Recipes For The Simple Pioneer Breakfast

recipes for the simple pioneer breakfast

If you need a lot of energy to sustain yourself throughout a day filled with tough chores, eating a hearty, healthy breakfast is crucial. How about we look back at our ancestors and try a few simple recipes for a tasty pioneer breakfast?

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How To Avoid Being Seen – Camouflage & Concealment Tips

how to avoid being seen camouflage & concealment tips

If you’ve ever tried to remain unseen outside for any length of time you will have discovered that it is very difficult, especially if you are trying to cover distance. There are, of course, various reasons why someone may want to conceal themselves from view, for observing wildlife, stalking or hunting, or when playing games such as manhunt.

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How To Create A Natural Shelter

how to create a natural shelter

Friction is necessary. Ease of life leads to complacency and the atrophy of the human will and spirit. Within our struggles lives our strength, within our trials lives our triumphs. Friction creates a platform for change, generates heat and or fervor and creates a motivational charge that gives us an opportunity to be better”- Jason Versey

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How To Make Candles In The Wilderness

how to make candles in the wilderness

The fascination with fire, and its integral role in the success of the development of us as a species, continue to inspire and “spark” discussion across any campfire, and I am sure yours too. It’s a subject I never get tired of. It is easy to restrict thoughts on the subject of fire solely to the campfire, cooking, and warmth. However, fire also provides us with many other resources, one of which is light.

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The Tomahawk – A great Wilderness Multi-tool

Some Tomahawk History

The Tomahawk has been an integral part of the pioneers kit for centuries. It is lightweight and has a handle long enough to propel the relatively light metal head with the right amount of speed to do the chopping and fighting chores it has become famous for in North American folklore, as well as in actual practice.

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Rope Making and Usage In The Wilderness

Rope necessity making and usage in the wilderness

The rope is one of the oldest tools known to man. For thousands of years, man has twisted vines and plant fibers to make rope. Primitive man first used rope to bind simple tools to handles.

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How To Survive A Snakebite

Can you survive a snakebite

In the long history of first aid literature, a vast amount of information, misinformation, and folklore have been written on the subject of how to survive a snakebite and general treatment. Over the years, suggested procedures have ranged from sheer quackery to viable, but controversial, medical practices.

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The Universal Edibility Test – The 9 Critical and Lifesaving Steps

Universal Edibility Test

It is unfortunate but true that there may be times when you bug out or in for that matter, and you have nothing left to eat. You always see a lot of plants around, but how do you know if you can eat them? Well, first of all, you may find it very beneficial to know your local area, and what plants can and cannot be eaten. If you are in an area that you do not know, however, that’s where the universal edibility test comes in.

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