How to Make and Use Colloidal Silver

How to Make and Use Colloidal SilverThe history of silver being used as an effective antimicrobial dates back to the ancient times. Back in those times, it was even believed that eating or drinking from utensils made of silver helped boost immunity against disease. Colloidal silver is a home remedy used by many preppers and homesteaders nowadays. It’s a proven remedy and can be made safely at home as you will see in the next lines.  During ancient times before antibiotics were even discovered, silver was commonly used as medication. Back then it was widely believed that silver was an effective repellant or remedy against many diseases.

What is Colloidal Silver?

In simple terms, colloidal silver can term as suspension of sub-microscopic nanoparticles in water. Silver nanoparticles are usually made in two different methods which are physically or chemically. Physically, silver nanoparticles are made by grinding silver into particles that very small then suspended in water as colloids. Chemically, silver salt is usually reduced into very small particles by using a chemical reducing agent.

How you can make colloidal silver

Back in the early 1900’s colloidal silver was so expensive until a physicist Bob Beck invented an easy way of making it. In simple terms, you can easily make colloidal silver simply by passing a DC voltage across a silver cathode and anode that is immersed in pure water.

Colloidal silver is gotten basically when electrolysis is used to suspend pure metallic element silver in water that is pure or distilled. The solution is one which has been used for many years to help deal with varied types of diseases and ailments.

The best voltage to do electrolysis is usually 33 volts but even 27 volts powered by three DC batteries (each 9-V) can still do the work. In case you don’t have three 9 volts battery, you can still use two 12-v batteries. Relying on 24 volts to make colloidal silver may a little slower than the other methods already discussed above.

As has been discussed above simple colloidal silver generator at your home can be made using, three 9-v batteries, three 9-v batteries connectors, two alligator clips, silver wire (that will be immersed in pure water), 24-v bulb, and mini-jack connector.

How to operate the colloidal silver generator

  • You may want to use distilled water or reverse-osmosis-filtered water. You may choose whatever is good for you. Just ensure that your source of water is low or clear of dissolved solids.
  • You will then pour your pure water into the container preferably a glass. Don’t use a plastic container because colloidal silver has a tendency of binding with some types of plastics.
  • Never add salt to your solution as the salt will easily combine with silver ions and result in silver chloride. Silver chloride is much less effective against bacteria compared to ionic silver.
  • You will then hang your two pure silver wires on the edge of the container into the pure water you will have poured in. You will then attach your two alligator clips on the ends of the silver wires outside of the water.
  • Plug the mini-jack connector with the connection from the two alligator clips attached to the two silver wires immersed in pure water. The bulb needs to light faintly and not brightly at all.
  • If the bulb is glowing brightly, it could be either the water is so impure or the silver wires are in contact. In case the silver wires in the water are in contact, better separate them.

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  • To ascertain that your colloidal silver generator is working properly, after roughly 10 – 20 minutes. You will be able to see small bubbles forming on either one or both of the silver wires immersed in pure water. If you fail to see any small bubbles on the immersed silver wires then something may wrong.
  • Once you have made your colloidal silver from this simple home apparatus it will be up to you to decide for yourself the amount of appropriate dosage. If you decide to take the solution for preventative purposes you may take one to two tablespoons per day.
  • If you are suffering from a serious illness you may want to drink from one to four eight ounces of glasses of the 5ppm solution.
  • After you have finished making your solution with your silver wires, you should clean them a rough plastic scrubber. This helps to make them ready for use in your next solution preparation at home.
  • If you are going to use your silver colloidal solution externally you can apply the solution on a band-aid and then compress the affected skin areas or burned area.

Things to keep in mind

  • Only use the best quality 9-volt batteries as these will be durable and long-lasting. Never use rechargeable batteries as they are known to produce between 7.3 V to 7.9 V. You can alternatively use a 30-volt converter because you will plug this into a wall’s supply.
  • Please note that your colloidal silver solution is very sensitive to light. You should keep it in brown bottles and then store in dark cabinet. This will help to prevent any chance of light reaching the solution.
  • Never also store your colloidal silver solution near a microwave or in the refrigerator or where there is a magnetic field.
  • Never store the solution in metallic or plastic bottles as the solution will readily react with them.

