Martial Law Survival Strategies You Should Know for 2020

We live in uncertain times with constant threats knocking at our doors. One day, we might live under Martial law, and although the use of Martial law should bring an end to the scenario that imposed it, most of the times it will lead to further violence and chaos.

The United States, like many other nations, has a long history when it comes to Martial law and some fear it may soon be upon us. The current scenarios that foresee Martial law are all related to ISIS attacks that could happen on US soil. This is why you need to have a survival strategy for when Martial law hits.

What is martial law and when it is declared?

Martial Law is nothing more than the imposition of military rule and a takeover of the government over a specific region. Martial law is declared when there is an imminent threat to peace and order, and it can be imposed in any of the following situations:

  • Uncontrollable riots and protests (Muslims protests in France are a good example, it’s just a matter of time until it happens in the United States)
  • Natural disasters that are too overwhelming for local authorities (Katrina is a good reminder of what nature can unleash)
  • State of war
  • Insurrection or rebellion

We value our liberty and freedom, and we love our way of life. This is why for some of us being stripped of certain civil rights is unthinkable, and we fear that giving absolute power to someone will lead to abuses against the general public. During Martial law everyone is expected to follow the rules, no question asked, it doesn’t matter if you think it’s right or wrong. You must follow the orders during martial law! The military will not answer to people; they will be the law.

These are the rights that are suspended under martial law:

  • Right of Information
  • Right of Habeas Corpus
  • Freedom of Expression
  • Right to privacy
  • Right to make choicesPrepper's Will - How To Survive Martial Law

If you are prepared and organized, you should be able to survive martial law without much distress. To avoid putting your family at significant risk and survive these tough times, you should do the following:

Be self-reliant

Most preppers are already set to outlast any scenario that cuts them off from all the typical supply lines. This is why it will be easier for them to survive when the government takes full control of everything (foods and supplies). You shouldn’t wait for the rationing done by the military, and you should have your own supplies. Your supplies should last you for at least 30 days, but any prepper knows that it is ideal to have supplies that last for 12 months. Your food and water supplies will become propriety of the government under martial law.

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Having a method to generate electricity is also ideal. You will be able to use it for many tasks under martial law (from cooking to charging your devices – UV water filters, lanterns, etc.). Try to get your hands on some portable generators, that are easy to carry and that don’t make noise, as you don’t want to attract unwanted attention. Bartering is also an excellent way to get what you need, stockpile on items that will give you the upper hand and increase your chances of survival. Bartering will assure your survival under martial law.

Have a bug-out-bag ready

In some cases, you will see the signs that alert you of martial law being imminent. And in times like these you have to make a decision, you either stay in and hunker down or you leave and go to a safer area. Some know that staying in highly populated areas is certain death and have an escape route planned out. If leaving your home is not a choice for you and your family, bugging in will be your last resort. Your bug-out bag should contain the following:

  • Food and water for at least 72 hours
  • A first aid kit
  • Pieces of clothing for all types of weather
  • A sturdy pair of boots
  • Flashlight and batteries
  • Cooking equipment
  • Navigation equipment
  • Protection items: handgun, melee type weapons, stun-gun, etc.
  • Radio

Stay safe when martial law is declared

How to live under the radar during martial lawDuring Martial law, you need to avoid areas that are exposed to social revolts and danger. You have to protect your house with an alarm system, keep it locked and secure your proprieties.

Keeping a low profile by following the rules is also a good idea, but you have to think before you do it. If someone tells you to jump off a cliff, would you do it?

Think before you act and decide on an individual case by case basis before rebelling against the rules. Make sure you respect the curfew under martial law. However, if you don’t, make sure you have all the means to protect yourself and survive what will unfold.

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Tune in and listen during martial law!

During martial law, the media will be controlled by the federal government and to obtain valuable information you need to stay tuned to official broadcasts. You will be up to date with the imposed rules, and you will be able to plan your next move. The rules will keep changing, and you need to be aware of them in order to survive.

