Handling Gangs, Mobs and Riots When SHTF

Handling Gangs, Mobs and Riots When SHTFAs a Prepper, you have surely sat back over an evening cup of coffee and contemplated certain shtf. We have witnessed over the past few years just how quickly one event can cultivate a series of events, typically not of good nature. If and when civil unrest breaks out, the best preparation you can have is a good plan of action against gangs, mobs and riots.

Gangs, looters and mobs

As has been the case for many years, gangs already have dominion over the dark, overlooked parts of today’s cities. However, they are semi bound up by demographics (though they are still becoming more widespread with time). When the shtf, however, they will be entirely unchained. They will find their strengths empowered by the disorder and turmoil that will plague the nation.

It will be during this time depending upon how bad the s has hit the fan) that law enforcement officers will be more concerned about the safety and welfare of their own families, rendering them useless for protecting you. They will more than likely choose to defend their own belongings. This is, of course, all hypothetical; when shtf, any number of things can happen. The essential point is that you are your main keeper, you must remain “in charge” of your environ.

People who are residing in large cities, or just densely populated suburbs, will be exposed to a very brutal, savage and bizarre setting. The gangs that are seemingly tucked away, underground now, will be out in groves, foraging and pillaging (we have seen it happen during riots in recent months). Today’s gangs have already sharpened their criminalistic skills, they have the weapons, and they are not in the least afraid to use them.

It is going to be extremely difficult to confront or evade drifting clan of hostile scouring gang members (gang members, at this point meaning anyone who is willing to stoop to the level of looter). In fact, the task may be impossible for many.

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Think about it in the sense of numbers… Say there are four of you; a son, daughter, wife, and yourself. Oh sure, your family has become mighty efficient by way of “home protection”. But how do you plan to hold out when there are ten, twenty, sixty or more of “them” rushing your compound?

It is going to take some crafty planning, specific “tools”, and enough on “your side” to handle this imminent threat. If you simply don’t have to the tools or do not have large numbers, the best bet will be to devise a plan that steers clear of direct conflict.

Your plan will vary greatly depending upon many situational factors. The main thing to remember is that planning ahead is always the best route. Be it building a compound-like property in a city or suburb, or simply moving away from your densely populated suburbia, preparing is the key to survival.

The reality is simple: gangs, violent protesters, and looters are going to be a real threat and a danger to the rest of society. They are the group of humans who cannot deal well with rationality. This means you can’t use rationality with them; protect yourself and your family.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Will these so-called “gangs” rule the cities after shtf?
  • Are they going to pillage in massive roves or remain in smaller bands as they pilfer their way through?
  • Can your single household possibly stand a chance against these factors if they do come about?

Dealing with Looters

First of all, you’ll need to have a grip over your emotions. To refrain from looting and losing all sense of common sense, you must have much self-discipline and control over your emotions. When you witness illicit activities right in front of you, just keep moving your way. No need to rebuke them, shout at them, or stop them. Just stay your course and pay them no mind. Stay low. Blend in, but don’t succumb to their lowness either.

Try not to go out at night unless absolutely necessary. For whatever wild, biological reasoning, when darkness overtakes the light of day, people tend to become more unruly and reckless. If there is chaos in your surrounding area, don’t go out at night. Simple as that.

Carry the proper weaponry on your person. This can include a gun, knife, paracord, lock pick set, handcuff key, etc.

Watch how the looting gangs or mobs are flowing; if you happen to turn a corner to face a large group of people looting and causing chaos, do not try to walk through them. Do not go against the grain of their moving. Go with the flow with some patience; take your time and get out as soon as possible.

Be especially prepared to fight back, as if your life depends on it. It will. If you mistakenly make a wrong move, you could have the entire mob of vagabonds turning on you. Always be prepared for the worst, while hoping for the best.

Avoiding a Riot

The number one rule in preparing for riots is to try to avoid them at all costs in the first place. Also teaching your loved ones to shun jointing protests is an important preparation. They should learn more effective ways of making a difference.

Curiosity killed the cat. And if you follow your curiosity to follow a protest or riot that is taking shape, you may just find yourself in a mighty peculiar scenario. You really don’t need to stick around to see how it unfolds, there will be plenty of “thirsty” news coverage on it; you can trust that.

If you reside in a strained area or neighborhood that has a history of civil unrest or major crime, you may want to consider moving out. Also, if you have no choice but to stay where you are, get to know your surrounding neighborhoods and learn potential escape routes.

If you are with companions, stick together; there is much safety in numbers.

Remember to always practice situational awareness. 

