Useful Survival Gear To Get This Black Friday

Useful survival gear to get this Black FridayBlack Friday is the most critical shopping day of the year. It’s the perfect time to stock up on supplies you need or get the items you want. I have been taking advantage of the Black Friday sales for the past five years to gear up and buy new survival gear. Since there are a lot of readers asking me about various survival products, here are a few of my recommendations for this Black Friday.

I said it before and I will say it again, there is no need to pay a full price for your survival gear or supplies, unless you need those items immediately. Consumers should take advantage of Black Friday deals and shop smart when it comes to their emergency preparedness gear. After all, these are products that have a big discount during this time of year and you will save a lot of money if you shop now.

The items listed in this article are useful for every type of prepper or survivalist and some of them have an ingenious design. I have some of these items, but I’ve also been putting money aside for some of the ones I’m missing.

Survival products to get this Black Friday:

Water needs

Lifestraw Personal Water filter

Lifestraw Personal Water Filter ReviewI just love my lifestraw and I take one with me everywhere I go. This is an award winning water filter and over the years I bought many of these. This water filter is ideal for a bug out bag or get home bag since it weighs just 2.7 ounces, making it one of the lightest water filters you can bring with you. I also keep a few of them just for bartering purposes.

The fact that it can filter as much as 264 gallons of water makes it a valuable item during a crisis. I wrote a review for this water filter back in September after one of my lifestraws would not produce anymore clean filtered water.  Get it from Amazon.

Puralytics SolarBag Water Purifier

Puralytics solarbag water purifierThe SolarBag is a filter that requires no maintenance, can carry and clean 3 liters, and kills or removes every single harmful containment, including pesticides. It is reusable a couple hundred times (over 1000 liters). I’ve used my SolarBag on week-long camping trips. I can tell you that it is great to be able to fill the bag up in a beautiful lake, stream or creek, let it sit in the sun for a couple hours, then drink tasty clean water.

The price per liter on the solarbag is the lowest of any filtering system I have seen. I highly recommend it for camping, backpacking, hiking, or emergency kits. Get it from Amazon this Black Friday.

Water storage is another aspect you have to consider prior to an emergency situation and I recommended the following.

Water bricks

WaterbrickThese are a new solution for emergency water storage and they were designed to have a multi-purpose use. Waterbricks are 3.5 gallon stackable containers made out of incredibly rugged high density polyethylene.

They were designed to save storage space and you can lock and stack them together up to 4 feet high for maximum storage capacity. You can also use them to store other things like dry food and ammunition. Each waterbrick has a comfort fit handle and you can even stack them in your bug out vehicle. Get it here.


waterbobThis is a bestseller when it comes to water emergency storage solutions and for good reason. This is a last minute emergency water storage solution and it’s basically a bathtub sized food grade plastic container. It allows you to fill up your bathtub with fresh tap water and it holds up to 100 gallons, depending on the size of your bathtub.

According to the manufacturer, the WaterBOB will keep water fresh for up to 16 weeks. It also includes a siphon pump to extract the water easily. This is a perfect solution for emergency water storage if you live in an apartment. Get it from Amazon.

Cooking needs

BioLite Wood Burning Campstove

Biolite wood burning camping stoveThis stove is a really awesome invention if you hold it to the expectations of a camp stove and not a full USB power generator. You can use it to cook your food and it will also provide you with enough juice to keep your electronics alive. While some people have told me that it is a bit heavy for their backpacking abilities, this stove is a perfect solution for camping, prepping, bugging out, and other moderate SHTF scenarios. Get it from Amazon.

Barocook flameless heating/boiling pot

Barocook flameless cookingIf you pack food that needs to be heated or if you need to boil water or melt snow without access to fire, then this item is ideal for you. Barocook Flameless Cooking offers a quick, easy and safe way to heat all your foods and drinks without the need of dangerous fuel or a flame.

With a little water or even snow, you can activate the heat packs. You meal will be hot and ready to eat within minutes. Because it is flameless and produces no carbon monoxide, the stove can safely be used indoors or out. Get it from Amazon.

