Economic Collapse: Things The Elite Do Not Expect

Economic Collapse: Things The Elite Do Not ExpectThe first item I would like to discuss is how the elite are preparing for the coming economic collapse by having elaborate bunkers installed or moving to foreign countries. My goal is not to convince you that the elite are preparing for economic collapse.  My goal is to make a simple statement to the elite and that statement is, you have to come out sometime!

We the people know who you are and enough of us will survive the economic collapse to be sure and look you up once things begin to normalize.  I’m not the kind to threaten others and I’m not going to publically do so today.  Let’s just say, we’ve got your number.  We look forward to the time we can visit with you and your family.  I wanted to give you something to look forward to while you are in that underground bunker or like some of you who are setting up household in other countries like New Zealand (source).  We really look forward to visiting with you.

The elite have also been discharging and retiring military personnel that remain loyal to the Constitution and not the President and the New World Order. The majority of the military affected by this housecleaning are higher ranking officers (source).

Well I’ve got news for you.  Even though you’ve worked to indoctrinate and get the U.S. Troops ready to turn on their own people, you will find out that it will not happen.  The vast majority of troops having sworn that they would, “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic,” and having made that statement before continuing on with the part of obeying the President etc. etc. will simply side with the people.  Besides, a lot of people in this nation do not look at the man occupying the Oval Office as their President.

When called upon to detain normal citizens and to do things like confiscate their guns the elite will figure out what fools they’ve been in assuming that red blooded American men and women serving this once great country would ever turn on their brothers and sisters.

Another unexpected thing that you elite will experience is that the police and law enforcement  will also turn on you just like the military and possibly even quicker because you haven’t got rid of the older law enforcement personnel who will set the bar and rally the law enforcement personnel everywhere.

The final thing that I would like to bring to your attention is the tremendous growth and surge in patriotism and community that will take place as your self created calamity of economic collapse ensues.  You didn’t count on us sticking together and being willing to fight and even die for our American brothers. I see entire large neighborhoods pulling together as one to protect, defend, and support each other.

As witnessed post 9/11 you will be surprised as you were then to witness a sea of red, white, and blue.  It may take a lot to awake the sleeping giant but it will definitely happen and when it does we look forward to our meeting.  Yes, our world is about to change drastically but to the elite let me say yours is not only changing, it’s ending. I, for one, cannot wait to see you post economic collapse.

Article written by By Kenneth M. Johnson for Prepper’s Will.

Me in Harley TeeKenneth M. Johnson is a Sales Manager at a firm in St. Louis, MO. Ken has studied being a survivalist most of his life while studying many things such as battle tactics and strategy, martial arts, history, prepping, world religions, metaphysics and more.  Kenneth has a great love of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and the great liberty they entitle all U.S. citizens.  Ken can be reached by email at <>

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13 thoughts on “Economic Collapse: Things The Elite Do Not Expect”

  1. Many of today’s uber-rich have either built bunkers or bought space in bunkers. I personally would never rely on the idea of sharing a bunker with a bunch of other arrogant, entitled people. Every one of these schmucks would think THEY should be in charge. In reality, they have more to fear from their own paid ‘security’. The guys who actually hold the guns would really be in charge, and would be the new ‘elite’ to emerge from said bunkers. A lot of rich/powerful people will be waiting on helicopters that aren’t coming.

    • I totally agree with you Hugh! Every dog has his day. I read some things yesterday and I’m not sure of the validity but the article was describing how States had been secretly affirming their sovereignty and if I understood it correctly basically seceding. It also stated that the elite and their co-conspirators were very close to arresting them in the hundreds. I can only hope it’s true. I find it hard to believe that no one in positions of authority are plotting against these traitors.

    • I agree as well, in fact I would be inclined to believe the bunkers just might be better welded shut.

  2. Fanciful read, a novel a best, pie in the sky rhetoric at worst. The uniforms in this country, military and LEO, just to name two, will remain loyal to whoever is signing their paychecks. They have no problem now with the killing of hundreds of thousands of civilians in other countries or throwing flash grenades into homes and blowing the face off of a child in this country. Mind you, I could care less how many criminals they kill in America or under what circumstances they kill them. But the time is coming when in the eyes of LEO and the military that all of us will be the enemy. And that will be a sad, sad day for the taxpaying law abiding taxpayers. thanks

    • Again Taxdn2poverty, I find myself disagreeing with your opinion. The majority of Americans and most populations around the globe, are basically good people. Yes, some people work as mercenaries and will sell their services to the highest bidder but the vast majority of law enforcement and military personnel are on the side of the people because they themselves possess a conscience and will do the right thing. These men and women have families and want what’s right and best for them. So ultimately they will come to our aid and turn on the elite. Besides, if we have a currency collapse as I believe we will, you can expect 80% to 90% of the military to go awol and the law enforcement will not fight against their own most especially for free. I hold onto these beliefs and opinions based on life experiences of dealing with people. We the People… will rise up and fight, maybe at the last moment, those that attempt to take our guns and those who attempt to remove us by placing us into FEMA camps. Gone are the days when the elite and tyrannical socialist politicians dare walk among the people. Do you know why? Because it would mean their mortal end. But, I hold out believing that there are those in those positions of authority who will take matters into their own hands. May God bless the patriots!

