Walther PPX M1 9mm SD – The Biggest Bang for the Prepper’s Buck

Walther PPX M1 9mm SD - The Biggest Bang for the Prepper's Buck

After putting a few thousand rounds through my Walther PPX M1 9mm SD I thought I would give you the low down on it.

The handgun comes in 9mm and 40 cal.  and the 9mm comes with or without the suppressor tipped barrel. It can be purchased in basic black or black with the stainless steel finish on the slide.

At first glance the pistol has an almost awkward look to it with the curved and textured grip, but once you actually hold it you will fall in love with it. It’s very comfortable and fits a large hand well. Believe me when I tell you the gun grows on you. I love my PPX to no end. I think she’s beautiful now that I’ve had her a while.

The Walther PPX M1 is only manufactured, advertised, and sold on a limited run basis each year.

Not long ago Walther totally retooled their manufacturing facility streamlining it in such a manner as to actually produce their guns at considerably lower cost.  To celebrate their success they designed and produced the PPX models and at huge savings.  Walther in no way cut corners on the PPX model as it is a top quality Walther handgun.

But the new streamlined production process allowed them to offer the PPX at ridiculous low prices. Looking online I usually find the one like mine, the Walther PPX M1 9mm SD from $449. to $499. but you can find them on sale for even better prices.

I gave $360 for mine with two magazines in a plastic carry case. I’ve seen the same handgun without the suppressor threaded barrel for a crazy low price of $250!  But I know where to shop.

I personally think that this handgun packs the biggest bang for the buck. Pun intended. You get the high quality of a Walther who has been making great guns for almost 130 years at unheard of prices.

Prepper's Will - Walther PPX M1 9mm SD Review By Ken_2

The polymer sights are a good size and perform well. They are low profile sights to prevent snagging your clothing but perfect for quick target acquisition. The rear sight is adjustable for windage.

Under the front you’ll find a picatinny rail for accessories.

The slide is serrated front and rear for quick and easy action.

Thee PPX has three safeties, two drop safeties and one firing pin block for safe carry.

The slide and barrel has a coating that provides the matte finish and resists corrosion.  The coating is Tenifer.

The PPX is also ambidextrous because both the slide and the mag release can operate well with either hand.

It’s easy to tell if a round is chambered when you pull back the slide.

The barrel length is 4 inches, but 4.6 inches on the SD.

The best feature in my opinion is the trigger action.  You will be amazed with it.  It’s 6.5 lbs. with a .3 inch travel.  The trigger pull is very smooth.  People other than myself rave about the trigger action.  The trigger action is called Double Action Only (DAO) but more accurately it’s a pre-set DAO. When the slide is pulled the striker is half cocked and when you pull the trigger you finish activating the striker.

Overall I think it’s a great handgun at an unbelievably low price.  Know this too, it comes with the Walther Legendary Lifetime Warranty.  Grab the Walther PPX M1 when you can and experience for yourself the biggest bang for the Prepper’s buck.

Article written by By Kenneth M. Johnson for Prepper’s Will.

Me in Harley TeeKenneth M. Johnson is a Sales Manager at a firm in St. Louis, MO. Ken has studied being a survivalist most of his life while studying many things such as battle tactics and strategy, martial arts, history, prepping, world religions, metaphysics and more.

Kenneth has a great love of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and the great liberty they entitle all U.S. citizens.  Ken can be reached by email at <kennethmartinjohnson@gmail.com>

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  1. There are definitely a lot of great guns out there no doubt, but I wrote this article because of my attachment to my Walther PPX. Occasionally, I go to the range with my sons and me and the Walther usually out shoot them!

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