world is useless if you don’t know how to use it. Knowledge of key outdoor skills and when to use them always trumps the best gear.

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Stalking Prey Just As Your Ancestors Did

stalking prey just as your ancestors did

The land on which a given tribe settled influenced every native culture on our continent in a unique way. A good example can be found in the Great Plains, a vast grassland that stretched from what is now known as Canada to Mexico.

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How To Defend Yourself With Random Objects From Your Home

how to defend yourself with random objects from your home

Action movies frequently contain scenes of the main character using improvised weapons ranging from ballpoint pens stabbed through hands to ladders swung around and spun like a cheerleader’s baton.

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Surviving The End Of Mankind With Your Dog

surviving the end of mankind with your dog

Your once-familiar neighborhood has turned into a nightmare. The light barely breaks through the smoke and dust in the air. Building ruins, burned automobiles, wrecked barriers, and the debris of a lost fight clutter the streets in all directions. It’s only you and your dog now.

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Should You Shoot Or Not A Home Invader?

should you shoot or not a home intruder

You will notice a repeating pattern if you watch enough gun-related media shows, study enough online firearms training videos, or attend enough training classes.

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How To Prevent And Treat Common Winter Injuries

how to prevent and treat common winter injuries

Winter can be a time of joy and wonder, but it can also be a challenging season for the outdoorsy person. Winter injuries are a common occurrence for those spending time in the great outdoors, and it doesn’t need to be all that cold for some of the winter injuries we will cover today to impact your health.

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A Few Suggestions To Survive Flash Flooding

a few suggestions to survive flash flooding

The great outdoors may be as unpleasant as it is lovely. What appears to be a terrific site to pitch up camp may turn out to be the worst decision you ever make.

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Concealed Carry Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make

concealed carry mistakes you shouldn't make

Our country is currently in an unpleasant state of uncertainty and confusion. As a result, tens of thousands of worried citizens are arming themselves with hidden firearms. However, a lot of folks are making concealed carry mistakes that they will end up regretting one day.

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How To Prepare Your Family To Survive A House Fire

how to prepare your family to survive a house fire

Little is more damaging than a devastating house fire in the list of disasters that could befall a typical American family. The only good outcome of such a disaster, may be that these fires frequently occur while everyone is away from the house, preventing the issue from getting out of hand.

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