Survival Intelligence Methods For SHTF

Survival Intelligence Methods For SHTFMost of us store as much as we can. We train as much as we can. We read as much as we can and we hope to be as prepared as possible. Of course, we all know that there is a limit to what we can truly be prepared for. There is just too much variability.

There are several areas of weakness in most preppers plans and one that always stands out to me is intelligence. It’s post-disaster information. How are you going to know when to react if looking out the windows is the extent of your survival intelligence plan.

How do you plan to have a steady stream of intel coming into your home or command center during a serious disaster? Once the lights go out and the WIFI is gone how will you get the information you need?

This intelligence is critical because it will allow you to make decisions based on your own personal survival. During an emergency, we often look to those with a public voice for direction. We look to the news, radio or a presidential address. Their job is to alert the public of the danger and give recommendations for safety.

What about imminent threats that are unique to your family or community?

What happens when those faces are gone and you cannot get the news on television anymore?

If you utilize these powerful, survival intelligence methods, you will be able to access knowledge in any situation. You will then use this knowledge to make critical decisions about the following:

  • Your Current Location
  • Evacuation
  • Defensive Strategy
  • Direction of Threat
  • Overall Conditions of the Area

There are three important methods you can use to create a flow of survival intelligence in times of disaster. These methods are very diverse and will take a unique person to be able to achieve all three methods.

Survival Intelligence Method #1


If you are looking to dig a little deeper than what the news media has agreed to tell you, think about consulting the police. I don’t mean calling them directly. Get yourself a handheld police scanner that will tap into their communications. This will allow you, at the very least, to see where the police presence is and what areas are being affected.

Are there riots? Injuries? What types of crimes or issues are happening in your area? The police will most likely be responding and the airwaves will be full of intelligence.

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Survival Intelligence Method #2


This is one of the toughest channels to open in today’s world. We are facing serious isolation in our communities. Some of the very best information can come from people right in your neighborhood. They may work for the media or they may be first responders.

If we can learn to communicate with our neighbors on a daily or weekly basis we can take advantage of this community intel. In our neighborhood we are part of an app called Nextdoor. This allows us to have open channels of communication on various issues in the neighborhood.  It is a great app and one of the best ways for us to stay connected.

In the event of a low-grade disaster or storm we will use Nextdoor to check on older neighbors and people who may be at risk. In severe conditions we are more apt to come out of our homes and start talking about next steps. Get connected with your neighbors today.

Survival Intelligence Method #3


You may look at the drone craze and think of it as little more than kids’ toys. The drone world is much like anything else, there are levels. You have the cheap quadcopters that are nearly impossible to fly. They do little more than frustrate kids and parents. Then you have models in the $200+ range that get seriously functional.

Think about how the major news networks get their information. Many times, they are looking from the seat of a helicopter down on a scene. They bring this footage and their findings to you. Since you don’t have money for a helicopter you can use one of these quadcopter drones that features a powerful 4k camera to get your own birds eye view.

This can be particularly helpful when you are looking at damage to roads and routes out of town. The last thing you want to deal with is a traffic jam in a disaster situation. Invest in a reliable drone that can provide you with serious intelligence on your immediate surroundings.

As the host of the I AM Liberty Show I am always impressed by the steps my listeners take to stay prepared. They are some of the most knowledgeable people out there on the subject of readiness. It is rare that I hear people talking about an intelligence plan and how they will get the information needed to make snap decisions in a survival scenario.

I hope this article offers some answers and sparks some thoughts on the importance of survival intelligence and the tools you will need to gather it.

Article written by James L. Walton for Prepper’s Will.

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