How To Pick A Bushcraft Knife For Your Outdoors Needs

how to pick a bushcraft knife for your outdoors needs

A good-quality knife is one of the most vital instruments to have, according to most bushcraft instructors. Therefore, it is important to learn how you should select a bushcraft knife based on various principles because your knife will become your best wingman in the wild.

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Obtaining Water From Plants In The Wilderness

obtaining water from plants in the wilderness

Because water is the most important requirement for sustaining life and normal bodily function, it is important that we identify the varying resources from which it can be obtained.

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7 Tips For Mushroom Foraging

7 tips for mushroom foraging

I’ll never forget the moment when all of the stars aligned: good weather, a dead apple tree, a south-facing slope, the day before Mother’s Day—and there it was. Peeking up through the dead leaves below me was the first morel mushroom I’d found on purpose, and I beamed with pride. Since that significant day, I’ve become a hopeless, morel-mushroom-hunting addict.

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A Few Wild Beverages Everyone Should Try

a few wild beverages everyone should try

Wild teas and, more generally, wild beverages serve a number of purposes. First, if you are boiling water to make it safe to drink from pathogenic organisms, waiting for your water to cool down – particularly in summer – to have a cool drink can take too long for you to stay well hydrated.

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Making Tea From Native Plants

making tea from native plants

After the Sons of Liberty dumped thousands of pounds of tea into Boston Harbor in 1773, patriots were faced with a difficult question: just what were they going to put in their teapots now? Since they could no longer in good conscience buy the taxed Bohea tea brought in by the British from China, they maintained that the solution could be found in America’s own native plants.

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15 Of The Most Common Wilderness Survival Myths

15 of the most common wilderness survival myths

I’ve been a prepper for a while now, and everyone that knows me can swear that I would rather spend as much time as possible in the great outdoors rather than living in the concrete jungle. Over the years, I’ve heard many wilderness survival myths, and there are many versions circulating out there that make people believe everything is possible in the outdoors.

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Wild Edibles Foraging For Quick Meals

wild edibles foraging for quick meals

You can’t walk through a field, forest, swamp, or even your own backyard without passing by (or stepping) on wild edible plants. There are various types of wild edibles all around us, and the trick for a meal on the go is to know what to look for.

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How To Prepare Your Bug Out Fire Kit

how to prepare your bug out fire kit

A bugging-out scenario can catch you off guard, forcing you and your relatives to leave the comfort of your home and leave all your comforts behind. The urge to leave as soon as possible to reach your bug-out location safely can have dramatic effects.

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Anti-poaching Rangers: Being prepared against poachers

antipoaching rangers being prepared against poachers

The purpose of this article is to dig into an ordinary day in the lives of APU (Antipoaching Units). As allegedly reported by the news, the demand for animals part is still very high in the Far East part of the world, as poaching knows no crisis.

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Tracking And Hunting Small Game

tracking and hunting small game

In a world overwhelmed by technology, some ancient techniques may appear time-wasting and useless to some. Tracking and hunting small game may be one such technique, but it would be foolish to ignore the benefits of mastering such a skill.

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Recipes For The Simple Pioneer Breakfast

recipes for the simple pioneer breakfast

If you need a lot of energy to sustain yourself throughout a day filled with tough chores, eating a hearty, healthy breakfast is crucial. How about we look back at our ancestors and try a few simple recipes for a tasty pioneer breakfast?

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How To Avoid Being Seen – Camouflage & Concealment Tips

how to avoid being seen camouflage & concealment tips

If you’ve ever tried to remain unseen outside for any length of time you will have discovered that it is very difficult, especially if you are trying to cover distance. There are, of course, various reasons why someone may want to conceal themselves from view, for observing wildlife, stalking or hunting, or when playing games such as manhunt.

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How To Create A Natural Shelter

how to create a natural shelter

Friction is necessary. Ease of life leads to complacency and the atrophy of the human will and spirit. Within our struggles lives our strength, within our trials lives our triumphs. Friction creates a platform for change, generates heat and or fervor and creates a motivational charge that gives us an opportunity to be better”- Jason Versey

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