You will also need to tap into HAM radio to communicate with people that are off the grid, to get the “unofficial” information. It is better to know both sides of the story before you act, we are already enough bombarded with media propaganda, the last thing you need is to be misinformed during martial law. Information is key to survival in and time of life, and especially when martial law is in effect, and you need to know what happens around you.

Stay in shape, learn and improve your skills

This is a general rule for every prepper, and it’s something that can prove useful in every crisis scenario, not only during martial law. Preparedness is nothing without knowledge and a good set of skills. You will run out of food and water, and you will run out of guns and ammo. You will get hurt, then what? That being said, you need to know how to make or procure your food, how to find and purify water, how to heal yourself and so on. These are the things that one should learn in advance and practice them with every occasion.

Take some first aid courses, learn how to cook without modern means, how to hunt and fish, anything that you think, one day, may come in handy. Being able to survive on your own during martial law will also require a lot of effort. Maybe you have to bug out, and climbing is involved, or perhaps you have to build a shelter or do home repairs, etc. All these activities will leave you weak and tired, and you don’t need this during a crisis.

However, if you find yourself in a position that you are tired, stressed and in need, you should take some time to recuperate. That does not mean find a bed (although that would be nice), but it means to find somewhere safe to set up a little camp. Make a cup of coffee, take a little time to plan your next moves. It is often in these times that your judgment is most clouded, and that can leave you ending up injured or worse.

You should never be alone! You need friends during martial law

Desperate times will require teamwork and having an alliance can become crucial for surviving under martial law. You should build a support system with your friends and neighbors. You can help each other out, and it will increase your chances of survival without getting into trouble. Before you build trustworthy relationships with your neighbors, you should act carefully. You need to be certain they share the same views as you do. You don’t need a “friend” that will report you for having a stockpile of food and guns, just to save his skin when martial law hits.

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Keep your mouth shut during martial law

Don’t talk about your supplies and about how well prepared you are. This can get you in a lot of trouble during martial law. Desperate times create desperate people, and these people will do anything to survive, including harming you and your loved ones to get their hands on your supplies.

This is why you need to keep it all to yourself and talk about your prepping habits only with family and close friends. In times of martial law, you never know how everything will play out, and you need to be selfish, selfish about sharing information and selfish about sharing supplies.

You should share only with your family and close friends and that if you have enough supplies. It might sound harsh, but it will keep you alive under martial law.

Be calm and think before you act

In any type of crisis panicking will get you in trouble and you will make matters worse. The first thing you have to do in harsh times is to remain calm and carefully plan your next steps. Although this may be a very difficult thing to try and do, it will certainly make the difference between life and death, and you should put your best effort to remain composed.

Panicking people are seen as a threat, especially under martial law. Even the most prepared soldiers will choose to eliminate a risk rather than dealing with it and see how the situation develops. I can’t stress this enough, stay calm and think before you react. Rationality and being able to restrain your emotions will help you survive martial law.

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Plan your storage for a home invasion

During martial law, hoarding food, guns, and ammo is restricted. The military will implement house to house searches without a warrant. They will put a considerable effort into locating your supplies. And once they find them, they will confiscate all you’ve got without thinking twice about it.

This is why it’s essential to plan your storage and be smart about it. Keep your supplies in areas of the house where it will not be easily found. You don’t want to put all your efforts into preparing so that it can go to waste in the end.

You can also use the bait method, which is having a small part of your supplies “hidden” without much effort. When they find your supplies put up an act and ask them to let you keep them, they won’t, but they will not put any more effort into looking for your other supplies if you are convincing enough.

Act when the time is right

In the event of martial law, when the situation is at its climax you might have to take a stand. It is your right to pick a side, and no one can take it away from you. Before taking a chance and choosing a team, you have to be sure it suits your personal beliefs and principals.

