Building Traps and Snares

building traps and snares

Hunting is a labor-intensive endeavor which burns calories that need to be replaced in order to survive. It may take days to track and kill an animal, plus in times of food shortages, competition with other hunters will be fierce.

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How to Stay Focused During a Hunt

how to stay focused during a hunt

Well-prepared hunters must be ready to stay on the field from dawn until dusk, which requires a high degree of physical preparedness and mental readiness. Even if nothing happens for over 95% of the day, you must be ready to take an accurate shot for the potential 5% of opportunity.

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Harvesting and Processing Big Game: Deer, Elk and Moose

harvesting and processing big game deer, elk and moose

A lot of us self-reliant folks, especially those of us now living in the woods somewhere, hunt and forage for a part of our food. Although we raise a steer for beef and have poultry to butcher, we also hunt wild meat to “fill in” for those years that we don’t butcher a beef.

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How To Buy A Canoe – Tips And Recommendations

how to buy a canoe – tips and recommendations

Nothing beats a canoe for good times on the water, or for bad times during emergencies. I did quite a bit of research before I bought my canoe, and I’m very pleased with it. I took the time to learn what would handle the best and do what I wanted it to do.

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How To Create Food Plots For Bow Hunting

how to create food plots for bow hunting

Since moving to northern Idaho and purchasing our own slice of wildlife habitat, my attitude toward whitetail hunting has changed completely. I no longer view whitetail habitat as something to be sized up and conquered on a limited time while traveling to hunt.

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What You Should Know About Hunting On Public Land

what you should know about hunting on public land

Hunting on public land can be an exercise in futility. This is especially true in the world of deer and other big game. Many parcels of land open to anyone feature plenty of hunters and little if any game. That’s reality, but it doesn’t always ring true when dealing with feathered quarry.

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Tracking And Hunting Small Game

tracking and hunting small game

In a world overwhelmed by technology, some ancient techniques may appear time-wasting and useless to some. Tracking and hunting small game may be one such technique, but it would be foolish to ignore the benefits of mastering such a skill.

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Understanding Optics Before Buying Hunting Binoculars

understanding optics before buying hunting binoculars

Whether you like to watch wildlife from your living-room window or from a treestand while hunting, or if you travel to far-off destinations to watch birds, a pair of quality binoculars and/or a spotting scope enhance(s) the experience.

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5 Tips For Buying A Crossbow

5 tips for buying your first crossbow

I got into hunting with a crossbow by accident— literally. Several years ago, while getting my winter firewood supply, I tripped over a stump. Tumbling to the ground, I landed on my right shoulder and felt a sharp pain on impact. Long story short, a quick hospital visit revealed nothing was broken, but I was told my arm and shoulder would be sore to move and use for a while.

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Why a Bow Could be Better Than a Gun?

why a bow could be better than a gun

For anyone who is interested in survival skills, hunting, collecting weapons, etc., owning a bow will be an awesome addition to your arsenal.

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Blood Trailing Tips When Hunting Deer

blood trailing tips when hunting deer

Most hunters have blood-trailed deer or another big-game animal. Those who haven’t either have poor luck or haven’t been hunting very long. Tracking a double lunged or heart-shot deer is often simple, but marginal hits always make tracking difficult. Regardless of how long you’ve been hunting or how many perfect shots you’ve made, you’ll eventually face a challenging blood trail.

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Simple Steps For Tracking With Dust

simple steps for tracking with dust

Tracking with dust and other natural substances and using environmentally friendly substances to enhance sign, have been in existence since our ancestors used them for hunting prey. Indeed, recorded examples, ancient sketches, and cave paintings show tracking methods using powders and dust as far back as prehistoric times.

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Small Vehicle Options For Hunting, Patrolling Your Property Or Bugging Out

Small Vehicle Options For Hunting, Patrolling Your Property Or Bugging Out

Since the first time man attached the wheel onto an axle, I would wager he was already thinking about how this invention could help him travel faster and farther while carrying a bigger payload. Fast forward some 5,000 years, and not much about that thought process has really changed.

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