Everyday Survival In High-Rise Buildings

everyday survival in high rise buildings

The memories of individuals jumping from the Twin Towers on September 11th will always trouble us. Are we genuinely secure in these contemporary steel and concrete structures, or are we essentially residing in steel and concrete tombs?

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Edge Weapon Defense Tactics

edge weapon defense tactics

Walking down the street or unexpectedly encountering someone in a market or parking lot can quickly take a dangerous turn when you come face to face with someone carrying a weapon. When that weapon happens to be a sharp-edged one, the threat escalates significantly, and you could find yourself in a life-or-death situation in an instant.

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Surviving a Structural Collapse: Tips and Guidelines

surviving a structural collapse tips and guidelines

Imagine it’s a windy day, but you’ve been indoors playing Fallout 4 for the past couple of days, completely unaware of the weather outside. Suddenly, a deafening noise shatters the windows, and you hear the structure around you collapsing. The roof caves in, and you find yourself trapped beneath a massive pile of steel, wood, and concrete. What should you do in this dire situation?

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Indicators to Recognize Early Warning Signals of Potential Hazards

indicators to recognize early warning signals of potential hazards

Getting ready without appearing ready can be quite challenging. It means intentionally fitting in with your surroundings. This allows you to go about your usual day without standing out or attracting notice. Some folks refer to this as the “gray man principle,” while others call it just acting normal.

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How To Make Your Home Safer

how to make your home safer

Our homes hold a special place in our hearts, offering peace, comfort, and a refuge from the chaotic outside world. It’s where we create memories with our families and find solace in tranquility. However, this sanctuary can be under threat from those with malicious motives, causing us great harm.

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Roadkill Cuisine – Eating Roadkill When Nothing Else Is Available

roadkill cuisine eating roadkill when nothing else is available

There are plenty of good reasons to pick up roadkill from the streets whenever possible. From a moral standpoint, it’s just not right to let an animal die for no reason and leave it to decay on the road when there are people in our country going hungry every night.

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How to survive a hostage situation

how to survive a hostage situation

In our modern era, we find ourselves living amidst a persistent and escalating wave of criminal activity. While instances of hostage-taking and kidnapping haven’t seen a dramatic upsurge as other crimes in our country, such situations do occur, and unfortunately, the general public has no idea how to act or respond when faced with such scenarios.

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Dog Food As Survival Food?

dog food as survival food

For the majority of individuals, the mere notion of willingly consuming dog food elicits a strong sense of revulsion. Despite our pets’ endearing qualities such as cuteness, charm, playfulness, and their status as cherished members of our families (sometimes even surpassing certain humans), dogs can possess rather repulsive habits.

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Should You Include A Small Caliber Hand Gun In Your Survival Kit?

should you include a small caliber hand gun in your survival kit

When it comes to determining the ideal firearm for a compact bug-out situation, it is crucial to delve into an essential question: “In the face of impending chaos, which is the most reliable and effective low-caliber gun that I am prepared to entrust my life and the lives of my dear ones to?”

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How To Organize Your Community After The Apocalypse

how to organize your community after the apocalypse

Imagine a scenario where the comforts of our modern society are stripped away, leaving us to fend for ourselves. The collapse of law enforcement, emergency services, utilities, food supply chains, communications, clean water, sewage systems, and sanitation is a harsh reality. It’s not difficult to envision a devastating event capable of crippling our entire support network.

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How About Getting A Bug Out Bike?

how about getting a bug out bike

The French Foreign Legion lived by a multitude of mottos and expressions, but one particular phrase stood out: “Move forward, one step at a time…”. Essentially, this meant that regardless of the distance, one could reach their destination by simply walking. This principle will endure long after the world depletes its reserves of crude oil, although there exists a more efficient alternative: the power of pedaling.

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How To Respond To An Active Killer Scenario – What’s wrong with Run, Hide, Fight?

how to respond to an active killer scenario – what’s wrong with run, hide, fight

Let’s take a moment to examine the title of this article before proceeding any further. The conventional approach to active killer incidents is the oft-repeated slogan, “Run, Hide, Fight.” However, I deliberately chose a different title because I refuse to accept yet another ineffective strategy that has not prevented a single such incident.

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How To Make A Long-Term Financial Security Plan

how to make a long term financial security plan

I hope this article leaves you with a stronger sense of self-reliance, which is crucial in times of crisis. When emergencies arise, you can only rely on yourself and your immediate family, as there’s no guarantee that the millions of caring individuals in the world will be able to assist you.

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