Even more, taking a stand doesn’t mean you have to join the resistance and take it to the streets. There are always alternative ways of fighting for what you believe in. You just have to find a way to be safe and make yourself heard. Not everyone will find the courage to act under martial law.

Keep this in mind when thinking about taking a stand. It will put things in perspective, and you will figure out your chances of making it out alive during martial law.

Stay Safe and God Bless!

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27 thoughts on “Martial Law Survival Strategies You Should Know for 2020”

  1. 1. Denied information.
    2. Denied the right to travel without permission.
    3. Denied freedom of choice.
    4. Denied freedom of expression.
    5. Denied freedom to privacy.
    6. Denied the right to question orders.

    Don’t you have Martial Law confused with marriage!

  2. Please remember that there are hardly any real experts on Martial Law in this day and time. At no time in history has information on a person be readily available to the gov’t on such a scale. If you live in the USA and say, for instance, you engage in ANY Social Media, you are listed in a database and every bit of info about you is ready to be used either for or against you. If you ever made one Facebook post against the gov’t, you’re on a list and if you are enough of a loud-mouth, they will be coming after you when they get into your area. If you are not going to resist, then you better pray that the ranks of the military forces that will be exterminating and imprisoning (who are we kidding? They won’t want to feed everyone in those FEMA camps) citizens and patriots are made-up of Oathkeepers who will refuse those orders and rebel. Just remember: A bullet to the back of your heads is a lot cheaper than the care and feeding of you and your family when they separate you all and ship you off to different concentration camps. Don’t go quietly.

    • Yes there are. There are survialists all over this country. There are true ones in every state. If you know where to look. and there are men and women that practice weapons and survival in every state. I will tell you where the safest place is, but you will have to contend with snow, cold, and use a weapon. You will have to be willing to shoot if you have too. So think about this. Also, get a weapon, and keep it clean. and loaded.

      • I don’t like The cold. But I do what I Gotta do for my family put on my big girl panties I would love to know where to go.

  3. When that time comes, I’m to old and decrepid to want to fight it out. I’d rather just let them kill me. I don’t want to be a burden on anyone, and I don’t want to have to live thru all that is going to happen. I’m not suicidal now…but will be after shtf.

    • @ “Gramma” ~ Ma’am, no matter what, if you’ve reconciled yourself to doom..OK, but at the VERY LEAST, TAKE SOME WITH YOU! Wherever I end up, Heaven or Hell, I surely don’t plan on being alone…

    • Agreed, I’ve had the same thoughts. I will resist, but with several medical issues that are contained thru medications I see a quick end. 1 or 2 years, maybe.

      • I am preparing by trying to eliminate the medical condition that will be worst…. Diabetes Type 2. You can’t stock up on insulin. I have lost 50 lbs! My insulin has been cut way down. The weight loss also helps with my heart, high blood pressure and my ability to get in better shape. I realize that there are other conditions that have medicine that can’t be stockpiled, but if you are overweight, losing weight will help. I have been buying over the counter stuff, too. Good luck.

  4. I still maintain they will fly a big silver bird spewing death from above at night. Never wake up. They DO NOT need my turn – of – the – century weapons.

  5. stay away from America if you can. 1st they are violent and 2nd they attract violence. China is a good place to be. not much religion there. Vietnam nit too bad either. Thailand was never colonised.

  6. All Governments the world over are as corrupt as each other…….so picking a country to be in for safety will do no good. They’ll ALL be doing their own clean up operations for mass control, and will have their own travel restrictions and martial laws. If they have these……they won’t be letting people in will they? This will be a global thing, and will probably be conducted like a falling domino line. Also……the enforcers of martial law were civilians at one time, so I don’t think they’re gonna be too keen to enforce unjust martial laws if it’s being enforced elsewhere in country on THEIR families, friends and loved ones. Nor are they going to like knowing that a baton they’ve just put over someones head in Texas…….has also just been done to their families in New York or wherever their family IS. The afore mentioned kin aren’t covered by immunity because they have family in the military/ law enforcement.

