Caring For Wounds In The Field

caring for wounds in the field

The picturesque secluded lake offers an abundant source of fresh fish. As you engage in cleaning your catch, a brief lapse in concentration results in the knife inadvertently slipping, causing a deep gash on your leg.

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What To Do When There Is No Dentist

what to do when there is no dentist

Savoring a meal with a picturesque backdrop from your remote abode, you suddenly hear a loud snap as you bite down on a nut, followed by agonizing pain from a fractured tooth. While this may seem like an uncommon occurrence, dental emergencies can strike unexpectedly, whether at home or in the wilderness, and can swiftly incapacitate an individual.

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How To Create A Proper Winter Shelter

how to create a proper winter shelter

Finding the right words to describe the bone-chilling cold that could freeze a man to death on a cold winter night is often difficult. I believe we can all agree that this type of cold is dangerous enough that if you are caught off guard and unprepared, it can be fatal.

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How To Handle And Dispose Of Dead Bodies After A Major Catastrophe

how to handle and dispose of dead bodies after a major catastrophe

There is a lot of info regarding first-aid procedures and how people should act, and what they need to do to keep their loved ones safe. However, there’s little to no information regarding the aftermath of a catastrophe that has deadly results for the population.

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Is your first aid kit outdated? – Here’s what you need to know!

is your first aid kit outdated – here’s what you need to know!

If you assembled a trauma medical kit or individual first aid kit five to seven years ago, your equipment might need to be updated. Whether you started with a simple first aid kit or you made your own by handpicking the items inside, you should go over the contents now because even medical supplies have a shelf life.

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How To Stay Alive In Open Water When Capsizing

how to stay alive in open water when capsizing

Surviving a capsizing is not as simple as just staying afloat, and there are certain things you need to understand in case you own a boat and enjoy putting it to the test anytime there’s good weather. As you will see in this article, there are many things you should consider and be aware of in case bad luck comes your way.

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Things To Remember When Calling 911

Calling 911

Everyday in the United States, thousands of people call for the help of law enforcement agencies, fire services, or emergency medical services. We’ve come a long way when it comes to calling 911 for help, mainly thanks to technology and education.

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Solar Powered Radio – Which Should You Choose?

kaito kaito voyager solar crank radio green

As a prepper, you will know that it is vitally important to keep up do date with the news. That allows you to be more informed about the situation as it develops and will enable you to stay ahead of the problem, too. We all know that the radio is the best option for when SHTF, and we think that the solar-powered radio is the best choice. Every prepper should have one in their bug-out bag, and if possible, everyone else should have one, somewhere.

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