All American Sun oven

All american sun ovenThe Sun Oven the focuses rays of the sun to slow-cook your food to perfection. Use it to boil or pasteurize water, make delicious sun tea, heat water for bathing or kill infestations in grains or other dried foods. You can also sanitize dishware and naturally dehydrate fruits and vegetables for future use.

Fuels run out, electricity can stop flowing and fires are not always practical. However, the heat from the sun is infinite and ready to assist you with all your cooking needs. Get it from Amazon this Black Friday.

GoSun Portable solar cooker

Gosun solar cookerThis is an excellent cooking device that you can carry with you everywhere you go. The vacuum insulating properties of the design means food will stay hot inside long after it’s removed from direct sunlight. You can cook now and eat later. It heats up fast even when it’s cold outside and as long as you read the simple instructions and remember them while handling this oven, you cannot damage it. Get it from Amazon.

The lost ways book

Sea to Summit X-Pot

Sea to summit x-potThis collapsible cooking pot is an amazing invention. It saves you the trouble of carrying bulky items in your backpack. It performs flawlessly even under less than ideal cooking conditions (uneven ground, different rocket stoves, wind, challenging cleanups). This makes it ideal for novice campers. It has the space saving, light weight functionality that you need when backpacking, and the durability and toughness to stand up to improvised kitchen utensils. Get it from Amazon.

In a previous article I wrote about the cooking utensils needed for when there is no power. I recommend checking them out as you will find good deals on Amazon during this time of year.

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Lighting Needs


Foursevens knight pklThis small flashlight emits an incredible 450 lumens of white light and it can run for 30 hours with just one CR123 battery. It’s really amazing when you consider its small size. It also includes battery, stainless steel strike bezel, extra O-ring, clip. If you are looking for a light source for your get home bag or EDC, look no further. Get it from Amazon this Black Friday.

Olight S MINI Cree XM-L2 Flashlight

Olight-s mini cree xm l2 flashlightI got this one last Black Friday and it didn’t let me down so far. This type of torch is designed for the pedestrian, hiker or camper. For those purposes it is an outstanding EDC torch. The size of this flashlight can become an inconvenience for the people with large hands. It takes some time to adjust to it. Something this size is very easy to lose track of if you happen to sit it in the wrong place.

I’ve often misplaced it. I’ve been using the s-1 on my bike as a backup lamp on various occasions with great success. Get it from Amazon.

Zippo Rugged Lantern

Zippo rugged lanternThis lantern was built for durability. You could drop it from 5 feet high or soak it into water and it will still stay lit. It can be charged from a standard 120-volt source or via the car charger included in the box. It will light your path for almost 10 hours on high mode while producing 220 lumens.

The best part is that you can have light for 40 hours while using it on the low power mode. An amazing lantern which I plan on getting this Black Friday from Amazon.

Inflatable solar lantern

Inflatable solar lanternI got a couple of these as a present on various occasions. At some point, I was beginning to think that my friends were doing it on purpose. In fact, this solar lantern is quite popular and it is a good, affordable gift for anyone. This inflatable solar light is capable of providing bright LED light for up to 12 hours via the sun.

This means you’ll never need to spend a dime on batteries for this solar light. Using 10 bright LED lights, this inflatable solar light is perfect for bug out bags or survival kits. It is truly a  great camping gear. This inflatable solar light has also been equipped with three different light functions, making it easy to help you out if you’re in an emergency situation or just hosting an evening backyard barbecue. Get it here.

Shelter needs

Aqua Quest Defender Tarp & Accessories Kit

Aqua Quest Defender Tarp Accessories KitAlthough it may seem expensive for some, a good tarp can provide you with all the shelter you need, regardless if you’re in the wilderness or an urban environment. I got this kit during 2014 Black Friday sale and I see that the price has dropped significantly since then. This is a 100% heavy duty waterproof tarp that will keep you completely dry, even in extreme weather. It is extremely durable and it comes with adjustable straps and lightweight pegs. Get it on Amazon this Black Friday.