    It’s either……..a full on, MASS rebellion and armed insurrection from the start (acquisition of their weapons, vehicles, counter attacking with them, supplying your ranks with their supplies, fighting back, Civil War)………or……..compliance with Martial Laws and a lifetime of bitching about it. You’re NOT going to politically and constitutionally GET YOUR RIGHTS or FREEDOM back !! There’s NO “I’m Switzerland, I’m neutral again” with this thing. Why do you think he’s taking our guns NOW?? So there’s nothing to fight back WITH. What WE did to, and TOOK from the Native American Indians……….is now gonna get done to us. What goes around…..I guess?

  7. On the item that helps make water, what happens if there is no electricity to run the machine? No generator either. I like the above article it reminds me of some of the things I use to know but forgot. Thanks.

  8. Several very critical aspects of Martial Law were left out of this article. The author was attempting to be a little too PC to cover the really controversial aspects of this scenario.
    First, he left out the potential of an EMP Scenario as a potential reason for the declaration of Martial Law. Second, he did di discuss the concept that any part of the federal government might decide that a dictatorship would be inn THEIR best interests. And, maybe especially the current Communist Administration. Should they become convinced that Killery will lose in November, it is entirely possible that they would consider a “False Flag” event, in order to manufacture a reason to declare Martial Law, in order to keep them in power in this country! Remember, the next Administration will determine the future direction of this country in EVERY aspect!
    The other issues that were not mentioned in the article, are the fact that the feds are probably NOT going to keep people in their homes, they very well might relocate the population forcibly, ala Cambodian-style, or at the very least into the Hundreds of Concentration Camps already constructed throughout the US, and those which are being constructed now! So, there is no guarantee that your preps are going to be able to be even used by you, if Martial Law is declared. This cannot happen overnight, but bear in mind those who take power under Martial Law, almost certainly will not be very willing to relinquish it once the crisis has passed!
    The other thing is that the feds are now able to tell you what work you will be doing under this scenario! They can take you from your current job and assign you to another of their choosing. They can take the unemployed and employ them regardless of health concerns, etc!
    DO NOT kid yourselves. Martial Law would be the worst thing that has ever happened in this country in its history; and I frankly believe that if it is declared, we will either decide to say good-bye to our freedoms forever, or we will determine to fight to preserve them!

  9. Unfortunately, AZRanger has it right. The all encompassing purpose of everything that is happening now, is the tyrannical takeover. When it hits, it will be a complete take over and no stone will be left unturned. Preppers will be dragged from homes and camps, weapons, foods and supplies will be taken and the “great culling” will be perpetually instituted till most humans have been dealt with. Agenda 21/2030 will be implemented. The only preppers remaining will be those who were able to stay completely hidden for a long period of time, and then, in the future, after things have simmered down, if they come out of hiding, what will they come out to? The newly instituted one world government and the mark of the beast.

  10. I think the best way to stay hidden is to buy a house without a basement then add one in yourself. Don’t use contractors and don’t get plans approved by your council for it. Make sure you make it safely and when shit hits the fan just set the alarm and close the well hidden door and make it look like you packed up and left before anything happened.

  11. When my mom goes to heaven I’m going to Alaska.Would like to go to Sweden but their gun laws suck.

  12. I’m gonna set right here, and watch it all unfold, from the comfort of my front porch. Bring it on. My new job will be firewood cutting, and fishing…