    • problem with your theory is that the representatives that sign the paychecks are, themselves, receiving that cash from said taxpayers…
      pinch that cash flow and leo becomes just another branch of the zombie squads…like the rest of us..

  3. Just as states are affirming their sovereignty, so will the counties, then the communities.
    I pray this to be fact.

  4. I rest my case when you say without pay the military will go awol. How many men at the Alamo were getting paid? I honestly don’t know, probably none. On the LEO level I know far too many that have let justice slip away for the benefit of another COP. I don’t bleed blue, or for that matter, red, white, and blue. The very people we are depending on are the ones who will do us in when the time comes. Going back to the military how disgusting it is to be protected by people that must get paid to remain on duty, even in times of war. Do you think for one minute that our enemies, Russia, China, or Iran have the same problem. America, at all levels of ‘government service’ is about money, and when the money is gone, the ‘servants’ will be gone. Personally, no disrespect intended, but if you honestly believe that most of the people in the world are ‘good’ then there is a serious problem in your beliefs because the evidence is just not there. When you get down to what really drives people, it is always money, religion, greed for land, assets, or resources, or as in the case of Genghis Khan, the urge to breed with thousands of captive women propelled him to build the largest land empire the world has ever known. Good, exists nowhere for very long at our level of existence. Nowhere. Thanks.

    • “.. Do you think for one minute that our enemies, Russia, China, or Iran have the same problem?”
      yes, I do. The commies need to eat and feed their families just like we do.
      jingoism only carries it so far.

  5. I talked with my relative about this, he said he would do what his group decides, follow orders or do what is right.
    He told me they will most likely follow orders as according to him his unit ALL have families so the risk of loosing them and going to jail is not an option.

    The article is your opinion, I don’t believe in it.
    I believe the orders given will be the orders followed as happened in MO..

    The few that do the right thing, that few won’t matter overall.

    Pipe dreams and armchair fighting.

  6. Mr. Johnson, I’m in complete agreement with you. I too cannot wait to have a nice sit-down with those people. In fact, having actually contacted and had a small exchange with one man who builds some of these shelters for the wealthy. And I’ll admit it, I was applying for a job. I’ve an engineering background amongst other trades making up who I am. And as the same company is of the same mind-set you wrote about; that of, a certainty that they will not only survive a collapse; but moreso, emerge to return to life as they knew it.

    Ever have a dog? The mongrel that will just eat and eat and eat? Til they are sick and then eat some more? Well, all the shelters have the same basic flaw. They may stock or have deep-wells for water, food, all manner of supplies, have power generation capabilities and all the amenities. But one thing no possible shelter for any large group can stock is the one thing that is seemingly free to any and all. Air. For breathing, for combustion air.

    Oh, the builders/designers of these ‘perfect’ survival shelters will say they have chemical, biological and radiation filters. And they do; but, remember that ol’ dog I mentioned? Like that mutt, a filter has to be cleaned or replaced in direct response to the load/contaminants it removes from the incoming air. Such a simple thing it is to do to overfeed the dog. Such a simple thing to do to clog a filter. Merely over-whelm it.

    I am not a patient man. I don’t intend to wait long for our desired meeting up with these persons in large part responsible for what is happening to this nation and this world. Fortunately, all the shelters share one common characteristic. They are located to relatively nearby railroad tracks. That means what? Railroad ties. Creosote, tarred, preservative impregnated railroad ties. And just how hard is it to locate an air intake vent? As much air as will be being pulled in – well, it isn’t a quiet process. I’d say those same vents would be a great place to start and keep a bonfire of those ties going for … about 3-4 days. That ought to do it. It’d sure overfeed that pup.

    Just saying. I reckon you’re no more patient a man than I. Something to file away til come time. Call it “just trying to help out my friend”.

  7. I’m in total agreement with you Heartless! Let’s build a bonefire a throw a party! Reminds me of Christmas. ..roasting nuts over an open fire!


  8. You wrote: “Besides, a lot of people in this nation do not look at the man occupying the Oval Office as their President.” in 2015. It still holds truth in 2023! Thank you for your writing!

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