RIP Greece – How a Global Economic Collapse has started and what you should be doing!

Greece and economic collapse  Although I’m not a financial expert, I like to think of myself as an informed person. One who knows a thing or two about how the economy works and how it affects us all. While we were celebrating the 4th of July, at the other end of the world, the Greeks were digging their grave. According to partial official results, over 61% of Greek voters voted “No”, rejecting the creditors’ reform proposals. This has already caused a chain reaction on the stock markets and it’s just the beginning.

The most important European shares fell 1.7% in the first moments of the session today. European banks were hit the worst, with the banking index falling by 2 – 4%. US stocks are also affected and they opened today with a slight decrease. According to financial experts the market will keep a descending trend.

Although the “no” vote will have a huge impact in Greece and a major ripple effect in Europe, many financial experts are trying to reassure us that the problems Greeks are facing will have only a little impact in the United States.

I don’t know how it is for you, but I have the feeling we are being fed a bunch of BS. All this considering that the US Debt is more than 18 trillion dollars and is constantly raising. Not to mention that child birth rate is decreasing all over US. This means we will have fewer people working. A greater share of the population relying on safety-net programs such as Social Security and Medicare.

If you add up the fact that we own China more than a trillion us dollars and they have been for a few years the country with the fastest growing army (they are spending big and their military personnel are constantly growing) you can connect the dots and realize that US will have to pump more money in the Army to keep up. And while China’s military is growing, America’s is shrinking. All due to the defense budget cuts and the entire economy is affected.

Not to mention, we have some other hyenas waiting to feast on our vulnerabilities:

  • We have North Korea who keeps improving and developing its nuclear program. All under the harsh control of its crazy-infatuated leader. And he’s like a mentally challenged kid playing with fire, risking burning everything around him.
  • And we have Russia and Putin, who tries to provoke us (the number of US airspace breaches by Russian planes is becoming a “normality”) with every occasion. He’s showing us he doesn’t give a sh*t about US and its allies. Today we are moving troops and war machines in countries near Ukraine just to show this lunatic the world’s not his playground.

We are spending money just to make sure Kim-Jong-un and Putin are not breaking their leash.

Oh! And I almost forgot to mention about the big US companies who are keeping their money in off-shores just to avoid paying taxes, another element that is screwing up our economy.

We have here the recipe for an economic disaster. It will hit us sooner that we expect even though some refuse to believe it. And I’m not trying to scare you, I’m trying to raise a flag and tell people we should look at what Greece is going through. We should understand how it will affect us, when it will happen in America.

These are just a few of the main lessons we should be learning by looking at the Greeks:

The banks are not your friend!

The banks will bleed you dry just to save themselves. They will take your savings and leave you asking for your hard earned money. If you look at what’s going on in Greece you will understand how banks work. How they are nothing more than loan sharks with proper paperwork. The banks in Greece are closed and everyone in Greece is subject to a limit on ATM withdrawals. Not to mention that Greek government is considering taking more than 30% of every bank deposit that have more than $8,000 in it, in order to save the economy.

Can you imagine if that will be the case for the US? The banks will take your money and they will give you a few dollars each day, to keep you at float. What happens if you have a debt, what happens if you have a baby to take care of or if you need medicine? You will be on your own, that’s what will happen. Don’t keep all your money in the bank as you will lose it.

Food is not abundant!

Food is what you need to survive, but is hard to be procured or produced, especially when you lack money. The pictures I’ve seen in the past few days, depicting Greeks scavenging in trash cans for food is something out of this world, is something of a third world country. And if you add the fact that 55% of Americans have less than a 3 day supply of food in their homes and many of them don’t know what to stockpile on, the future looks grim.

Having no money is equal to having no food for most Americans. Many of them will turn to other ways (some less legal) to procure the much needed food. Here is where the preppers have the upper hand and why their survival pantry makes a huge difference. I bet a lot of Greeks would like to have a well-equipped pantry now, rather than looking through trash for food. For you it might not matter if the Greeks have something to eat or not. However, what should matter is if you are part of the 55% percent of Americans or if you are part of the smarter part.