How silver colloidal works

It has been established by scientists that silver colloidal kill’s germs but it is still not yet known how it does this. It is widely believed that silver nanoparticles easily bind to the cell wall of bacteria.

The effectiveness of the silver nanoparticle against bacteria is dependent on the surface chemistry and shape of the nanoparticle. This explains why some nanoparticles are more effective against bacteria or germs than others.

Even though colloidal silver is made from silver salts, these are two distinct things. It must be understood that silver salts are more toxic to people or bacteria then colloidal silver. Because colloidal silver is made from silver salts, people need to be careful when using it.

It has been scientifically established that a fraction of colloidal silver can change to silver salt. This means that taking colloidal silver in large doses may cause toxicity of silver in very high doses. The use of colloidal silver as medication as discussed above must be done with utmost caution.


Uses of colloidal silver in various ailments

Colloidal silver is a very effective agent against a broad spectrum of bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms that cause diseases in people. The advantage of it is that even where conventional medication is scarce, it can readily be used.

Based on the home colloidal silver preparation method shown earlier in this article, it is with no doubt that you can easily make it yourself at home. Colloidal silver can be your best bet in times of disaster from wars or natural causes. Those times you may not have access to conventional medicine.

Let us now take a detailed look at the various ailments that colloidal silver may help you alleviate effectively.

1. Antiviral agent

There are numerous tests that have been conducted by different doctors on the effect of colloidal silver on viral ailments such as herpes, pneumonia, shingles, HIV/AIDS, and warts.

Indeed studies suggest that colloidal silver acts as a natural remedy to help stop viruses and their actions fast. Interestingly, colloidal silver works in such a way that it suffocates viruses. In other tests, it was established that it helps to inhibit the activity of the HIV virus in patients with AIDS.

Other studies also suggest that colloidal silver is very effective against the Hepatitis C virus. Based on these findings you can use colloidal silver as an agent to help you protect yourself from viruses and their effects.

2. Bacterial infections

Colloidal silver is said to be very effective at controlling even antibiotic-resistant superbugs. There are several diseases causing microbes that are readily destroyed when exposed directly to silver.

Interestingly, using colloidal silver as antibacterial is very good. Antibiotics that are used to cure various bacterial infections tend to create resistance in microbes. Colloidal silver will not create immunity in the microbes that are being targeted.

This makes it such a very effective antibacterial agent better than the commonly used antibiotics. Fresh findings even claim that in the near future antibiotics may not be effective at dealing with bacterial infections.

3. Skin health and wound care

There are certain colloidal silver preparations that help to support faster skin healing. This is why you will find some people using it to treat thrush and skin burns. The result of the solution on skin conditions is very effective even much better than other well-known topical skin medications.

The colloidal silver solution works best in eliminating ringworm because it is a very strong antifungal. Ringworm is most commonly caused by a fungus that attaches itself to the topmost layer of the skin. The disease is highly contagious and can easily be spread by skin to skin contact or by sharing of clothes.

The benefits of colloidal silver on the skin health are not just limited to faster healing of burns, thrush, and ringworms alone.

It is also a very good agent against skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. It offers a soothing effect on the skin and will also readily repair tissues damaged by burns.

4. Pink eye and ear infections

 There is an infection that is known to cover the eyeball as well as the eyelid. It consists of an inflamed mucous membrane that is caused by either a viral or bacterial infection. With colloidal silver, you can effectively eliminate this infection from your eyes.

Applying colloid silver solution to the infected eye works wonders as the small colloids pick infected cells by attracting them through electromagnetism. They are then sent to the bloodstream for elimination.

Conventional antibiotics designed for ear infections may only work for a certain type of bacteria. There are times when these antibiotics will not be effective against some fungal ear infections. Interestingly, colloidal silver is still very effective against any type of ear infection.

