Building Your Own 10/22 Without Any Ruger Parts

The 10/22 Ruger semi-automatic rifle is probably one of the most popular rimfire .22 caliber rifles on the market today. Much like the AR15, its popularity means there is a significant proliferation of aftermarket parts and accessories offered by various companies, from upper receivers to triggers, barrels, and stocks.

With so many manufacturers providing quality aftermarket parts, you’ll quickly discover that it’s entirely possible to build a 10/22 from the ground up without using a single piece manufactured by Ruger. While you may have the inside track on a few non-Ruger parts and components, this list of quality aftermarket selections will probably help you find what you want much quicker.

Volquartsen 10/22 Style Receiver

When building a 10/22 from the ground up, you will want to start with the receiver. If you know anything about custom Ruger 10/22 parts, then you will have undoubtedly heard of Volquartsen. Now you can build an entire gun from precision-made Volquartsen parts and the best place to start is with the receiver.

volquartsen 10 22 style receiver

This receiver is precision machined from stainless steel and features a durable black finish. Some models come with a picatinny rail built right into the receiver allowing you to have a solid mounting option for a scope or micro red dots. Perfect for building any style of rifle you want whether it is a pistol style plinker, varmint getter, or a highly accurate precision rifle for rimfire competitions.

It only weighs in at 6 ounces and is packed full of features like the take-down action screw for easy disassembly, v-locking block with retaining screws for insanely precise barrel fitment, a recoil buffer, and a built-in trigger guard. However, options are always great, so let’s take a look at another high-end aftermarket parts maker for the Ruger 10/22 style of rifles. Tactical Solutions is another option that you might want to go with.

Tactical Solutions X-Ring VR – 10/22 Receiver

specopsAlthough every actionable piece of your 10/22 build is essential, the receiver is the heart of your rifle. Ruger offers their factory-built aluminum receiver with a smooth top to screw a base onto if you wish. Still, you’ll soon discover that these screws can loosen during extended action and the casting of a factory Ruger receiver is rough on the inside, which prompts many 10/22 custom builders to seek aftermarket receivers when performing a ground-up build.

When searching for a durable receiver that can withstand harsh environments, you’ll sometimes find yourself in when in the field, Tactical Solutions offers the X-Ring VR 10/22 receiver. Although a little pricey at around six hundred dollars, the X-Ring VR receiver’s benefits are certainly worth the expense. This receiver from Tactical Solutions features a body of 6061 aerospace-grade aluminum.  An outstanding demonstration of durability, the X-Ring VR also features a proprietary dual-rod guide system, a rear access cleaning hole, and a machined-in rail.

Not only do these features aid the X-Ring in providing excellent and dependable action, but Tactical Solutions ratchets things up a notch by including a charging handle that fits either the left or right side, making its operation genuinely ambidextrous. When budget is not the deciding factor with your custom 10/22 build, the X-Ring VR receiver from Tactical Solutions will be the receiver you want to include in your rifle.

ER Shaw – 10/22 Bull Barrels

One thing to note about a factory-built Ruger barrel is that while the 10/22 operates well, it’s not as accurate as you’ll probably want. The field is wide open with choices of quality aftermarket barrels, and when it comes to accuracy, you may want to consider a bull barrel such as those manufactured by ER Shaw. ER Shaw offers a heavily contoured Bentz chambered .22LR barrel that will immediately improve accuracy over a factory Ruger barrel at a price range of between one hundred to two hundred dollars.

The close tolerance barrel from ER Shaw will offer you the best accuracy of a competition-match grade barrel and the dependable cycling ability of a Ruger-style chamber from the factory. ER Shaw also offers these barrels with either a chrome-moly with blue finish or stainless with patented helical fluting for far better heat dissipation.

