Everyday Survival In High-Rise Buildings

everyday survival in high rise buildings

The memories of individuals jumping from the Twin Towers on September 11th will always trouble us. Are we genuinely secure in these contemporary steel and concrete structures, or are we essentially residing in steel and concrete tombs?

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How To Help The Young And The Old Relax During A Disaster

how to help the young and the old relax during a disaster

One key aspect that is often overlooked when it comes to disaster planning is the need for boredom relief. While most of us think about the essential supplies such as food, water, and medical provisions, it’s easy to forget that a crisis situation can bring with it a significant amount of downtime.

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A Few Things To Know When Conventional Medical Care Is Unavailable

a few things to know when conventional medical care is unavailable

We all do our best to be prepared in case of an emergency; however, unexpected events that we have no control over do occur. When disaster strikes, we frequently take medical care for granted. Hospitals and doctors are usually available when we need them, but what happens when a hospital is destroyed by a natural or man-made disaster?

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What To Do When Disaster Strikes On Vacation

what to do when disaster strikes on vacation

It’s the time of the year when a lot of Americans will go on vacation, looking forward to enjoying a few hassle-free days. However, as preppers, we must know that we need to always be ready to face the unexpected. So keep your eyes open during your vacation days and stay safe by following these suggestions.

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How To Organize Your Survival Community

how to organize your survival community

In the prepping community, there’s a lot of debate regarding the outcome of a disaster scenario, and history has taught us how to prepare for such events and learn from the mistakes of others. However, the aftermath of a disaster can vary depending on the event that led to a post-apocalyptic world.

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How To Stay Alive In Open Water When Capsizing

how to stay alive in open water when capsizing

Surviving a capsizing is not as simple as just staying afloat, and there are certain things you need to understand in case you own a boat and enjoy putting it to the test anytime there’s good weather. As you will see in this article, there are many things you should consider and be aware of in case bad luck comes your way.

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Having A Vehicle Medical Kit Is Your Main Roadside Insurance

Having A Vehicle Medical Kit

The average prepper spends a lot of time on the road, they have to get to and from work, they have various shopping trips, or they vacation into the wilderness. If you are a survivalist and your main concern are bad roads, changing weather, and perhaps rioting that brings all traffic to a stop, having a proper vehicle medical kit can help you save lives.

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