Vetigel – The Gel That Stops Bleeding In Seconds

Vetigel – The Gel That Stops Bleeding In Seconds
photo credits: Suneris

Vetigel is an algae-based gel that can stop bleeding in just a few seconds. It is set to become the band aid of the future. According to the manufacturer this wonderful gel should be available for human use in the near future and it will revolutionize the way we heal.

Being able to stop bleeding in seconds makes the difference between minor injury and major trauma, and this new gel will become an important addition for soldiers in battle. Vetigel will become an indispensable item from your first-aid kit in the next years and it will make your life easier.

Vetigel the brainchild of a young genius

This medical revolution started with Joe Landolina, the man who invented this gel when he was only 17. A graduate from Polytechnic Institute of New York University (NYU), Landolina founded the Suneris company. He now aims for his invention to be used by the military, paramedics and even vets to save lives. With a combined Undergraduate and Masters Degree in chemical engineering and biomedical engineering.

Ladolina now tells us about how it all started: “As I was playing around, I stumbled upon two polymers that when you mix them together, they become a solid mass. That was the Eureka moment for me.” He discovered that the algae-based polymer can cooperate with the body’s native cellular clotting signals to accelerate hemostasis – the process by which the blood flow is blocked.

Vetigel takes the fibers inside your everyday algae plant and injects them into a wound so that the fibers can link together like LEGO blocks within seconds. They form a leak proof seal that stops the bleeding and it doesn’t cause clots. Vetigel integrates over time into the damaged tissue, so it never needs to be removed.

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Because Vetigel works much faster and it’s more effective than the current available products such as Xstat and QuickClot, it’s estimated that Vetigel is the next boon for emergency medicine. As Suneris states: “Our goal is to have our products in every emergency room, soldier’s belt and operating room”

This is an excellent product for anyone who’s involved in emergency preparedness. You won’t have to deal with extreme bleeds and you won’t need to keep pressure on the wound. You will just need to squirt some Vetigel into the affected area and watch as the blood leak stops.

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At the moment Vetigel is available only for animals and only the veterinarians in the US are able to purchase it. There were also some announcements regarding a British company that will start manufacturing Vetigel by the end of the year to make it available in the UK and other European countries.

Vetigel is being sold for veterinary use and reservations can be made for the product, which will consist of a five-pack of 5ml syringes for $150.

The Suneris Company hopes to get FDA approval for this futuristic bandage within next year. They are already planning tests on human subjects. Landolina wants to bring Vetigel to the market by the end of 2018.

If you want to know more about Vetigel, check out the TED Talks video below:

You can also visit the company’s website: Suneris for more details.

While there is obviously huge potential for Vetigel to be put to use in the home by preppers and survivalists, we still have to wait at least 3 years until we can get our hands on it. Having a wonder gel that stops bleeding in seconds and forgetting about stitches will worth the wait.

Stay Safe and God Bless!

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  1. Wonder what it will cost, probably be somewhat expensive as they must recover the research cost and make a profit. I’m not against profit, but it seems drug companies are into extreme profit.

    Right now there is a very good powder that stops bleeding and it’s inexpensive. It’s Cayenne powder available from any store. Sprinkle a bit on any bleeding and apply some pressure and it stops bleeding in a few seconds.

    • You are right about cayenne pepper, but it can’t stop profound bleeding. The gel available for animals is $30 a pop so I guess the price should be similar for the ones that will be FDA approved. I don’t think it will be that expensive since the guy who invented Vetigel has already made a ton of money. I guess we will have to wait and see.

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