Prepper’s Gear – LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottle Review

LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottle ReviewNowadays, you can find a variety of innovatively designed water bottles which include filters and some other features which makes them ideal for preppers but not only them. If you are looking for water bottles that have a filter incorporated, LifeStraw Go may be the right option for you. I have two LifeStraw Go bottles, and I promised my readers I would do a review, once I get a little time.

This is a trustworthy brand that gained a lot of popularity with their third-world countries, aid campaigns. In fact, this company actually incorporates the most award-winning technology into a normal size reusable water bottle. So, if you like to go camping or if you are preparedness like-minded you will be able to carry your drinking water with you anywhere you go.

Usage and filtration using the LifeStraw Go refillable water bottles

If you are going camping, or if you plan to travel anywhere, in fact, you can’t just use any water source, without worrying about what this life supporting liquid may carry. I’ve learned this the hard way after visiting India for three weeks. Even if you go camping, you should know that a river or lake that seems clear and pure, may hold some nasty secrets.

With a LifeStraw Go bottle, you will leave your worries at home as you can fill it up, from any source, regardless how shady it may look. After you fill the bottle, just screw on the lid and sip the filtered water using your mouthpiece.

The various types and models of the water bottles from LifeStraw Go brand include the LifeStraw Go 2-stage filtration process to give you clean and pure water.

The 2 stage replacement filters existing in such water bottles can actually be used with another type of bottles or containers as well.  The filters in the 2 stage refillable water bottle have a total lifespan of 1000 gallons or 4000 liters. If you are looking for water bottles in the minimum tolerance level, you can choose the LifeStraw Go 2 stage water bottle with the capacity of 264 gallons or 1000 liters.

No matter your choice, one thing is certain; all types of water bottles manufactured by the LifeStraw brand offer high quality at affordable prices. The quality and purity of the water filtered by this bottle were tested many times. It was found to have a longer life shelf during both external and internal lab testing.

Important things about LifeStraw Go water bottles to mention

Some people travel or work at high altitudes and this may become problematic if owning a LifeStraw Go water bottle. At those altitudes, the water available inside the bottle can freeze and it can also crack the filter. To avoid such cracks in the filter, it is highly suggested to avoid the freezing process and discard the water from the bottle once it has been used. When you are going to the camp at high elevation places, you should be very careful not to allow your bottle to freeze.

For the first time user, this LifeStraw Go refillable water bottle will provide a somehow plastic taste. If you don’t like the sound of this, it is recommended holding your bottle under the tap of running water or for a few minutes to allow a decent quantity of water to go through and get rid of that specific taste. I for one, I didn’t mind this and I can’t say it is noticeable. However, others have complained about this, so I believe it is important to mention it. In my case, after two or three times of use, I could no longer feel that plastic taste.

The LifeStraw Go water bottle filtration system

When speaking about the LifeStraw Go water bottle filtration system, it is important to mention that they have no chemicals and the entire filtration process is completely natural. The filters are using the specialized hollow filter membrane technology which will not allow any taste or impurities are getting into the water.

It is also important to mention that if you plan to use sea water in the LifeStraw Go filter, it will not remove the salt. So, it is always recommended to use fresh water sources with this filter.

Considerable specifications of LifeStraw Go bottles

The most considerable specifications of the LifeStraw Go water bottles include are listed below:

  • It meets the EPA standards of the United States.
  • This water bottle is ultra-light and sturdy to weigh only 168 grams or 5.9 ounces.
  • It is highly portable to take anywhere because of only 3.14 inches or 80 mm in width and 9.25 inches or 235 mm long.
  • This LifeStraw Go refillable water bottle actually requires no batteries, electrical power or any of the replacement parts at any time for the greater convenience of the users.
  • It basically added with a flip top mouthpiece and as well as the carabineer to easily attach to your bag.

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  • Whenever you are considering the storage volume of this LifeStraw Go water bottle, it will be only 0.65 liters or 22 ounces.
  • It is completely BPA free water bottle without any chemicals or chemical substances.
  • LifeStraw Company is not using the iodine or any other iodinated resin chemicals for the manufacturing process of such bottles. Thus, there is no aftertaste while using this drinking water.
  • The raw materials used for the manufacturing process of these refillable water bottles with filters actually meet the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) regulations and standards of US.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the Filtration process in this water bottle will take up to 30 seconds once you have filled it. This is why it is highly recommended letting your LifeStraw Go water bottle to filter the water before sipping it.

If you managed to go a while after drinking water, 30 seconds more wouldn’t kill you. After 30 seconds, you can drink the filtered water without worrying.

I carry my LifeStraw Go bottle with me every time I go camping. I got one for my wife as well and I honestly believe this filter is worth the money. As said many times before, having drinking water at any given moment is one of my main preoccupations and I’m always figuring out ways not to go thirsty, no matter what.

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