Protective Furniture That Can Save Your Life

Protective Furniture that can save your lifeNowadays it seems that home invasions are becoming more and more frequent. If you happen to be the victim of a home invasion you will need to do everything you possibly can to defend yourself. Equipping your home with some protective furniture might be your only hope for survival.

The chairs, beds and tables you have in your home can save your life if you are forced to face a home intruder. Even more, there are companies specialized in building bulletproof furniture. That’s right; there are now pieces of furniture that conceal the means to protect yourself, both offensive and defensive. Even a simple office chair can hold a bullet-resistant NIJ level 2 vest, offering a safe cover when dealing with a home invasion scenario.  And the best part is that you can remove the bulletproof vest and wear it for further protection.

It seems that the protective furniture trend is rapidly picking up and items such as the Guardian chair or the Couchbunker are gaining popularity amongst preppers and survivalists. These items may seem a bit eccentric for the average Joe, but if you think about it, protective furniture is quite a clever innovation. Would you like to be caught empty handed when someone breaks in your home? Why wouldn’t you want to protect yourself using any means necessary?

Protective furniture goes even further and now there are stylish beds, tables, cabinets and other types of furniture that have a built-in safe hidden within. These items work much better than most conventional safes because only you know about their existence. If someone goes after your guns, may they be affiliated to the crime world or the law order, they will have a hard time finding them. If you keep a conventional gun safe in your home, pretty much everyone knows about it and you know what they say: “loose lips sink ships”.

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Protective furniture and the bulletproofing technology behind it is advancing rapidly and you can find various types of furniture or accessories with a simple online search. There are even tutorials on how to build pieces of furniture or art decorations that can safely and discreetly hold your guns.

Here are a few examples of protective furniture and accessories:

The Couchbunker

The Couchbunker

This is probably one of the most well-known products when it comes to protective furniture and as you can see, it looks like a regular couch. However, the secret lies beneath and this couch can hold all of your guns without affecting your comfort. And the best part is that the cushions act as a bulletproof shield.

Entry table


Coffee table

Hide your guns - coffee table

Tactical walls shelf

hide your guns - wall shelf

Wall Clock

Hide your guns - wall clock

Tissue box

Hide your guns - tissue box

Table lamp

Hide your guns - table lamp

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And if you don’t have the money to spend on all these products, you can always make something yourself. There are just a few rules to keep in mind, when making your protective furniture:

  • Avoid these fatal mistakes!The furniture piece should be suited for the place in your home where you spend most of the time (living groom and bed room).
  • The items holding your guns should be inconspicuous, without value. Something that is always present in the background picture of every home and most often goes unnoticed. Like a clock or a painting.
  • Accessing the concealed weapon should be done easily without having to deal with complex locking systems.
  • Try to have more than one concealed weapon in your home so that you can have a backup plan in case you are cut off from your main home defense weapon of choice.
  • Think small when you design your gun safe. Most handguns can be concealed in all sorts of objects without reinventing the wheel. Simple designs provide great results.
  • Don’t promote your home defense projects. If you built any type of protective furniture for your home, only you and you alone should know about it. Control the urge to post it on Facebook.

Here are a few examples of protective furniture built by average people like you and me:

Picture frame

Hide your guns - picture frame

Here is the simple DIY tutorial

Hollow bed post

Hide your guns - hollow bed post

Bed stand

Hide your guns - bed stand

Air vent

Hide your guns - air-vent

Picture safe

Hide your guns - picture safe

Blackout USA

Fake drawer

Hide your guns - fake drawer

If companies are developing bulletproof venetian blinds and all sorts of protective furniture, you have to ask yourself: why is this market growing? Am I missing something? As more and more shootings occur and seeing how the times we live in are rapidly changing, the demand for protective furniture is only going to grow in the future.

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