Making A Proper Campfire In The Wild – 10 Campfire Designs To Build

Making A Proper Campfire In The Wild - 10 Campfire Designs To BuildWhen you get stranded in the wild, nothing boosts your moral better than being able to build a campfire and a shelter. While improvising a shelter can be rather easy if you have the proper resources, things can get complicated when building a campfire. Starting a fire it’s easy, but building a proper campfire to suit a certain set of needs is an entirely different story. This article will teach you how to make 10 campfire designs that will increase your chances of survival in the wild.

If you are familiar with our webpage and the work we are trying to do here, you must know by now that we are trying to teach people a thing or two about emergency preparedness, wilderness living and homesteading. The topic of building a campfire always comes back around and people are interested and amazed by this subject.

After all, fire is one of the tools that helped mankind survive and progress even during the darkest of times. Fire is the ultimate purifier and it can’t bring a multitude of benefits during a survival situation. It can keep you warm, it can help you cook food and boil water and it can even become a rescue signal when all hope is lost. Not to mention that staring at the red, hot embers of a campfire brings a calming effect that is hard to explain.

During my years of camping, I’ve tried various campfire designs and every one of it served a certain kind of needs during my outdoor adventures. I’ve gathered my top 10 campfire designs in a colorful infographic and I’m sharing it with our audience and everyone interested in this topic.

Each campfire designs has a description teaching you how to build it, a representative picture showing you how it should look, but also a few details regarding its uses and benefits.

My top 10 campfire designs are as follows: Teepee, Long Log, Log Cabin, Stone Lined, Automatic, Snake hole, Star Shaped, Hunter, Dakota Hole and Swedish Log.

Top 10 Campfire Designs:

Top 10 Campfire Designs

As you saw above, in the infographic, there’s no rocket science in building a proper campfire. Although it takes some practice, everyone can build the campfires described here. Make sure you share this article with friends and families and spread of world of what you learned today!

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