  13. um……first of all the only constitutional times martial law can be implemented are in cases of rebellion or invasion. Theoretically under martial law citizens are subject to military law or Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) and would be treated like soldiers. In practice martial law suspends regular law. It has only been used in a handful of cases in the U.S. and when used in limited scale as has been done in the past it is fairly tame. The difference for purpose of this discussion is that we are talking about martial law on a national scale which would effectively be a complete suspension of the constitution and is basically a dictatorship. In such a case I hope my fellow 19 million veterans would join me in resisting such an abomination. That said, let me address a few points of disagreement with the author. You should be keeping your mouth shut before martial law is implemented. Don’t let anyone know about your preps. Friends are just potential enemies. Family are the only ones you can really trust when people get hungry. Bug out bag is idiotic in this scenario unless you have a preset remote bug-in location. Why? Because where the hell are you going otherwise? The entire nation under martial law means you will face the same problem everywhere and under martial law freedom to travel is non-existent. Now, that is if it’s nation wide. If it’s just in your area due to natural disaster then sure….bug the hell out. But we are talking about nationwide martial law. Regarding storage of supplies…..hey, bury some caches both in your yard and say….nearby park or off the main drag road side or something so that after the military takes your supplies you can go get your back up….because speaking as a veteran….military will find your hidden stash if it’s in your home. We aren’t stupid. I experienced this first hand trying to sneak stuff home after Desert Storm. Every time we came up with a place to hide contraband the chain of command would tell us they were checking those places and we’d come up with a new idea. Ended up burying the stuff because we ran out of places to hide stuff. Lastly, a couple of TV shows to watch for ideas of what it would really be like under nationwide martial law: Falling skies….but imagine it is your government instead of aliens. Revolution is probably the best one I’ve seen as an example of this and is on netflix. Walking dead or Z nation to an extent also….but again….imagine it’s soldiers instead of zombies.

  14. We are@war right now, except most people do not realize it, because it us Unconventional, Asymmetrical, Psyop, Bio, Economical, Media, Educational, Entertainment and maybe weather. People normally think ofKenetic Pewpew version. They know we have too many guns, so they have to do it from within. They’ve also used the carrot then the stick on our gov’t reps to control them. UsefulIdiots otherwise known as BlamteaFed or a racial upset will give an excuse for Marshal. It will also be… cut supply chains, maybe replace American drivers, food will be used to make us comply as the same place that sent us the rona is buying up all of our land, farms, ranches. Unfortunately, the native woman in gov who was put in charge of our federal lands happens to be a communist. We are suffering death by a thousand bites or cuts. It’s been going on for decades. It will take decades to turn it around and it will be financial exorbitant . Teachers in the schools and universities. So, Home School, Neighbor Up, Train Up, Grow Stuff, Buy from your local veggie market farmers, buy a half or quarter cow and learn how to dress it. We need to go back to local economies. Make a faraday cage. Buy how to books, books on how to raise chickens and bees because it’s not as easy as you might think. Get a fishing pole, learn to make animal snares. The internet may erase or be cut off so books are the way to go. There is a guy on YouTube who shows how to EMP proof your vehicles. Take notes incase the internet is turned off or we have an EMP. I am not sure about our guys invading our homes for food or weapons. Not all of the military is going to go against our own people. Look how they’ve been treated at the Capitol w the food and sleeping quarters with way too few portapotties. Some will drag their feet or call in sick. The good news is they (bad guys, have NOT WON THE HUMAN LANDSCAPE, so they cannot win. The longer all of this weird&commie behavior goes on w theadmin, the more people will wake up. I am concerned about the swabsnjabs. I do not want to become an AI experiment for the weirdo_nerd and the people behind the curtain. Supposedly the guy who stole the original rona out of one of our mill base in VA, where it then went to Canada, then to that notorious lab overseas, he also bought up an areal spraying company with copters and prop planes, So yeah, maybe they will spray us with something. If they use drones for surveillance, reflective material with black cloth over it is supposed to work until your body heat seeps out. One needs to blend in by being the temp of your surroundings. Also breaking up the solid shape visually (add twigs). So If I see small planes and copters, I go inside for a while. The big plan is to reduce the population. Sorta makes you wonder when it’s already out there that the jab can do that. Look up how many countries have paused certain brands of it. There is a lot of good info out there. I particularly like this one who is ex a lot of things like Mill officer, ex threeLetter, andwhistleblower. He is on many online platforms with channels. He is older and has white hair. Initials Jiff Peanutbutter.

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