Black Diamond Bipod Bivy

Black Diamond Bipod BivyThis is an ideal shelter solution for every bug out bag. It will provide you with all the protection and comfort you deserve during the night while remaining lightweight and compact when carrying it during the day. The Bipod Bivy utilizes one shock-corded Easton pole for support above your head.

Its roll-down mesh panels allow air to circulate inside while keeping land crawlers outside. It is perfect for all seasons. The single-wall fabric maintains the tent’s durability without adding excess weight or bulk. Get it from Amazon.

Stingray Tent

Stingray tentI had my eyes on this tent for a while now and I’m hoping to get a good deal this Black Friday. By using this tent you will be able to suspend yourself above the ground and be free of ground-dwelling biting crawlers. It takes only a few minutes to set it up and it will support more than 800 pounds. Y

ou and your gear will be safe and comfy above the ground. It offers a removable rainfly, industry-grade, heavy-duty buckles and reinforced composite floor fabric. Get it from Amazon.

Heimplanet Nias Tent

Heimplanet nias tentThis is an innovative, inflatable tent that can accommodate up to six persons. It features two entrances, ensuring easy access inside. Two removable cabins that offer flexibility for occupants or gear, and a multi-chamber safety system that allows for easy repair in case of damage or defects.

Enjoy up to four closeable ventilation points that allow perfect airflow from top to bottom. This highly durable tent is constructed of extra-stiff polyester and 100 percent rip-stop nylon. It comes complete with a pack sack, pegs, gear loft, mini ground sheet, pump adapter and a useful repair kit. Get it from Amazon.

Chargers and generators

Bushnell SolarWrap

Bushnell solarwrapThe Solarwrap is a roll of flexible solar cells wrapped around a tube containing a high-capacity lithiu-ion battery. This is ideal for your bug out bag. You can charge the battery at home and recharge it using the power of the sun once it gets depleted. If you are on the move, you can hang the SolarWrap off a backpack or any other convenient location.

As long as it is in the sunlight, it will recharge itself. Of course, the process is quicker if you can place it in a location that offers direct sunlight. Get it from Amazon.

American Red Cross FRX3 Hand Crank radio

American Red Cross frx3 hand crank radioAlthough this is more than a charger, the powering capabilities FRX3 Hand Crank radio should not be ignored. Thanks to its four power options, keeping the FRX3 charged and running is not a problem.

Its backlit LCD screen displays time, charge and alarm status, and other information. 90 seconds of winding provides five to seven minutes of radio or 20 minutes of light. You are also able to charges USB compatible smartphones and other small devices. Get it from Amazon this Black Friday.

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Signaling items

See-Me 1.0 Strobe

See Me StrobeThis item becomes a life-saving beacon visible in the dark for over 2 miles. This amazing device provides an output of 28 lumens of light for a continuous 44 hours of illumination. That’s nearly five nights of nonstop signaling. The unit is waterproof and features a lifetime LED bulb. Under harsh conditions, it will continue to operate smoothly and efficiently. Get it from Amazon.

Magnatek LED Flashing Roadside Emergency Beacon Flares

Magnatek Led Flashing RoadsideRoad flares can start forest fires, ignite flammable fluid leaks, and don’t last long before burning out. As led flashing flares, these are effective in terms of putting out light and being fire-safe. They come in a hard durable plastic case and you get two of them. Both come with a stand to stand up on ground or have a magnetic base that lets you hang these flares from any metal, like a car.

They work off 3 AAA batteries. I recommend getting rechargeable batteries so that they can be charged monthly and kept full powered and ready. I bought a pair for my wife and she keeps them in the car for roadside emergencies. Get it from Amazon.

Falcon Super Sound Mini Signal Horn

Falcon-super-sound-mini-signal-hornWhile having an emergency whistle in your survival bag is always recommended, you may not always be able to use one. You may lack the strength or be injured, case in which you have to conserve your energy. A mini horn is a better alternative.

It can produce a piercing blast that can be heard up to half -mile over land and a mile over water. Palm-size convenience with unlimited uses from casual small craft signaling to personal protection. Get it from Amazon.