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5. An anti-inflammatory

Colloidal silver has been found to be a very good anti-inflammatory and thus can effectively be used to reduce swelling, enhance healing, and boost cell recovery process.

6. Remedy for Sinusitis

Colloidal silver is a very effective remedy used to treat sinusitis. It can be made in the form of a nasal spray as it has been shown to be deadly to staph aureus. Simply make some few drops of the solution into your nasal cavity. This will help you see a remarked improvement in your condition.

7. Cold and flu

 Colloidal silver is a very effective remedy against colds and flu. It is interesting to note that it is very effective against a broad spectrum of flu including the common cold.

8. Effective against pneumonia

 Modern drugs are increasingly becoming less effective in treating bronchitis or pneumonia. In the case of pneumonia, the first treatment you will be given will an antibiotic. While antibiotics may be effective against bacterial pneumonia they may not work against viral pneumonia.

Colloidal silver is very effective against pneumonia regardless of the pathogen causing the infection. You will surely eradicate pneumonia or bronchitis from your system if you ingest colloidal silver. Another better way to benefit from colloidal silver treatment against pneumonia or bronchitis is simply to breathe into your lungs.

Breathing silver colloidal directly into the nose allows the solution to get in direct contact with the germs living in the lungs. Within a few days, it will have eliminated all these pathogens from your lungs leaving you free and healthy once again.

9. Remedy against a sore throat

 A sore throat feels bad and it can sometimes even affect your speech but you use colloidal silver to cure it. Yes, if you gargle a little bit of colloidal silver solution for at least two minutes you will find relief.

Please ensure that after gargling you spit everything out to eliminate the microbes from your body.

10. Great medication for animals too

Colloidal silver is not just good for humans alone but will also help to cure animals you have at your home. In dogs, for instance, it can be used to treat infections, to cure minor cuts, eyes & ear infections. It is recommended that you administer 5 to 10 drops orally to an animal at least two times daily.

So is colloidal silver safe?

There have been myths doing rounds that colloidal silver is harmful and that it needs to be banned from use by humans. Well, these were calls from people associated with the pharmaceutical companies.

The truth is that colloidal silver is an absolutely safe remedy that you can make yourself and enjoy its benefits. It is important too, however, understand that there are up to three different silver products that quacks sell under the name colloidal silver.

The three are silver protein, ionic silver, and the true colloidal silver.

Ionic silver

Ionic silver appears clear just like water or sometimes a little yellow. To ascertain if it is ionic silver just add some little bit of table salt into it. If you notice the liquid turning cloudy and white you know its ionic silver.

Ionic silver is not effective against pathogens like colloidal silver and therefore it will not help you deal with pathogens like colloidal silver will.

Silver protein

This one is perhaps very easy to test and know about. If you shake it, the foam will be produced over it. The foam will remain for at least some minutes before disappearing. Silver protein has a characteristic color of light amber to black.

Please avoid silver protein at all cost because its effects on the body are very severe and you may even die from using it!

True colloidal silver

This one is the only recommended silver for internal or external use on humans to treat ailments. It is not very common in the markets owing to its expensive production costs. Unscrupulous business people usually make the above named silver products and pass them to be true colloidal silver in order to make quick money.

True colloidal silver is safe and will help you achieve the health benefits that have been discussed since you started reading this article.

In true colloidal silver, most of the silver content is in the form of silver particles. This makes the product to look somewhat dark and not like pure water. If you see anything else being introduced as colloidal silver that is clear that should act as a red flag to you.

Caution when buying colloidal silver

  • When buying colloidal silver ensure that you purchase from a reputable brand. Avoid brands that concentrate so much on offering affordable solutions.
  • Check the bottle of the solution if it is tinted to block direct light from reaching the solution inside. Original colloidal silver, if exposed to light, will get damaged!
  • Ensure that you either use colloidal silver that you have purchased externally or internally as per the instructions were given to you by the manufacturer.

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