7 Essential Items In Your Emergency Survival Kit

Seven essential items for survival kitEmergency sounds like a scary word and it actually is. Then wonder what would happen if you get stuck in any kind of an emergency situation, where there is no rescue and no one to help? It could be an adventurous road trip which you thought would be a thrilling one, or it could be something like getting lost in a jungle. But, there is one good way that can help you deal with such scenario. And, that is- emergency survival kit.Prepare an emergency survival kit and accommodate all these 7 essential items, listed below to prepare yourself for the crisis. Doesn’t matter whether you are at home, in office or anywhere, this emergency kit will be your savior.

  1.   Food- Food works as a fuel for body. You can leave everything but not food. Hence, it is important that you carry at least 3-day’s supply of non-perishable food, ensuring it has a good shelf life. You can replace it annually also because you would not want to take any chances by consuming expired food. Rely on freeze-dried food and handy food bars. You can also carry baby food and formula and pet food if traveling or staying with babies and pets.
  2.   Water– Like food, water has its own place. In worst case scenario, if you are struggling with shortage of food, water will compensate for it. So, you should carry three gallons of water per person to make up for 3-day supply. If having bottled water, make sure it is not too old. You can buy water which is specially packaged for emergency situations. It has a shelf-life of 5 to 50 years.
  3.   Shelter and Warmth– Another set of basic amenities of life includes shelter and clothing. In case you are away from home or your house is impacted badly due to any disaster, it is essential you have a roof to stay protected and clothing to cover your body, especially in cold months. So, keep with you, a tent, sleeping bag, vinyl tarp sheets, blankets, body warmers and rain ponchos.

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  1.  First-Aid- A mini first-aid kit is must in case if needed medical treatment. This should have hydrogen peroxide, glucose for diabetes patients, aspirin tablets and other basic medicines, bandages, cotton roll, scissors, tweezers, burn gel and thermometer. All these supplies will be helpful for soothing injuries or in treating any kind of illness.
  2.  Sanitation and Hygiene- You might not get access to bathrooms in emergencies or if you get stuck in wilderness. So, carry these items in your survival kit that include a pail which you can use as a toilet, a toilet seat for toilet, toilet paper rolls, tissues, bar soap, paper soap strips, sanitary napkins and hand sanitizer. This ensures that you still maintain basic hygiene for improving the chances of survival.
    Pioneer traveling lessons.
  3.       Lighting and Communication– Equip yourself with items that will help you in harsh conditions like power cut. Like, battery operated torch, radio, extra batteries, light sticks, lanterns, mobile chargers, candles, waterproof matches and whistle for signaling.
  4.       Survival Gear– To improve your chances of staying safe, carry with you, water and gas shut-off wrench, sturdy gloves, dust masks, multi-functional pocket knife, portable stove, fuel, shovel and axe in your emergency survival kit.

Other Items– There are other necessary items too that you should have in your emergency preparedness kit like sturdy shoes, extra clothing sets, cash and baby diapers.
All these might look like a heavy checklist but only these small items can be big life saviors. To know more about the survival kit, take a look at this beautiful infographic by More Prepared, the emergency preparedness experts.


Article written by Mina Arnao for Prepper’s Will. Mina is the Founder/CEO of More Prepared, the emergency preparedness experts for over 10 years. More Prepared’s mission is to help families, schools and businesses prepare for earthquakes and other emergencies.  Mina is CERT trained (community emergency response team) and Red Cross certified.

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