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Hoping for the best will not help you, but prepping will!

Being a prepper has many advantages and many Americans won’t realize this until it’s too late. They look at us like we are wearing a tin foil hat on our heads. They think we are against everyone and everything since we took to live like this. The reality is totally different and most of the preppers I know, chose this lifestyle because they want to be self-sufficient and because they don’t like to depend on the others to live and thrive. Regardless of the crisis we will have to face, it’s always better to be prepared rather than hoping and waiting to see how things unfold. I visited Greece two times in the past two years due to some freelancing work I did there. Now, I can say that I’ve understood a little about how Greeks work and live.

I came to the conclusion that they have a bohemian lifestyle and a mentality that tells them it can’t happen to them, but if it will, they will figure it out. This was something I’ve noticed when the country already had financial problems. Even though it was a daily reality people didn’t seem to be affected by it. It’s like staying in a burning house and keep telling yourself, you’ll be fine. If they would have been more prepared they could have faced this crisis easier. However, prepping requires work and work, it’s not a good partner for a bohemian lifestyle. You should be preparing for the worse, not because I’m telling you so, but because you are convinced you need to do it and looking at the Greeks today might give you the jump-start you need to survive the end.

You need to learn about what you need to stockpile!

Prepper's Will - Greece empty supermarket  The photo you see here is from a supermarket in Athens, Greece. It was published by yahoo news on the fourth of July, while you were enjoying your barbecue. Thousands of people rushed to supermarkets to stock up on essentials such as sugar, flour and pasta. There is a current shopping chaos in that country and everyone is stockpiling on things that they need. Everything goes, from toilet paper to batteries. People are buying in large quantities and the shelves are getting empty. The banks will run out of money and the people are desperate to get their hands on the supplies they need.

Some will get what they need while others will look at the empty shelves with money in their pockets. This is due to general panic and due to the lack of basic preparedness knowledge. They don’t know what to buy and in what quantities. And the reality will be the same for Americans if we will have to face a similar scenario, panic will set in and supermarket shelves will be empty. If you tell someone you are a prepper, most of the times you will be labeled as irrational. However, if you ask them about what they will need to stockpile on, in order to face a disaster, you will see how tables will turn. I rather be called irrational than starving and sleeping in the cold.

Watch this video to learn about what you need to stockpile to face any disaster.

It will get much worse before it gets better!

The worst thing about an economic disaster is not that it happens, is that it takes time to unfold and in most cases it will get much worse before it gets better. Any other type of disaster brings causalities and draws precise lines for things to unfold. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying is good to have causalities or that it’s better to have it worse, not at all! I’m saying that the fewer victims there are, the more competition you will have to deal with. Everyone will struggle to survive just as much as you do.

You will have to protect your family since a scenario like this can affect you directly or indirectly. People will come for you and for your supplies or you will have to give them up in case martial law is declared. Once the money faucet will be closed, people will be unable to pay their utilities (which in some countries are owned by foreign companies), They will be unable to pay for medicine, and there will be no money for social welfare, etc. Not to mention that Greeks are used to make money from tourism and now, tourism is dying in Greece. In order to face what’s coming at them, they will need to know the basic things for survival and have elementary survival skills. It’s the same for everyone, regardless of your nationality. You need to know what to do, to survive and how to be self-sufficient.

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It’s never too late to get prepared!

It’s not even late for the Greeks and I bet that some of them already started doing it when the first signs of this disaster appeared. Some of them were stockpiling on food and other resources long before this started. Others were moving their money to other banks, outside Greece. The same goes for all of us, it’s never too late to start prepping. If you have a feeling you might need to do it, then you should have started yesterday. Look at the world around you, look at what can pose a problem for you and your family. Decide if you are prepared to face the future or if you need to start preparing for it.

What Greeks are going through right now is unfortunate, but at the same time, it is something to pay close attention to and learn from the events which are about to unfold.

Stay safe and God Bless!

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