Other survival items that you may want to check out during this Black Friday:

Survival and emergency preparedness books

A while ago I wrote about the survival books that everyone should have and the article was greatly appreciated by our readers. I recommend giving it a look since books are a gift you can’t go wrong with. The selection of books listed in the article covers every aspect of survival and emergency preparedness.

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Survival Seed Vault

Survival Seed VaultIf you are concerned about long-term survival and the lack of fresh vegetables and fruit, you should really check this out. With the Survival Seed Vault, your worries are over. This a garden in a can that will provide you with 20 varieties of hearty heirloom seeds. They are perfect for starting and maintaining your own vegetable garden for years into the future.

These carefully selected seeds are 100 percent non-GMO, open pollinated and placed in specially sealed packets that allow for long-term storage. Get it from Amazon this Black Friday.

Medicinal Herbs Garden Kit

Medicinal Herbs Garden KitMaintaining proper health becomes a critical aspect during a survival situation. Growing your own medicinal herbs to treat your minor ailments makes perfect sense. This kit contains everything you need to start a mini medicinal herb garden, including a solar greenhouse, organic peat pellets, organic seeds and 24 empty tea bags.

It also provides you with how-to-use herb cards give you specific uses for each herb. Herbs can be easily transplanted into an outside garden, keeping your medicine cabinet hidden in plain sight. Get it from Amazon.

Blackout USA Book

Weston Pro-2300 Stainless Steel Vacuum Sealer

Weston Pro 2300 Stainless Steel Vacuum SealerWhen it comes to emergency preparedness, a vacuum sealer is a truly useful tool. Its applications are limited only by your imagination. While many people will use it just for bagging food, this ingenious device can be exploited to accomplish a multitude of preparedness tasks.

You can use it to store guns and ammo, you can preserve key survival gear for later, keep matches dry and even preserve currency. I’ve added the Weston Pro on my whishlist a while ago and hopefully, I will get it this Black Friday.

Wonder wash

Wonder WashLiving without electricity is no picnic and your washing machine will be “out of order” when the grid goes down. Luckily, this entirely hand-powered washing unit can save the day. It will quickly washes your clothes without the need for a motor or water hookup.

With no moving internal parts, this unit will last for years under constant use. Its lightweight design allows for easy portability, no matter where your travels take you. Get it from Amazon.

SAS Tactical Survival Bow

Sas Tactical Survival BowIn case you don’t already have any archery or bowhunting gear, you should check this compact survival bow. This would be a great addition to your emergency gear, whether you plan to use it at home or during a bug out situation.

It is easy to use, easy to conceal, quiet in use and has many uses—from hunting and fishing to self-protection to marksmanship practice. This is a well-designed survival tool that will help you survive in any type of environment. Get it from Amazon.

If you have family or friends that are into prepping and survival and you have no idea what to get them this holiday season look no further. These items are a perfect gift for them and will surely come in handy during a crisis situation. Just remember to get them something that they know how to use or learn how to quickly, without having to go the extra mile.

Preparedness and Survival solutions recommended for you:

US Water Revolution (A DIY Project to Generate Clean Water Anywhere)

The LOST WAYS (The vital self-sufficiency lessons our great grand-fathers left us)

Backyard Liberty (Cheap system to produce fresh food for your family)

Survival MD (Knowledge to survive any medical crisis situation)



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  1. Okay, I did it! I’ve made one full batch of the Pemmiccan survival food shown in the video. It was time consuming, but rewarding, with the finished product being hard and crunchy, which I didn’t expect. I used both dried blueberries and dried strawberries, and got a crunchy product with a sweetish flavor that is palateable, and only slightly thirst-provoking! Then I applied a thin layer of raw honey to the bricks, I shall call them, and lightly salted them… the flavor is delicious! Its still a bit dry and is easier, but not a requirement, to have some small amount of water on hand to eat the bars, I shall call them! No problem surviving on this stuff!

  2. I was tempted by many gear deals I saw for black friday & cyber monday. For me, it would have been an unplanned spending which I successfully controlled the urge to buy more. But it got me thinking about perhaps setting aside a little money here and there to save up for next years deals. I don’t plan just have the money saved for next but also when the time nears I will have a list of priorities for gear and will dictate purchases by the savings.


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