Survive A Riot

Oh boy, so you’ve decided to take the way of the curious cat, or perhaps shtf while you were out doing your everyday thing, and you find yourself in and amongst a fully developing riot or aggressive protest.

If you find yourself in this position, do not panic. Do not start aimlessly running or flailing about. Of course, you are going to want to exit the scene as quickly as possible, but it will take diligence and patience. If you act out manically, you may quickly become a target. Again, refrain from acting purely off emotions; this can be dangerous. This will, however, be a difficult task requiring much practice and exercise.

You are going to want to blend in with the “enemy”. That being said, if they are moving in a certain direction, and you are in the middle, go with the flow and gradually make your way out.

If they are holding signs and chanting, you may as well join in or pretend to be “with” them. If you let it be known that you are against their “cause”, you could very quickly be turned to ground beef by the hands of hundreds of rioters…and nobody wants that. Don’t allow your emotions to provoke them. Keep a level head and a quiet mouth.

Hide anything on your person that may make you a target.

If there is nowhere to go, make your way over to a building (that is not being attacked, burned or pillaged) or a dumpster or alleyway. Only use this course of action in the direst of times, as it could quite quickly turn south on you.

Handling Yourself When SHTF:

It is easy to see how quickly things could go wrong and how fast gangs or a mob may take up arms. There are many ways to handle, avoid, and survive these civil upheavals. The number one, most important factor in the whole thing boils down to how you handle yourself when the shit goes down.

There are several things you can personally do that will greatly help your chances of surviving immense civil unrest:

Plan Ahead:

Go ahead and start to prepare your escape routes now. Know the dynamics of your particular neighborhood and surrounding area. If you know your area is dangerous and has a high potential for more danger post-SHTF, know where you can get to for safety, and just how to get there. How long it would it take to get there with the people and items you may be carrying.

It is of extreme importance to plan ahead! 

Remain Calm:

As always, never ever panic. There will be enough drama unfolding around you, this will not be the appropriate time to be getting your Shakespeare on… Don’t allow the craziness to enter into your mind and emotions.

Chances are there will be some violence in the streets and you will see things that may fire you up, but you must remain cool and level-headed. Just keep moving, remaining calm and inconspicuous. If you are surrounded by pure anarchy, just try to blend as well as you can, and move forward toward whatever safety awaits you.  

Remain Inconspicuous:

Try with all your might to blend in with the crowd that you find you in or your environment. You will stand a far better chance of going unnoticed, at least long enough to devise a plan. Try not to “stir any pots”, don’t voice your opinion; simply echo the behavior of the people around you. No one will question your motives or allegiances. 

Stay Mentally and Physically Ready for Conflict:

Once shtf, you may just have to defend your loved ones and yourself. While this should always be your last resort, you may be left with no choice but to contend with those opposing you in order to maintain your well-being. You should have an assortment of self-defense weapons (including your own body!). Always keep your health in check. You won’t do your family very much good if you are out of shape and unreliable. 

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A Safe Space:  

An alternative to leaving your dwelling (if, by chance, you simply cannot leave or don’t have ample opportunity, or just have the money) is to build a bunker on your property. This will allow you to escape all the social unrest that will inevitably unfurl. Once your bunker is built and stocked, it will provide you with much of the comforts of home, minus all the looting, shooting, stealing and mugging going on in the streets.


Of course we all hope and pray that the big S doesn’t hit the fan; that the “authorities” can hold it down for years and years to come; that since we have had peace all this time, it may continue on; that maybe all these national problems we are facing are simply over-exaggerated. However “hopeful” we remain, we must also always remain prepared.

It must be kept in mind that we have been living under a false sense of security. Be aware of where you live; what is going on in your surrounding communities; whether or not your life may be in danger after SHTF. Is there the lurking threat of gangs? Are you in a low-income area where some may attempt to steal your food and other supplies?

It is nearly inevitable if SHTF, gangs, looters and rioters will be crawling out of the woodworks. Riots and civil unrest will rule the streets for some time (depending upon the scenario, of course). You must be prepared and remain prepared to ensure your survival.

This article has been written by Jonathan Blaylock for Prepper’s Will.

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  1. If it’s a riot these days – looting of the residences will be secondary – first will be the injury & death of the neighborhood residents >>>> and there won’t be any individual “safe room” hiding or “Alamo” hold out – more arson involved than anything else being committed …

    Other riot situations have shown that a dedicated resistance force confronting the rioters quikly changes their direction >>>> there’s eazier prey than the “hard nut” neighborhood that’s blockaded and backed up with guns …. the British had nothing more than pushbrooms on the street barricade to protect their homes – but it was enough to “persuade” the lazy chicken crap rioters …


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