10 Survival Skills You Need To Know

10 Survival Skills You Need To KnowA camping trip is not only a fascinating journey with a fun company, guitars, and tents. Any pedestrian tour, even short and easy is a trial of physical and spiritual forces, first of all. Civilization has turned a human into an over-subtle creature unable to survive in severe conditions of wild nature. The modern traveler often doesn’t have a clue about elementary survival skills in an unexplored wilderness – how to make a fire, what to do with dirty water and where to go without a compass. Without electronic gadgets, such fail tourist can be lost completely.

In this article, you’ll find a survival guide with useful and interesting facts which will help you to live in wild nature on a camping trip or some unexpected circumstances.


The source of drinking water in wild nature should come from freshwater sources: a river, a waterhole or a lake, are your main targets. For satisfying thirst, it is better to use water from rivers if possible as the slack water of lakes includes a lot of bacterium. Some people believe that mountain river water with a swift current doesn’t need filtration as it is absolutely clear, but it’s wise to use a water filter to be on the safe side. Otherwise, there are several ways of its purification.

In the capacity of the filter, you may use a tissue with pebbles, sand or charcoal inside of the tissue. Went through these materials, the water became clearer, but it is still better to boil it. In winter this problem can be resolved by melted snow or ice.

Sort out priorities

An important rule of outdoor survival is to know how to organize priorities. One of the common mistakes is a will to furnish you with enough quantity of food.

Order tasks evenly. A human may easily live without food during three weeks. Above all, save energy for a building of a shelter, making a fire and drawing of the water. Then you can think about meals.

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Natural blessings

A lack of the foods may become a problem in the wild conditions. And a lot of products that you can find in the wood or mountains are unfit for a table. The most dangerous what can happen to you is a berry poisoning. Keep back from beautiful black and violet berries. The glans are rather good, they contain a lot of proteins and oils and may come in useful during a trip. Some seeds, nuts, and leaves of the trees are also good. All you need is to learn the diversity of the plants in the region you are going to.

Water-proof matches

Think ahead about making a fire. You can prepare the matches that will always be dry beforehand. Just cover the matches with a clear varnish and desiccate it.

Latex protection

One of the humorous survival tips is to have several condoms in your backpack. You can use them in different ways – to hold water, to keep the money, documents, matches and electronic gadgets.

Water from trees

In case you have a plastic bag with you, you can get water by condensation from tree’s leaves. Take a bag, put it on a branch, tie it tightly and leave for a day. In the process of evaporation, the tree will weep. More bags you have, more water you can obtain this way.

Fire from snacks

If your wood is damp and wet, it is quite difficult to make a fire. Any problem if you have cheeps with you. Tasty snacks are filled with the oil, and they burn well. You can use them to allow time for your firewood to dry.

Care about nature

The natural world may become very dangerous, don’t ever forget about this. Keep in mind that you are only a quest here.  Any of your movement and action may do damage to ecology in a certain way. Learn how to treat fire correctly; don’t make it near the trees, bushes, and pieces with dried grass. Before the processing, take a shave off the surface and after a burn-out of the woods, return this surface back. Respect Mother Nature, and she will always be protecting you.

Don’t isolate yourself

Of course, you can play a role of a superhero and go into the wild like a hero of a popular film, but don’t forget that people are social creatures and a friend’s shoulder is very important in a track. Everyone is helpless in wild conditions, and it helps to create really strong and deep spiritual connections.

Be grateful

Everything is relative. At home, you’ll never eat the food that is prepared not well. And after 12 hours of pedestrian passage, even semi-raw rice would be a delicacy for you. Be thankful for what you’ve got now, say “Thanks” to your companions, as you never know what will the next day bring you.

Hopefully, these survival techniques stand you in a good stand in one of your life adventure!

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