Prepare For War At Home: 10 Quick Tips For You (2019)

Prepare For War At Home: 10 Quick Tips For YouThe survivors of the Holocaust will attest how hard life will be if another war will happen today. Even the attack of Japanese soldiers on Pearl Harbor will give you goosebumps if you make a simple recap of how fast a war can start. That is the worst nightmare for most people, and few could imagine a favorable outcome.  Is it possible for a war to happen again?

Probably yes, considering how North Korea is acting. No one can tell for sure. However, we can hope that such a day may never arrive. The best thing we can do is prepare, prepare, and keep at it. Emergency preparedness is the best weapon not only for your home but for the whole family.

To lessen the possibility of your family to be trapped or suffer from war, you should do the following to respond appropriately. It is imperative to know what you should do if a war would start tomorrow. Here are ten quick tips for you on how to prepare for war at home starting today.

  1. Be informed. Educate yourself and the whole clan.

Remember, “Knowledge is power.”  The very first thing to do is to know as much relevant information as possible. History indeed repeats itself, but for this era, it’s more than what we had before, that’s a sure thing. You can now download pages from the web. However, you may find it convenient to buy books about attacks from several countries and issues nowadays that could produce wars. In your free time, you can research about disasters that could affect your family and make sure to share it with your family, plus your pals.

  1. Prepare a survival kit with supplies

To be able to cope with day to day emergencies like minor wounds, cuts, and scrapes, a survival kit is very much needed. In preparing your equipment, you need to bear in mind that specific supplies will run out. You need to make sure to have two weeks’ extra supply of medications you are taking,  especially for scenarios that require hunkering down.

Survival kits may include:

  •        Basic first-aid supplies
  •        Flashlights with extra batteries
  •        Dust and gas mask
  •        Cordage
  •        Gloves
  •        Antibacterial ointment
  •        Multi-tool kit
  •        A good survival knife
  •        Hand-crank radio
  1. Prepare and build your stockpile

One important thing to acknowledge is that you need to create a stock of everything you need, especially if you get disconnected from the rest of the world. That stock must include large quantities of your basic needs. The first thing to consider is both food and water. These are the necessary things in your household, and it will keep you alive, as you isolate your family inside your home.

Consider canned foods that are easy to prepare or freezer meals that will give you enough amount of food that you can consume within a month or more. Also, you can stock significant quantities of water that you might get from rainfall and the nearest river or lake. You may need to use it for both cooking or cleaning tasks.

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  1. Upkeep a physically fit body.

Better stop making excuses for your physical fitness situation and start keeping an eye on your health. Believe it or not, it’s way better to have a firm and light body, especially if you will have to fight for your life. Instead of making promises to yourself, take action, and start getting fit. You should be ready for intense physical effort during a crisis scenario. You should be able to surpass the physical demand during the war. During this time, you would probably keep on running until you reach your bug out location or any other shelter.

  1. Practice firearms control and learn to use other weapons.

Visit Youtube and learn about proper handling and control of firearms and weapons. You should also consider attending a gun class or tow. At the same time, you may enroll in hand-to-hand combat classes and master the basic self-defense lessons.

In case of a home invasion, you should make use of all available weapons to deter the intruders. A bowie knife can do a lot of damage if you know how to use it. As for hatchets, just seeing someone charging at you while waving one, can strike fear.

Focus on how to break down an enemy using your hands or physical abilities before resorting to weapons and firearms. A forceful blow like kneeling the groin, chopping the person’s throat, or using your elbows towards your opponent’s back can save the day. Studying essential martial arts and practical skills in self-defense would be much helpful. It’s time to get bold and fierce!

  1. Gas up and spare a supply.

When you have a car, it is essential to gas up and have a good supply of fuel. Fuels are also useful for generators and other equipment that generates electricity. When there is an imminent attack on your area, it is easier for you to drive away as far as you can to a safe zone. Also, electricity may not be available during a terrorist attack that would damage the electric grid. In those times, your extra supply of fuel is a great resource to generate electricity at home.

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  1. Be informed by the news on TV or online media.

It is essential to be informed about the whereabouts and updates of the severity of war. The media can be your primary source on what to do, how to keep safe and survive during those times. Emergency broadcasts will be in effect, and news will travel much faster through social networks. Perhaps, you may not have power in your region, and you will need to find alternative power sources. However, you can always rely on battery-operated radios to stay informed and keep up with the updates. What you hear, see, and read about the war counts during an emergency.

