9 Wilderness Survival Tools You Should Always Have In Your Kit

Are you thinking of heading out into the wilderness for adventure? The wilderness is a tough place to be whether you accidentally find yourself there or just go on an adventure. Therefore, before heading out you need to be prepared for survival.

Here is a list of 9 wilderness survival tools that will keep you going:

1.  Firestarter

When you are lost in the desert, it is apparent that fire will come in really handy. Fire will help you survive by providing light in the dark, prepare yourself a meal, keep warm and scare off wild animals. This means that you need to practice fire starting skills and ensure you always have a fire starter in your survival kit. It is recommended that you pack various types of fire starters just to be safe.

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2.  Survival Knife

You need a quality survival knife which is usually multi-purpose in the wilderness. An ideal survival knife needs to be razor-sharp and strong which will allow you to cut through tough materials easily.

The survival knife is ideal in cutting ropes and strings, sharpening and cutting sticks, skinning hunts, cutting bandages and peeling fruits. In case you prefer machetes over knives you could probably get machete knives for survival in case you are in a jungle wilderness where there is thicket vegetation. These machetes are stronger, durable and more reliable hence improving your survival chances in the wilderness.

3.  First Aid Kit

Anything could go wrong let’s say you get injured. You don’t have to bleed to death or get an infection. Instead, always pack a medical first aid kit to deal with any injuries. The first aid kit should have a bandage, gloves, scalpel, disinfectant, antibiotic ointments, splints, and alcohol prep pads. I recommend that you carry an adventure medical first aid kit as it is equipped with all the required items.

4.  Topographic Map and Compass

Wilderness areas are usually unfamiliar and as a result, there is a high risk of getting lost. Therefore, it is vital that you carry a topographic map that will allow you to get around. It is advisable to go through the map before heading out into the wilderness.

You will also be required to bring a compass to be used to guide you in direction. You must have the knowledge of using a compass alongside the topographic map in order to find your way out of the wilderness.

Always Use A Map And Compass

5.  Hydration system

Always remember an average person is only able to survive 5 days without water. It is really important to ensure that you have access to water because even a few sips could make the difference between life and death in the wilderness.

You are required to carry a water bottle at all times. In case you run out of water, you won’t just drink any water as this will probably end up killing you through infection. Ensure to pack a survival water filter to help you filter water that you come across in the wilderness.

6.  Fishing Line and any other Hunting Gear

Did you know that an average person is only able to survive for 3 weeks without food? In the wilderness, you will have to find food for yourself in order to stay alive. In case there is a water source, there will most probably be fish. Carry with you fishing lines and hunting gear to help you get access to food.

7.  Emergency Whistle and a Signal Mirror

In the wilderness you should always strive to get help and visibility is important. Carry with you an emergency whistle to help the rescue team track you and a signal mirror for aerial rescue to identify your location.

8.  FlashLight

During the dark nights and traversal through caves, you will need a torch to move around. The torch is also important to avoid injury in dark areas. A flashlight could also act as a signaling tool to send morse code to anyone who could provide help at night.

You Can't Survive Without Proper Tools

9.  Cordage

These are metal or nylon strings which are used as ropes. In a survival situation, you will need cordage to serve as a fishing line, tie bundles of firewood, drag a game kill and other activities. It is therefore very essential to ensure you pack cordage as it is more reliable as compared to ropes found in the wilderness.


In conclusion, survival in the wilderness is dependent on how fast you can adapt to the new environment. It is also dependent on the ability to use what is available and as a result, it is important to have a survival kit. Just ensure to stock up your survival kit with the survival tools indicated above. Your kit can contain more items than those listed here because these are the critical ones.

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  1. Excellent item. But don’t forget an effective weapon, a firearm. It’s just as critical, though for a vastly different reason than these first 9.


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