Essential Disaster Preparedness Tips for College Students

Essential Tips to Help College Students Prepare for a Potential DisasterWhether you’ve been at college for a couple of years or you’re just starting out in this new era of your life, many students are still caught up in the excitement of being at this stage in their life. If you’re one of the vast majority of students that has moved away from home to be at your chosen educational facility, home can feel like a very long way away.

With this in mind, it’s important to remember that natural disasters can happen anytime, any day, anywhere, so it’s vital that you’re prepared. After all, you’re fending for yourself out there.

To keep you in the know, here are several essential tips, detailing some things you should remember to ensure you’re safe rather than sorry.

Research Your Area

If you’ve moved away from home to be at your chosen university or college, research the area you’re moving to as soon as you can. Your hometown may be idyllic and peaceful but the city you’re moving to may be prone to experiencing flooding, earthquakes, tornadoes and even hurricanes. If these are weather conditions you have never experienced before, you don’t want to wait for them to happen to then find out they exist.

Prep Your Phone

You never know when or where a natural disaster is going to strike and you never know where you’re going to be. If you find yourself injured and unable to make a call, the people around you may have to do it for you. But how will they know who to call?

Hector Walters, an educational expert from Essay Roo, continues;

“I live in a flash-flood prone area and you never know when you could be up to your waist in water. If you’re unprepared, you could easily find yourself in a harmed condition. Ensure your phone has you emergency contacts, such as your parents, relative or a friend and always ensure they are labelled with ‘ICE’ or ‘In Case of Emergency’.”

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Memorize the Lay of the Land

Once you’ve got your timetable sorted for all your lessons, you’ll know roughly which buildings and institutions you use regularly. In the case of an emergency, it’s essential that you know what your escape routes are. You don’t want to find yourself in an earthquake, frozen because you don’t know which way you need to go.

“When travelling between lessons, keep a conscious eye open for doors, fire escapes and other helpful exit points you may otherwise miss. You only have to remember where these exits are once to have them save your life in the case of an emergency.” – Holly Ruiz, Student Counsellor for UK Writings.

Save a Life

Being first aid trained is an important skill to have with you throughout your life. These courses are relatively affordable and can help you save your own, if not, somebody else’s life, even when you least expect it.

Preparation Starts at Home

One key element of preparation that the majority of people overlook is a disaster kit. This may seem like a waste of time and money if you never have to use it but it could one day save your life, and those around you. These kits are ideal for all kinds of disasters, whether you’re trapped in your building or looking for a way to escape.

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John Hughes, a student counsellor for Health And Medicine Assignment Help, has previous experience using disaster kits;

“I was once involved in an earthquake that resulted in my dorm walls collapsing. It was easily one of the most terrifying experiences of my life and I endlessly thank my roommate for having a disaster kit on hand. It was made out of a rucksack that included; blankets, tins of food and water, a first aid kit and a flashlight, ideal for when the power went out and we were forced to find a way out.”

Emergency Alerts

Finally, if have relocated to a disaster-prone area that is renowned for experiencing freak weather activity, the chances are that there’s an emergency alert service set up. These services are operated by official services that can notify you via a pre-recorded phone call or an SMS message about an incoming disaster once it has been discovered.

This will keep you in the know, allowing you to take appropriate action if an event was to occur. In some parts of the world, especially in the US and New Zealand, there are even dedicated smartphone apps and widgets that can provide you with real time information 24/7.

Article written by Mary Walton for Prepper’s Will.

Mary Walton is a professional editor and writer at Type My Essay service. She manages content at Custom Coursework website. Mary has an educational blog Simple Grad, one of her latest posts there is Evolution Writers Review. Mary is a prepper, she writes for people who want to be prepared, always, and for almost everything.

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