Five Items From Walmart To Have When The SHTF

Five Items From Walmart To Have When The SHTFWhatever reason may cause the sh*t to hit the fan (SHTF), you need to be prepared by having the essentials at home. The following 5 items from Walmart will ensure that you are well provided for whatever situation that may arise.

More often than not, we find ourselves in situations that force us to stock up, because we don’t know when things will cool down. It may be demonstrations that break out in a city making the supply of goods into these areas a living hell, or a recession that leaves the economy staggering.  Regardless the reason that lights the fuse, you should always be prepared. Every shopping trip you make, remember to add a few essentials in your cart since these items will come in handy during harsh times.

Buy the following items from Walmart for when the SHTF:


It’s really amazing how fast people realize that they need food once SHTF. Every last piece of edible product magically disappears from the shelf at Walmart when panic buying sets it. And there is no discrimination when it comes to food, anything that can keep you holding on for another day will be gone. The obvious first thing to go missing is canned foods; anything in a can will disappear as soon as things go south.  Also be sure to pick up kitchen items: silverware, pots, pans, a good kitchen knife, etc.

Ensure that you pick as many canned foods as you can and keep moving. Grains can really stand the test of time; rice, beans, wheat, flour and yeast are the first culprits to go missing. They can last for years, and thus the smart people know to stock on as soon as SHTF. Don’t forget about coffee, or tea, depending on your preference, unless you are planning on nursing a major headache.

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Water, Filters, and Purifiers

The lost ways of survivalThe moment SHTF, most of the water supply may be affected either by malicious violence or by accidental damage; water thus becomes rare and ten times its weight in gold. All the bottled water at Walmart, therefore, becomes a treasured commodity. The water filters and purifiers will also take only a few days to go missing from the shelves.

As every drop of water becomes precious, and most of the water at home becomes polluted, these two water treatment supplies should definitely be on your shopping list. Get one Llifestraw water filter for each family member as these items are real treasure during an emergency situation.

Medicine and Health Supplies

The moment SHTF, that’s the moment you realize just how many people at your home are really sick. The conventional cold medication becomes precious tablets or syrup and the specified medicine becomes even harder to find. It is, therefore, vital that you purchase your medical supply as soon as things get ugly. Health issues can develop unexpectedly during an emergency situation and you need to be prepared for them. There is no telling when help will arrive and you will become your own doctor.

Toothpaste and other hygiene supplies are also high demand commodities that need to be stocked up. Shampoo, soaps, and feminine hygiene products should be purchased in high quantities as you never know when the situation will be better. Something important that people forget when SHTF is toilet paper, and believe me you will need it!

Kleenex and paper towels should also be remembered as they come in handy. Above all; for heaven sake don’t forget first aid kits. Spending the whole day indoors waiting for the situation to cool down has a nauseating habit of making accidents happen.

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Fuel and Energy

The moment SHTF, lights have a very irking habit of taking a hike. Yes, there is going to be a fuel shortage as soon as things get tough. Ensure that you are well supplied in the fuel sector. Take all the charcoal you can find off the shelves of Walmart and pack it at home. And a generator will come in handy when there are no lights at home.

Candles are another commodity that comes in handy, especially when the lights keep flickering or there is power blackout. Flashlights, lanterns, and glow sticks are other light sources that you can pick at Walmart. Don’t forget the batteries and most importantly, learn how to recondition the used ones and prolong their life.

Household Goods

Duct tape, hammer, rope, and nails are basically everything you need to ensure that anything that breaks at home is quickly fixed before an expert can be called in. Garbage does not know that SHTF and it continues accumulating without the sanitation workers coming to collect it. It is, therefore, vital that you buy large garbage bags and garbage cans to keep the house clean.

Lastly, remember that the home needs to be clean, or your nose will revolt. Buy disinfecting and cleaning supplies to prevent the risk of food poisoning at home. Add bleach, unscented containing 4-6% sodium hypochlorite to your shopping list.

This will be your drinking water purifier. You will need a lot of things when SHTF, and not everything will be remembered in the shopping frenzy, but the above things that can be found at Walmart will be a good start for your survival shopping.

This article was written by Jack Neely for Prepper’s Will. Jack is a fitness expert, survivalist, and world traveler. He’s been in several life or death situations, and he’s making an effort to spread his knowledge around the web to help others survive in these conditions as well. He’s also on the content team at The Tactical Guru.

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