  1. Remember always to lock your house.

To avoid intruders, you must safely lock your house at all times. There can be various people that might want to invade your home, and that is a significant threat to your survival. You may use video surveillance equipment at your gate and around the perimeter to see who is approaching your home. This equipment is to provide additional security measures in spite of the war prevailing.

Try to add some other security features too. Such as extra locks, or boarding up windows, etc.

  1. Be Prepared for Cyberattacks.

Cyber-attacks are frequent in this digital world. It is very convenient for terrorist and hackers to access your various utility and banking networks. Even the U.S. government defense team find it hard to repel such attacks. Being offline on the world wide web would not stop the attack on other institutions. Always keep cash on hand and make sure you can reach friends and families.

  1. Make sure you make the most of your cellar or basement.

A basement is undoubtedly a big help when a nuclear fallout hits your area, and this will serve as your evacuation and sheltering space. Make sure it is made of thick concrete, and that is waterproof. Check online how a cellar or basement can withstand various types of attack. There is always a thing or two you can do to reinforce such rooms. Some people are making their own bunkers after consulting building plans online.

The above quick tips are perhaps not enough for you to prepare for war at home. There are other things you must consider and look into:

  •        Building an emergency plan
  •        Make sure you have a local map and phone directory
  •        Secure your pets and establish an evacuation plan for them
  •        Be able to unplug from the grid and remain self-sufficient
  •        Set aside proper clothing for all seasons
  •        Get a and wear a bulletproof vest in case of attack
  •        Learn how to procure food and water off-the-grid

As a whole, many things are needed to consider if you want to prepare to protect your family from various types of adversities (which can also include war).  Of course, things will get tough out there. It will probably not be easy to survive, but once you prepare enough to have all the basics covered, you will have an advantage over the others.

War is inevitable, no matter where you live. That means that being prepared and knowing the basics in times of disaster is essential during these uncertain times. For worst-case scenarios, it’s also an excellent time to start praying. It will be your first time to do it. That is if you’re willing to do anything to survive.

You and your whole family will be safe and survive when world war 3 strikes if you keep in mind and practice these quick tips to prepare for war at home. No matter what happens, stay focused, be alert, and always be ahead of others.

Karen Pagan wrote this article for Prepper’s Will.


Karen Pagan is the author of She has been working with writing for over three years. She spends most of her off-work time reading books, practicing dance, and catching up with the new TV shows she’s been missing.

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  1. It would be nice if you could make these articles in PDF form…add to your buttons below.
    If you can afford several extra spare tires on rims for your BOV this could give you an advantage in case of multiple flats. I know that’s not a “at home item like posting” but if….
    Trying to find electronic items using same size batteries. ie. AA’s for radio and lighting and others. Having a solar battery charger can help keep you charged up as well as a phone charger.
    Don’t forget a bottle of iosat (potassium iodide tablets)
    Tools like good size crow bar, small sledge hammer, manual deep well pump.

  2. In time of war and the enemy invades is about the same as a breakdown of society with roving gangs. They will be out to get whatever supplies you have. A bullet proof vest will not save you in a concentrated attack. So never make yourself a target. You can fight like a tiger or hide like a rabbit. Tigers are almost extinct but rabbits are everywhere. Booby traps can protect you even when you are sleeping. They are simple to make from available materials. Youtube has lots of videos showing how. A booby trap can consist of a single device or multiple devices. A single trigger can devised to fire from the front rear and sides at the same time. Your ingenuity is the only limiting factor. Practice how make them, arm and disarm them well before a situation arises where you need them.
    Have a safe well stocked shelter away from your house where you can hide with your family when in danger. Have it well camouflaged. Have a small stock of supplies hidden where they can easily be found. This might make the looters think there is nothing else worth stealing and go away.
    These are only suggestions to get people thinking out side the box.

  3. 2019, and we might go at war with iran, scary, right? But I have a little secret for you, you will have water for a long time if you do this. Get all your bowls and cups, use the sink water while you still can and fill the cups and bowls with water , another thing is to cover your basement windows , of course if your hiding down there. You bring any weapon you have, kitchen knife, gun, hammer, Bat.

    BE READY TO FIGHT!.If you have no masks or any gas manks, cover your mouth with a thick blanket, get a table and cover your
    moth, shield your eyes from the explosion, if there is one, I’m super young, but ready to fight!

  4. The enemy is already here, and has been so a long time. The covid-hoax should make that patently obvious, but Amerikans simply aren’t bright enough to add 2+2.

    It ain’t N Korea, Iran, Venezuela, etc. War is when your government tells you who your enemy is. Revolution is when you figure it out for yourself.

    Si vis pacem, para bellum

    ~ Occams


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