Volquartsen – Ultralite10/22 Barrel

When seeking the lightest but most dependable lightweight barrel solution for your custom-built 10/22, nothing says lightweight and dependability like the Volquartsen Ultralite. Building on the success of the ever-popular THM Tension barrel, Volquartsen includes a specially developed carbon sleeve that fits over the barrel that significantly reduces vibration.

volquartsen ultralite10 22 barrel

Not only does this process offer one of the more accurate 10/22 rimfire barrels on the market, but the shaved weight means you’ll be able to transition to and acquire targets at multiple ranges a lot easier and quicker than with a factory barrel. Each 10/22 rimfire Ultralite barrel from Volquartsen features 1/2 X 28-inch muzzle threads should you decide to use a suppression system and at a total weight of only fifteen ounces is the perfect choice when seeking the lightest and most dependable solutions for your 10/22 build.

CMC Triggers – 10/22 Drop in Trigger

When it comes to triggers and fire systems, it’s not so much what functionality you’re attempting to gain as it is how much you’re willing to spend on these features. CMC offers an excellent match-grade drop-in trigger crafted from 8620 alloy steel and S7 tool steel with precise tolerances of plus or minus .001 inches for around two hundred and fifty dollars.

CMC Triggers has offered the best trigger solutions to customers for over thirty years, and this drop-in trigger for 10/22 rimfire rifles demonstrates the company’s dedication to creating some of the best firing solutions on the market. This CMC trigger features a single stage pull weight of around 3.5 pounds. Also, it includes an auto-drop bolt hold-open and a fully ambidextrous magazine release with a release paddle and fully texturized controls for more positive action. When a quick follow-up shot is necessary, this drop-in trigger from CMC Triggers features a positive and quick trigger reset that far exceeds most of the triggers on the market today.

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Volquartsen – 10/22 Trigger Guard 2000

Priced in the same range as the CMC Drop-in, Volquartsen brings years of aftermarket manufacturing expertise to the game with the 10/22 Trigger Guard 2000. The 10/22 Trigger Guard 2000 represents the newest advances in trigger technology, with a fully CNC machined housing and EDM trigger parts that are pre-fitted and ready for easy and quick drop-in installation.

The Trigger Guard 2000 from Volquartsen promises a more effortless and much lighter trigger pull, featuring a reduced power hammer and sear springs. One of the best features of this trigger from Volquartsen is the notched stainless-steel hammer that guarantees the required and correct engagement angles, that’s certain to provide years of long-wearing performance.

Pro Mag Conversion Stocks

While you may have satisfied your picks of barrels, receivers, and triggers for your 10/22, you’ll still need a dependable aftermarket stock to package it all in. If you’re searching for a stock solution that will give your 10/22 build an AR15 tactical appearance, Pro Mag offers one of the best conversion stocks you’ll find at a price point of less than one hundred and sixty dollars.

pro mag conversion stocks

This feature-rich conversion stock from Pro Mag has an adjustable buttstock and a molded-in ergonomic finger grip with a locking storage compartment. Constructed of high-strength carbon fiber with glass-reinforced polymer, the Pro-Mag will withstand all the harsh rigors of years of use without fail. With a Pro Mag conversion stock, you’ll have a lightweight stock solution that weighs a little over 2 pounds three ounces and mirrors the look of an M4 Carbine. A Pro Mag conversion stock is something to consider as part of your build when you want to get all the best tactical rifle appearances without breaking the bank.

Tactical Solutions Thumbhole Stock

Suppose functionality is essential, but a novel and unmistakable rifle appearance is something you want to achieve. In that case, Tactical Solutions offers this new-age stock made of laminated wood utilizing a non-compression bedding system. Featuring a cheek bed on the buttstock for comfortable use, the Vantage RS™ from Tactical solutions blends with the barrel’s harmonics and provides a superior stock for off-hand or bench shooting.

The thumbhole stock from Tactical solutions offers a unique approach to a 10/22 rifle stock for just under two hundred dollars. With the Vantage RS™ thumbhole stock from Tactical Solutions, you’ll also enjoy the raised comb and forend heights that guarantee a fantastic line of sight for just about any scope you choose to mount.

Whatever You Choose

Regardless of the aftermarket receiver you choose, or tactical-looking conversion stock, barrel, or drop in trigger, by now you’ve realized Ruger’s 10/22 popularity doesn’t mean you have to endure the sometimes-lackluster performance of a factory-built Ruger 10/22 rifle. With a little bit of research, you’ll be able to find everything you need to build a 10/22 rifle without ever purchasing a Ruger factory part.

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