Where Do You Go When The Brown Stuff Hits The Fan?

where do you go when the brown stuff hits the fan

In an ever-changing world, unforeseen challenges can test our resilience and preparedness. From natural disasters to civil unrest and unexpected societal upheavals, having a well-thought-out contingency plan is not just prudent but potentially lifesaving.

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How To Chose A Portable Stove For Your Bug-Out Plans

how to chose a portable stove for your bug out plans

The world has certainly seen significant changes since the time when our primitive ancestors discovered fire by striking rocks together in their loincloths. However, the fundamental concept of harnessing controlled fire for survival and sustenance remains remarkably constant. In a similar vein, the art of cooking with fire, although evolved, still maintains its core principles.

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Tactical Driving To Survive The Road Ahead

tactical driving to survive the road ahead

Security checkpoints have been established just outside the town, and the national guard is conducting thorough searches of homes within the quarantined zones. The principles of democracy have gradually eroded, giving way to martial law in the urban areas.

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Tips To Make Your Vehicle Ready For Bugging Out

tips to make your vehicle ready for bugging out

A friend once told me that no other country on this planet experiences so many natural disasters as the United States and while I never bothered to check the incidence of natural disasters in other countries, I do have to admit he was kind of right.

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How About Getting A Bug Out Bike?

how about getting a bug out bike

The French Foreign Legion lived by a multitude of mottos and expressions, but one particular phrase stood out: “Move forward, one step at a time…”. Essentially, this meant that regardless of the distance, one could reach their destination by simply walking. This principle will endure long after the world depletes its reserves of crude oil, although there exists a more efficient alternative: the power of pedaling.

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Bugging Out With A Baby

bugging out with a baby

We often find ourselves captivated by tales of a lone survivor bugging out in the apocalypse, whether it’s a man and his trusty long-life friend or perhaps a canine companion by his side. He’s the quintessential American hero, always embroiled in dangerous situations and doing what he must to survive.

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Evacuate with a customized bug-out boat

evacuate with a customized bug out boat

Many of America’s largest cities, including Manhattan, are paradoxically located in geographically isolated areas of the country. Although one in 38 Americans lives in New York City, much of the city is bound by water, making it only marginally connected to the mainland. Consequently, in the event of a major disaster, such as a grid outage, terrorist attack, or a national pandemic, the city’s eight million residents will be dependent on a few bridges for safe passage.

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The Realities Of Bugging Out

the realities of bugging out

To avoid chaos in an emergency, plan ahead of time for potential scenarios so you can make an informed and realistic decision about your destination. This is obviously a serious decision, and it is dependent on a number of factors.

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How To Protect Your Camp From Invasive Trespassers

how to protect your camp from invasive trespassers

Whether you’re camping with your family or find yourself in a survival scenario, your camp should be a location where you can find protection and security while also recharging your mind and body to face any obstacles that may arise.

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Learn How To Customize Your Bug-Out Vehicle

learn how to customize your bug out vehicle

The value of four-wheel drive in a Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV) cannot be overstated. Even the best off-road vehicles require assistance from time to time. Whether you have a 4×4 vehicle or not, various tools and modifications are necessary for off-road travel, especially in bad weather.

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Consider This When Picking Survival Bags Or Backpacks

consider this when buying bug out bags or backpacks

Any serious prepper will have a bunch of survival bags set up in various locations for a number of potential disasters. Everyone talks about what these bags should include, but almost no one talks about the bag itself. Today, that situation changes, and we’ll look at how we can choose a bag that should last more than the resources it holds.

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How To Prepare For Emergency Evacuation

how to prepare for emergency evacuation

Learning how to properly evacuate from your home and region is a critical step not only for preppers but for anyone living in disaster-prone areas. If there is a history of natural disasters occurring in your region or if you believe your home won’t be safe when the brown stuff hits the fan, you should be able to prepare your family for potentially having to evacuate someday.

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The Importance Of Mapping Your Home Region Before Disaster Strikes

the importance of mapping your home region before disaster strikes

Odds are, you will be in your home region when the proverbial brown stuff hits the fan. That is, in general, a good thing since you will be able to better cope with the crisis. In theory, you are familiar with your environment, and you should be able to use it to your advantage. However, being familiar with and mapping your home region are two separate things.

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