Body Armor Measurement Tips For Beginners

Body armor is perhaps the most significant tactical gear because it can save lives. Getting the right size is vital because it ensures total protection. However, deciding the size that would be just perfect for you is easier said than done.

Most first-timers tend to buy a piece that is too large for them. This is probably because they think that a larger vest would give them more protection surface. However, a size that is too large can cause mobility issues, while a tad smaller size can make you uncomfortable.

It is important that you get a snug fit, particularly if you are buying a concealable vest. Here are some measurement tips that can help beginners to size up body armor perfectly.

Get a measuring partner

As a starter, you may not be able to take accurate measurements on your own. It is best to have someone else, probably an experienced person, to do it for you. A flexible measuring tape can help you get the right length and width of the bulletproof vest so that you get a perfect fit.

Body Armor From The Side

Remember that you should prioritize a snug fit while ensuring factors such as comfort, coverage, and concealability to give you full protection.

Know the right length

The length of the vest is perhaps the most critical element when it comes to measuring it up. Basically, a bulletproof vest is meant to protect vital organs, which is the reason why it should sit at the belly button level.

If it extends beyond the level, you will have difficulty in moving. Conversely, body armor that is shorter in length will not give adequate coverage for the vital organs. When it comes to measuring the length, you need to achieve a perfect balance between mobility and protection.

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Measure across for comfort

While the length of the armor decides the coverage it offers, its width is more about comfort. The best way to measure its width is by raising your arms so that your measuring partner can wrap the tape around your chest and back and read the tape carefully.

The waistline should also be measured in the same way as across the chest. Ensure that your partner takes the reading considering the fact whether you are planning to buy a concealed vest or an overtone.

Consider the side gaps as well

Coverage across the sides is an equally important aspect of measuring the body armor. Ideally, the front and back panels should overlap on the sides to give you complete coverage.

However, some wearers prefer a small gap for the comfort factor. The idea is to ensure that you are completely safe in case of a dangerous situation such as bullet firing or stab attack. You can seek the advice of your measuring expert to check the apt size in terms of side gaps.

Body Armor Closeup Card

Body armor for women

When it comes to buying body armor for women, the measurements are the same for male and female wearers, except one: When measuring the length, it is important that you do not press the tape between the bust. If you do so, the vest will be too tight and too short.

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Proper measurement of body armor is essential from the safety perspective. At the same time, it will help you wear the vest comfortably, which is really important if you need to have it on for long hours.

When it comes to concealed armor, one size most definitely does not fit all. A body vest should be measured and cut to the individual person who is wearing it. This requires detailed measurements, that may seem like an unnecessary step at first, but the person’s life could depend on it.

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