How Can A Portable Solar Generator Help In A Disaster?

Being prepared in today’s society is becoming more popular. As a whole, people, in general, are getting more organized with their lives. This is coming out in many ways, from food and water storage to having somewhere else to live if a world disaster were to happen.

Trying to find the best ways to survive disasters, whether they are natural, or manmade is making its way into many people’s homes. Being prepared and organized for disasters and your family’s survival is something that many families believe is going to be crucial to the survival of future generations.

Whilst many people op for bunkers and such one of the crucial things is, how do we get power to these places. One of the options is to buy and use portable solar generators. Having a solar-powered generator will supply you with power, as long as there is light.

Things to think about when starting your prepping

things to think about when starting your prepping

When it comes to a disaster and its effects, your main concern should be, what is necessary?. What do you need for surviving? What will your body require? Looking at things that can be stored productively and that will last is the main priority when it comes to food storage. Cooking in this situation does not need to be boring.

It isn’t just what types of food and liquids need to be stored that is important. What you store these items in will ultimately decide whether they will be fit for consumption at a later date. When you are getting prepared, this is going to take time and effort, so it will be completely pointless if you do not research the containers and how to keep them sealed effectively.

There are a few things that you will need to consider when buying food; for instance, buying canned food is fantastic, but when doing so, make sure you have checked the date. If food items are on sale, this does not mean it’s a good idea; make sure you try the food item first before wasting lots of money in bulk buying.

Look at the toiletries you will need? Out of the items you normally buy, what is definitely an essential item? The things you think you need but don’t are what you are going to waste time and effort on.

Food and other items

food and other items

So when you are making your all-important preparations for surviving a disaster, you need to take into consideration things in the list below

  • How long is your storage going to last for your family?
  • Is there enough circulation around the foods?
  • Have you enough variety?
  • Has what you stored got enough nutritional value to it?
  • Is it simple enough to cook, or make?
  • Do you have a few luxury items when the morale of the group is down?

TLW2eggs 283Things that must be done before using your pantry are essential for whether your food will last or not,

  • Purchasing a portable generator
  • Labeling food with clear expiry dates
  • Rotating the food as you store it, placing old items at the front and new at the back
  • Food rotation should be used in the freezer
  • Making sure any damaged food is removed in case it spreads to the other food
  • Keeping up to date lists of what you have
  • Checking that no pests can gain access to your hoard

Some of these should apply to non-consumable items especially keeping a list of what you have.

When considering things, look at what ways you can help your family. For example purchasing solar generators, torches, and cooking appliances will help in the long term with power situations that will arise. It is just as important to have power sources to where you are staying as it is to have enough food. Having plenty of stored food is great, but if you have no way to cook or keep it, then it will become useless and pointless.

Having access to a fridge or freezer for these types of situations is great, but remember by not having the correct power supply, these can break, and then you will be in a situation where you may have a whole freezer full of food that needs to be cooked in a short space of time. So do not invest too much money into freezer items.

Back up plans

back up plans

Everyone needs a backup plan in life. That is why people take out insurance for life, medical, and the home. These are ways of ensuring that your family can and will cope if something out of your control were to happen. This is why people often keep spare appliances they may need if something breaks down.

So keeping extra water supplies and food should be considered. While food and water are essential in life, correct clothing is also something that should be thought about wisely. Temperatures in weather can vary in many ways when a disaster occurs, so having protective clothing for these is also a must.

Thermals and coats are important in bad weather situations. Investing in these even if the weather for your country is normally predictable may seem like wasted finances, but these things could be lifesavers. If the heat to your home is not available, this could be one of the ways to keep you warm.

Things you may need

Having a set of tools and equipment that may be needed is also a plus. Having useful equipment such as some sharp knives, lengths of ropes, first aid kits, and additional lighting can help in many situations.

Camping equipment will help survival situations, and these can help in keeping warm, cooking food. Looking at camping plates, cups, cooking utensils, spoons, knives, and water flasks, these are available to buy in lots of places. Online tips on camping and easy ways to cook may also help.

things you may need

Researching the best equipment and what would be classed as a must in your kit will be a great way to get the best results. By purchasing the right equipment, no matter what it is the first time around, will save you money. Not only does the correct equipment save money, but it will save the environment. Using glass rather than plastics, using solar-powered appliances where possible will not only save energy but will ensure you have some form of power to assist in cooking, light, and heating.



Potentially everyone would like a stress-free life. Being prepared and organized is a great way of preparing for a situation that may be out of your control in the least stressful way possible. When you are prepared, this will normally be done a little bit at a time, therefore with minimal effort. Adding a few small things into your shopping every week probably will not be noticed.

Asking for gifts that may help along your way to becoming a successful prepper can also be useful. When your children have birthdays coming up, adding a useful hat or pair of gloves into their present pile will take the stress away from you if something were to happen.

The organization of these jobs will, if put into practice, become second nature. So the more organized you get, the more it will become a habit. Habits are easy to get into, so keep at it. Even if, in the beginning, it seems like a never-ending task, it will get easier. Researching what you are doing is the quickest way to obtain the correct information possible. With many people around the world all trying to succeed in this process, it is getting easier. Forums, and videos, are showing the most important and achievable ways in making your preparation the best it can be with the best financial guidance where possible.

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