Top Gear You Need When SHTF

Top Gear You Need When SHTFEventually, the day will come when SHTF. Are you going to be ready? If you don’t already have your survival kit in place, now would be a good time to start preparing. Because, when that day comes, you’re not going to have time to run to the local hardware store or place an order on Amazon.

You’ll need to act quickly, using the training and gear that you’ll have already assembled. Below, we’ve listed the top gear that you’ll want to have when SHTF.


When the day comes and SHTF, you’ll need to mobilize quickly. Hopefully, you’ll have already plotted a bunker or safe house where you can meet with team members. Because you’ll need to assemble quickly, we strongly recommend having a tactical backpack that is packed and ready to go. All you should need to do is grab the pack and run out the door.

Tactical backpacks are beneficial in SHTF scenarios for a few reasons. First and foremost, they tend to be quite large. You should have no problem fitting at least a few days’ worth of clothing and items into the bag. Additionally, many of them contain Velcro or MOLLE systems that allow you to attach accessories to the pack, expanding its storage capabilities.

Furthermore, manufacturers design tactical backpacks for the most rigorous of survival situations. They often feature durable, waterproof nylon and sturdy zippers. If you’re traveling through a hostile environment, you shouldn’t need to worry about your pack tearing open or snagging. You need to trust your equipment when in a survival situation. Tactical backpacks allow you to do so.

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One of our favorite tactical backpacks available now is the RUSH72 Model from 5.11. The product has a 4.7-star ration on Amazon with more than 1,100 customer reviews, It’s a bit expensive, available for just under $170, but we find that it’s an investment well worth making. 5.11 made the pack of water-repellent 1000D nylon. It features a total storage capacity of 55 liters, which should be enough space for a few days’ worth of supplies.

You’ll also find an accessible front administration pocket that allows you to store maps, compasses, and other similar equipment. When SHTF, you’ll likely lose all access to GPS. You’ll need to navigate manually. The pack also features a large hydration pack. Lastly, there are closed-cell foam shoulder straps, which makes it easier for you to carry your Doomsday Survival Kit. The bag is available in numerous colors, including:

  • Black
  • Dark Earth
  • Double Tap
  • OD
  • Sandstorm
  • Storm
  • Multicam


Another piece of equipment that you’ll need when SHTF is a durable knife. Sure, you’ll want to have a weapon of some sort, such as a pistol or an assault rifle. But the uses for these weapons are incredibly limited. Knives are significantly more versatile, as you’ll need them for everything from cutting rope to dressing wild game that you hunted.

We’re a big fan of folding knives for tactical situations. They tend to be lightweight and easily manageable. More importantly, it’s much easier to stow a knife in a backpack or pocket of a tactical vest. This is critical in survival situations when you may be running through the wilderness. Many people find it awkward to spring with a hunting knife attached to their belt. Tactical knives are much more convenient for SHTF situations.

One of our favorite tactical knives on the market today is the Tac-Force Tactical Spring-Assisted Knife. This product has a 4.4-star rating on Amazon with more than 7,500 reviews. Best of all, you can purchase the knife for less than $10. We recommend buying a couple that you can keep on hand for when SHTF.

The knife measures 4.5” when closed. The blade length is 3.25” and is 3mm thick. It is made of half-serrated stainless steel. The handle of the knife is aluminum and comes complete with a bottle opener and glass breaker, both critical in emergencies. The spring-loaded feature allows you to deploy the blade with one hand. When not in use, you can lock the knife in place using a secure liner lock. There is also a pocket clip included with this knife.


Another essential piece of equipment you need to have in your Doomsday kit is a tactical flashlight. You’ll want to make sure that you have a tactical flashlight and not some run-of-the-mill product that you would keep under the kitchen sink for when the power goes out. Tactical flashlights come with numerous features that could help keep you safe in a survival situation.

For instance, tactical flashlights tend to shine much brighter and further than traditional flashlights. This could help protect you from potential intruders or help you navigate through unknown territory at night. Tactical flashlights are also made of durable materials and are lightweight. You should easily be able to find a model that fits into your tactical backpack or vest without a problem.

Our favorite flashlight for SHTF situations is the Hyper V Ultra from J5 Tactical. This flashlight has a 4.3-star rating on Amazon with nearly 3,000 customer reviews. The flashlight is bright enough to illuminate objects nearly three football-fields away. During testing, we found that it was ten times more luminous than incandescent lights.

Perhaps most attractive is the fact that this flashlight is virtually indestructible. We’ve dropped it from nine feet and submerged it in water, only to find that the flashlight still worked like new. No matter what a SHTF situation has in store, you can trust that this flashlight will work through it all.

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