10 Essential Tools You Need To Have When You Go Hunting

Many people like to go hunting, but not everyone knows how to be prepared when they go do that. So they get inconvenienced when they realize they forgot to bring something on their hunting trip.

Here you will read about the essential tools you need if you decide to go hunting. Bear in mind that hunting is about strategy, so you definitely ought to prepare well first to make the most out of your trip.

Tools To Bring During a Hunting Trip

Tool #1 A Compass

It is very easy to lose one’s way in the wilderness as you go hunting because you will be following the trail of your prey and not necessarily checking out your surroundings for markers. So be sure you have a working compass so that every so often you will get your bearings so that you can find your way back to camp.

Compass Use When Hunting

Tool #2 – A Map of the Area You Will Hunt In

This is the complementary tool to the compass because you need both to be able to return to camp. You will also have to mark places on the map that may be too dangerous to venture into so that you know how far you can safely go.

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Tool #3 – A Rifle Fitted With a Rangefinder

These are considered as one tool when you go hunting because a rifle without a rangefinder is pretty useless because you can’t get close enough to get your prey. So always pack your rifle with a rangefinder for your hunting trip.

Tool #4 – Long term ammo storage

You will need long term ammo storage for your rifle, preferably at least one waterproof container because you never know what kind of weather conditions you will be hunting in. You will also need sufficient ammo because you don’t know how many shots you will need to make before your prey goes down.

Tool #5 – A Foldable Hunting Knife

Some might say you need more than one knife when you go hunting – but one good foldable hunting knife is already all that’s necessary if you know how to dress your catch the right way. Make sure to sharpen it before you leave for the hunting trip so that it’s ready to use. (If you feel better having more than one hunting knife in your kit, by all means, pack more than one kind).

Tool #6 – A Folding Brush Saw

This is pretty important to have around because it will help you when you need to make camp in a remote location and when you have to cut branches into smaller pieces for firewood. This might also be a good tool for cutting through bones and ligaments of the prey you shot if your hunting knife isn’t good enough.

Tool #7 – Matches in Waterproof Container

You can probably use a simple plastic bag to stash matches in. However, it pays to be sure, so get a better waterproof container instead. You never know when you will need to quickly light a fire in the wilderness to cook food or even just to stay warm with.

Tool #8 – Long Range Binoculars

Yes, your rifle already has a rangefinder, but binoculars are necessary when scanning a larger area for prey. Long-range binoculars can help you spot prey from far off so you can use your rangefinder to get a more accurate shot. Binoculars are also good survival tools because you may find your way back to camp with your dressed prey more easily.

Stalk The Prey

Tool #9 – A Portable Cooler

This is a necessity because you need a sanitary container for the animal parts you will be bringing back home. You might need salt when dressing the meat, then just put the parts in the cooler and close the lid. The meat should keep until you get back home.

Tool #10 – Sanitary Garbage Bags

A good hunter is someone who respects the wilderness and not someone who just takes from Mother Nature without concern for the environment. So be sure to put your garbage in sanitary garbage bags that you can tie up and bring back with you to civilization for proper disposal. That way, the environment will remain unspoiled and preserved until your next hunting trip.

Final Thoughts

Going hunting is a fun experience but you need to be well prepared with the right tools so that you will have dressed meat to bring home with you. Make sure you have a compass and map so you won’t get lost in the area.

To get your prey, you will need a rifle fitted with a rangefinder, long term ammo storage, and a foldable hunting knife.  Binoculars are also very important for hunting. When you make camp, you will need a folding brush saw so you can make a clearing and to cut up branches into firewood.

When you’ve managed to kill an animal and dressed the meat, be sure you have a portable cooler to put the salted meat in. And lastly, always clean up after yourself by putting the trash into sanitary garbage bags that you can bring home to dispose of, to preserve the environment.

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